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Published: Thursday, March 20 2014 7:20 a.m. MDT

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With your comment I have to wonder if you have done any research at all into the book of Abraham, book of Mormon, or the life of Joseph Smith. According to your bold claims, my bet would be no. Most Mormon at least acknowledge that there are problems with his stories. They also acknowledge that the book of Abraham is a problem because Josephs translation of it (the parts we do have) are wrong. You seem to deny that these problems exist, and that concerns me.


I have paid tithing for 47 years. I have stopped paying it for the last 11 years. My life is the same, except I have more money to use for things my family needs. We are very blessed. Nothing has changed since I decided to stop, so the blessings that I am apparently missing out on aren't noticeable so I guess I won't miss them. (I don't believe they existed in the first place). I don't believe god will reward those who pay him and punish those that don't.

Layton, UT

I can't wait to hear from President Thomas S. Monson within the next couple weeks... I do doubt he'll mention this case.

Cinci Man

@Jesus loves you
If we are to use your conclusions, then Jesus fulfilled the 10 commandments and they are no longer commandments. Since the laws are fulfilled, you advocate that we can lie, steal, cheat, murder, hate our parents, worship idols, and several other things, as long as we accept Jesus as our Savior. I don't buy your argument, but you may choose to ignore the admonition of Jesus to take care of the poor and in many other ways be perfect, even as our Father in Heaven is perfect. And Jesus didn't really mean it when he told the woman, "Go thy way and sin no more". May I advocate that you read the entire scriptures and find that whatever is good comes from God?

Lehi, UT

@Silverprospector I've thoroughly researched the BofA and the BofM, and, since this is my last comment (just 4 still??) I'll simply say that if any critic had actually found any fatal flaw with either book, they would have posted it by now. It's easy to claim the BofA was mistranslated, but providing proof seems impossible, so it's a matter of faith for the anti-mormon ;).
On the other hand, it also seems impossible for Joseph to have known all the accurate names, customs, language structure, symbolism, places, geographic ups & downs & turns & customs & political powers, etc etc of the ancient MEast & Americas. He included Lamanite Baalisms, barley, elephants, the Tree-Mary, King, crocodile, goddess, etc all appropriately associated (as in Americas, Egyptian, MEast) Abraham consistently as Osiris (how did JS know?), seer with Hor (&Shulem), Jah-oh-eh as earth, Amon-Re key to open way, was-scepter as authority, wdjet light & glory, Horus-Soped etc as firmament & ship as ship of 1000, "Olishem" now found in Naram Sin, Abraham anciently associated with sacrifice on lion couch, Kolob heart of universe, creative center (of4) apes associated with stars etc etc etc. How did Joseph know?

Saint George, UT

So the argument some of the so-called 'mainstream Christians' commenting here are making seems to be that the Holy Scriptures contain and outline covenants yet this does not constitute a valid or applicable "contract" because no one can show you your own 'wet-ink' signature as a party to it?

Someone seemed to be talking about the membership status of the disaffected tom Phillip who brought this suit, I wonder if the anti-mormon Paul Drockton (if this is actually his real name) is also a member of record? He seems to preach all manner of libel against President Monson... really, it's stuff that could get ya sued big time...

Just wonderin

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