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Published: Thursday, March 20 2014 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Tough shoes to fill for sure. Anyone that says otherwise is delusional.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Some criticized BYU’s selection as a No. 10 seed. Shelby Mast of USA Today said BYU was in but not at 10. Ditto for bracketologist Joe Lunardi. Doug Gottlieb of CBS said the Cougars shouldn’t be in at all, and BYUtv’s Blaine Fowler called him an idiot for saying so. NCAA selection committee chairman Ron Wellman said the Cougars “were comfortably” in even with star Kyle Collinsworth injured.

Note des news, that "naughty" word "idiot" above is a quote from your article.

Well, byu sure proved them right!

Orange County, CA

Can we all please agree that the facts demonstrate unequivocally that neither BYU nor Utah was very good this year and quit trying to establish who was better? Neither was good - period.

Let's all get behind Harvard and North Dakota State!

Sandy, UT

byu played 4 games against pac 12 teams

Average score:

Pac 12 93
byu 85

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Losing to a higher ceded team hardly "proves' that you dont belong in the tournament. It looks like Fowlers description of some commentators judgement can apply to other people as well.

There were frustrations in BYU' season but overall they had very positive year. Looking forward to even better times in the years to come.

Apollo Beach, FL

@Chris B and Ken - And how did Utah fare in the Mighty NIT against an inferior WCC team???

Oh wait thats right they gave the game away and the refs were against them. They didn't take the game seriously because they are sooo much better.

How is the Pac 12 fareing in the Tourney oh thats right only one win and how about Colorado. Boy they sure showed how powerful the Pac 12 is.

Just saying tough loss to be without a great player like Kyle. Hope he is back to 100% next year.

Danbury, CT

I agree with 79Ute - both Utah and BYU were awful this year.

I'm an old-timer....BYU fans always think we "belong" in post season play (football and basketball) and we always get our behind kicked. We've advanced, what, 3 times in the NCAA's in the past 50 years??

I'm not sure why none of this ever lands on Coach Rose. He just has not prepped our guys to play vs. quality competition. Our guys always play flat and uninspired. No killer instinct. No stepping it up a notch. Do these kids even watch March Madness? I'm tired of hearing all the excuses.

Springville, UT


Utah played 2 games against WCC teams this year

Average score: 69.5 points

85 > 69.5

Here's another observation...

Kyle was injured and out for the season
BYU's tournament bid was on the bubble. An invitation could have gone either way.
BYU had lost to Oregon in overtime previously.
Without Kyle a loss was very possible.
I don't recall a single hyped up comment stating a BYU run in the tournament.
There were no disparaging remarks made against Oregon by any fans.

Utah had the weakest preseason schedule.
St Martins, Evergreen St, UC Davis, Grand Canyon, Lamar, Savannah St., etc.
Utes had a miserable road record.
Utes scored 13 points against Arizona in the first half, ended with 39
Several Ute fans associate the terms 'high school gym', 'church league' as synonymous with the WCC
Several Ute fans thought their team could end up in Madison Square Garden
Several Ute fans predicted the St. Mary's game was won before it played and by half time as well.

Somehow a BYU loss to Oregon just does not hurt nor does it sound as bad as the Utes losing to a #4 WCC St. Mary's team in your crimson bubble world.

Provo, UT

Both sides be happy with what you have. You will not go far with what you have. Both schools have good players just not great players. Neither team has 3 point threats and without future NBA stars you need shooting. Neither team has NBA stars or shooting. BYU plays no defense at least Utah tries.

Both sides are saying wait until next year, but without some major changes it will not be much better.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Nice entertaining season. Next year should be fun. Thanks Dave and team. In sports, sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don't. Lots of positive memories for the season. Go Cougar volleyball!!!


Wondering how BYU got 31 NCAA losses in just 28 appearances. Has the tournament not always been one and done?

South Jordan, UT

It is sad about Kyle's loss. He is the only BYU player who has the overall talent to play on a top 20 program.

Orem, UT

Utah lost to Oregon 68-70 in OT at home with a completely healthy team.

With Collinsworth, BYU lost a narrow 100-96 overtime game on the road that the Cougars lead for the majority of the game.

If Collinsworth hadn't been injured, it's quite obvious that BYU would have been much more competitive vs. the Ducks on a neutral site.

Bottom line:

The NCAA Selection Committee (the only group that matters) considered BYU worthy of a 10th seed in the Big Dance.

Utah wasn't even considered.

Orem, UT

"Wondering how BYU got 31 NCAA losses in just 28 appearances. Has the tournament not always been one and done?"

The NCAA used to play a game to determine the 3rd and 4th place teams in each region.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


For an "old timer" you certainly haven't been paying much attention to BYU basketball lately - BYU has won at least one game in 3 of their last 4 NCAA appearances (which, by definition, is "advancing"), plus they "advanced" all the way to the NIT semi-finals in Madison Square Garden last season.

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