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Published: Thursday, March 20 2014 12:05 p.m. MDT

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Thanks Eeyore.
When you look for the "bad" in everything, you will find it.

Eeyore: The sky has finally fallen. Always knew it would.
Eeyore: It isn't mine. Then again, few things are.


Virginia Beach, VA

Sorry man, but not even the very worst wishes from angry, vindictive Right Wingers is going to overturn ObamaCare.


Because it's good for America, and more and more people are beginning to realize that.

Get used to decent health care across the nation. And it's about time.

It's so much better than the United States being the most backward of western nations because of regressive policies that a certain segment of Americans appear to to cherish.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think whether it can be a success or not depends on how you define "success".

From a politician's point of view... it's already a "success". More people depend on the government, and you are assured perpetual re-election. If you are ever in trouble, you can say the other guy will pull your healthcare and let you die...

But from a clinician's point of view.. not so much a "success".


It's mostly politics. The people wanted something that would control cost... but ACA did nothing to control the cost of the actual care, just the cost of the insurance (and who pays the premium). But at the end of the day... the same bill still has to be paid. It just makes some people feel like they are paying less.

In realityville, if we don't pay enough in premiums to pay the bills... it will go bankrupt. It has to. Bills don't pay themselves. Premiums still have to pay the bills.

I don't think ACA was designed to be a total success... it was created to condition us.. to be ready for the ultimate solution... Nationalized Government Healthcare.

American Fork, UT

The law is about health care, not about controlling the economy.
And Dr. Singers' article was published here because it was 'singing' the song the DN likes to hear.

Deep Space 9, Ut

If the ACA was designed to actually provide medical care to those who need care, it would have set up a system similar to the NHS in England. Instead, the ACA was set up to put the government in as a middleman between people and healthcare. Now think about the Federal Government's reputation as being streamlined and efficient. How many of you think that the federal government is anywhere near as efficient as private businesses.

You can also look at all of the warnings coming out of the insurance industry that the ACA was destined to cost more and would result in employers either dumping coverage or else cutting workers hours.

How about this for signs that it was doomed. The premise behind the ACA was that young adults would sign up for it. At the same time they told young adults that they can stay on their parents insurance until age 26. So, the very people needed to make this a success don't have to sign up for it.

What I would like to know is what in the ACA was put in there that has actually improved things for the majority of people.

provo, Utah

I would say that since it's a REPUBLICAN idea only implemented before by ROMNEY, that it is a terrible idea. It is however, slightly less draconian and horrible than what we had before where people were denied health care completely leaving people to die of curable chronic diseases.

So my heart does not bleed at all for anyone that has to fill out a form. And I know for a fact that Dr's ALWAYS make someone else fill out the forms and they just sign them if necessary so that's just disingenuous.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can understand the political motivation to trash the ACA in this letter. It is a hot-button issue, to be sure. As a physician who practices in Utah, I can tell you (and almost all of my colleagues would agree) that practicing medicine prior to the ACA was just as challenging from a regulatory point of view as it is today. In our office we have 3 full-time employees handling insurance claims, billing and authorizations. Why? Insurance companies. If we paid cash or if we had a single-payor system such as Canada's, we wouldn't have these problems.

The ACA is an imperfect implementation of a conservative Heritage Foundation healthcare fix that, unfortunately, doesn't help much. It certainly doesn't make my life easier, but at least it provides millions more access to healthcare. It is the way it is because of insurance companies. Never forget that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Affordable Care Act is not government insurance. It is private insurance companies reaping the benefits. Weh you sign up you sign up with a private (for profit) health care company from choices on the website.

Also it has been now proven that there are millions more with health care than before and no one has "lost their insurance" The Koch brothers put out an ad that claimed a woman had lost her insurance. When investigated by reputable news sources it was proven to be an absolute lie. But since it was a well funded lie, many uninformed people believed it.

Just saying these lies over and over will not make them true. As for forms and Doctors saying it is more complicated. It isn't. Just the exact same forms you submit through your own private health care plan.

E Sam
Provo, UT

So Redshirt, you would have supported the establishment of a British-style NHS? Me too! It's what we progressives all wanted. So we agree on something! Yay!

salt lake city, utah

" ACA was set up to put the government in as a middleman between people and healthcare. "

And just how is that so? I've had the same insurance for nearly 15 years now and there's not one iota of difference today than the first day I got it except nearly 7 years ago it was moved to an HSA high deductible plan (by the employer). Oh wait I'm sorry that can't be true this kind of plan is the fault of Obamacare. It couldn't have existed prior to the ACA.

The only thing the ACA says to insurance companies is the policy has to cover certain things. Bare minimums that all ready existed in 98% of all health insurance policies.

If that was Obama's tactic to gain control of the health industry I'd have to agree with your general sentiment that he's a complete dummy and not capable of finding his way out of a paper bag.

But of course it wasn't his intent nor is you general sentiment accurate.

Kaysville, UT

Its easy to complain. That is why Republicans II am one) like to complain rather than put forth a comprehensive solution.
When Rush Limbauh. was asked about the ACA, he hated it of course and said his solution would be to just pay for the 12 million that don't have insurance, that it would be cheaper. Thats riduculous, because that is what the ACA does. You have to have rules to cover people. He acted like the 12 million today would be the same 12 million tomorrow and next month, but its a constant moving target with people gaining jobs and coverage and losing jobs or getting medicaire etc. Rush wasn't trying to be a problem solver I could tell at that point because if he thought about his solution for 2 seconds he would know it wouldn't hold water.
The ACA is not perfect, nothing is but it beats what we had before. Everyone should have equal opportunity for healthcare, not special privelages to unions or tax write offs and protections for employees of corporations, then denying the individual market the same protections and benefits.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

If ObamaCare were good for America, would it need to be subsidized it to get people to enroll?

Would Obama be allowed to tell us that it would save us $2,500 per family per year when the cost is much higher than our pre-existing insurance?

Would Obama be allowed to rewrite ObamaCare when he has no legislative authority?

Would Obama be allowed to tell us that we could keep our existing policy if we liked it and then make us change to a policy that the government has written for us?

Would Obama be allowed to NOT tell us how many of those who signed up are paying their full share and how many are being subsidized?

Would Obama be allowed to tell us we could keep our doctors and our hospital and them make us use other doctors and other hospitals?

What was promised is not what we've received. Where is "truth in advertising"? Why do we allow Obama to lie to us when we would prosecute a merchant who lied to us?

Virginia Beach, VA

Sorry Redshirt - but you're still way out of touch with reality.

" How many of you think that the federal government is anywhere near as efficient as private businesses?"

Are you kidding? America has been paying much more for health care than any other country in the world, and the results were pretty meager.

Sure, private business is good at squeezing money out of people who need health care, but that isn't the goal here.

The goal is Affordable Health care for everybody, even those with pre-existing conditions . . . Not just a select few.

Thank you President Obama and the Democrats for your wisdom and foresight in giving this nation the ACA.

God knows the Republicans had nothing to offer the people of this nation.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry Ben, the ship has sailed.

Durham, NC

"He points out the fact that medicine has become the domain of pencil pushing rather than patient service. "

So let me understand this. From a provider standpoint, they are being reimbursed by the very same people they were before ACA. There is no new government insurance. Its still BlueCross, or United Healthcare, or Intermountian Health. These are the same ones providing the same forms they have now for decades. But not that there is ACA... these forms are burdensome? Really?

What I really don't like is when politics becomes intermingled with health care delivery. If the good Doctor really wants to go back to the good old days - you know the days before corporate medicine, he doesn't have to take insurance. He can make the patients file the papers like the good old days. he can ask for Cash - or extend terms - just like the good old days.

Its his choice. No one makes him bill any way he doesn't want to. That is being him and his patience.

Salt Lake City, UT

So Mr Booth, what to do? Go go a market solution which will price half of the population out of health care, or go to a mean and lean Canadian type system which serves most everyone with care equal to the best in the United States?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I prefer millions of uninsured American families as well. I like knowing when millions of people get sick they won't seek healthcare or if they do, they will ruin their financial security.
That will make America strong and the envy of every nation on earth.

Morgan, UT

This article nicely summed up the disaster that is Obamacare. Leftists will not allow their messiah’s signature law to be criticized…even if it means denying reality, and choking down Obama’s lies.

* Dear Leader lied about the cost (said it would be $900 billion, actual cost $2.4 trillion)

* Dear Leader lied when he said the average American family would save $2,500 under Obamacare. Premiums and deductibles are going up

* Dear Leader lied when he said you can keep your doctor

* Dear Leader lied when he said you could keep your existing health Insurance plan (Ask the 4.7 million Americans lost their insurance coverage under the “Individual Mandate” portion of ACA )

* In February Dear Leader delayed the “Employer Mandate”; portion of Obamacare for businesses with 50-99 employees until 2016. Now why would he do this? Perhaps providing the Dems cover until after the elections?

* Open enrollment for the Obamacare Exchanges ends March 31. The goal was 7 million; now they’re reporting that only 4.2 million have actually signed up. Of these, about 20% haven’t paid their first premium.

* Only about 14% of the Exchange Sign-ups were previously uninsured. Hmmm?

Murray, UT

I have yet to see anyone turned down for health care, let alone lines of people. Insurance yes, health care - no.

Not having insurance is not the same as not having health care. The ACA doesn't give anyone health care. It just makes them buy insurance, either for themselves, or pay the fine to pay for other people's insurance.

So please no more whining about health care not being available. Charity health care has always been widely available. The ACA should have been call the FIA, the Forced Insurance Act. It is the ultimate government subsidy, given to the already most bloated 1/6th of the economy, including huge drug and medical supply companies, and health insurance companies. It is the ultimate crony capitalism, brought to us by the democrats.

Pleasant Grove, UT


The Obama administration is being deceptive with the numbers. They count as an enrollment any plan selected on the website, regardless of whether payment has been made. The number who have actually purchased insurance is far less than the number they are claiming. It's like Amazon counting a sale whenever someone adds an item to their shopping cart.

The other number they won't tell you is how many purchases were made by the target demographic. If Obamacare is to be sustained, a certain number of young, healthy people must buy insurance. These are the people expected to pay in, so that the older, sicker population may receive payments out. The whole program depends on striking the proper balance. How do the new enrollments balance? The Obama administration won't say. Don't you think they would, if the news were good?

Another question to ask: how many of these enrollments came from people who had just been forced out of their old plan by the provisions of Obamacare? They should not be counted as net gain in enrollment, yet they are lumped in with the 5 million figure. The real net gain is not being reported.

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