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Published: Thursday, March 20 2014 7:20 a.m. MDT

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Emporia, KS

Now, Mormons have a distinct doctrine. This is that families can be eternal through temple ordinances. Also, that if you are endowed, you can also be with HF. getting endowed also requires paying tithing in order to get a temple recommend, so you can enter the temple.
Also, tithing is referred to by church leaders as "the law of tithing". Now, as with most laws, if it is not followed, there are consequences. What are those consequences. Well, one of them is that the destroying angel is pass by your door IF you pay a honest and full tithe. Now, the second one, is that you can't be a fully participating member if you dont pay a full tithe. This means, you cant get a temple recommend and maybe hold some higher leadership callings. Now, perhaps you dont care about going to the temple or the destroying angel, then you dont pay your tithing. However, if this is true, then why be a member at all? If temples are so vital to the religion and you think paying tithing is not a law and it is a voluntary thing, then why be a member at all?

Emporia, KS

Now, since church leaders and revelation has come regarding temples, temple ordinances and the law of tithing. why would a member ever get the impression that paying tithing is something they shouldn't do? How would they continue in the religion, if they believed paying tithing was voluntary, especially since every year, you have "tithing settlement" and the Bishop asks you if you are a full tithe payer or not. Who has felt the guilt when they've said NO, Bishop, I am not a full tithe payer? If it was voluntary, then no guilt would be felt. No guilt would be felt if it wasn't a law and something required. To state otherwise is lying. Perhaps you should ask you bishop on Sunday if you feel my comments are wrong. Or you can also ask a temple worker or your stake president. Or, you can ask my parents, who are temple workers at the KC temple. They are there on Fridays.

Los Angeles, CA

@cris who stated "We are not forced to pay tithing to the church."

This statement is not true if you want to see your child be married in the temple you are required to pay 10%!


I've never tithed to the church. I always give to charities because I like to support certain groups and want to know where my money is going.

I've also never been denied a Temple recommend. You don't have to tithe to the Church, but giving 10% to charities counts just the same.

Emporia, KS

THinksIthink- then obviously, your Bishop, Stake president or Branch President is either not asking you all the questions in the temple recommend interview or they are giving the recommend to you without you paying tithing. IF it is the later, then they are in violation of church rules.

Centerville, UT

@Jesus Loves U

You have your faith and the LDS have theirs. Just because their faith and doctrine is different that what you think it should be, it doesn't make it fraud.

The tithes that are collected by the church are accounted for and used much more efficiently than the collections of other Christian denominations.

common sense in Idaho
Pocatello, id

Just because one pays tithing does not mean they don't have any trials. My wife and I are full tithe payers and within six months our daughter has died and I have had brain surgery for a tumor. Yet I know that God loves me and my family. No doubt. I am very happy to pay an honest tithe because we will and are receiving the great blessings promised in Malachi.

Gilbert, AZ

Sooner or later the Court had to rule against Mr. Phillips.
I wish him all the best in his life's quest of taking down the LDS Church. He isn't the first to try and he won't be the last. I suggest he see what happened to those people though.

Usa , AZ

I think a lot of people are missing the point about Tithing. Yes, it is a prerequisite for a temple Recommend and yes, we are required to pay a 10th. Not because the Church needs it, or the Lord needs it, because we all know that he could give his church all the money in the world if he so desired... We are asked to pay out of Obedience, for Obedience is the first law in Heaven and the 1 thing that rules humans and is the prevalent driving force of most peoples hearts, is money and the love of money. By asking us to give up 10% of our earnings(which isn't a lot)we are being tested to see where our hearts really lie.
It really doesn't matter who is wrong or right or why the LDS Church and it's people follow the Law of Tithing. What matters is, "How obedient are you willing to be for The Lord?"

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

"Paying what you determine to be a full tithe is a requirement for entering the Temple. You do not have to enter the temple to receive salvation. Temple ordinances are needed for exaltation."


Agreed - sort of.

You only go through the Temple 1 time - [the very first time] - for yourself.
Everything else after that for the rest of your mortal life is on behalf of someone else.

Like Socialsim,
working on behalf of others less fortunate or not ABLE to for themselves,
having sufficient [but not excessive] for your own needs,
call it "a redistribution of Exhaltation" if you will.

clearfield, UT

Jesus Loves U

Salvation without sacrifice? God asks more for his sacrifice. The test is, do we believe it, or do we expect salvation on the cheap, just because we ask. It wasn't easy for HIM, and it isn't supposed to be for us. Besides a tithe, the LDS Church teaches, as the Book of James does, that "Faith Without Works, is Dead."

As to the real point of this article, expect more such lawsuits coming, especially in this no consequences country with all the lawyers who would love to bring a lawsuit against God.

Salt Lake City, UT

It seems to me that this whole thing was not a legal proceeding, but a political one. And absolutely both sides drank of that bitter cup. The Lord will protect, and will condone the protection of His Church by whatever means necessary.

Montana Mom
Cascade, MT

Where do people get the idea that asking someone to pay tithing to their church is fraud? It is a totally voluntary act of faith. No one is out there shaking down people, threatening to break their kneecaps, or casting cement shoes for them because they don't pay. And why would someone personally sue Pres. Thomas S. Monson for these things, anyway? He didn't institute the faith's idea of tithing. These funds are voluntarily donated to the church to help forward its cause of spreading the light of Christ through the gospel of Christ to all who will listen and accept its teachings. If you can't accept those teachings, don't. But you cannot take that right away from those who do. Magistrate Riddle did the right thing.

Parker, CO

hatchna wrote: "We are taught that the grace of Christ is sufficient for all to be saved, but that we must work to obtain that grace."

This is a common misunderstanding in the church -- and one that misrepresents the LDS Church to the rest of Christianity.

Nothing we do earns grace. Grace is a free gift from our Savior Jesus Christ. Without that grace, no one could even be saved in the Telestial Kingdom (let alone be exalted to the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom).

But what kingdom we inherit is not based on what Christ would willing give us (namely everything) but rather on the kind of person we most deeply, truly want to be (and are working to become). Our actions, words, and faith all reinforce our desire to be with and be like our Father in Heaven. Our mortal flaws and limitations ensure none of us will arrive at our final destination in this life; however, with our desires firmly on our goal, we have faith that, through Christ's atonement, we will reach that goal.

Withhold nothing from the Lord; accept His full gift!

Bill W
Dansville, MI

I think even if the court in the UK tried to adjudicate the faith issues (which is ludicrous, but I'm speaking hypothetically), there remains the issue of whether or not tithing is a "pay to play" requirement. Sure, you won't get a temple recommend if you don't pay a full tithe, but that's your choice, and you will still be a member of the church. No one is excommunicated for not tithing. Each member has to decide for themselves what their priorities are. Mr. Phillips is just beating his head against the wall with this foolishness.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

This lawsuit was a silly attempt to try and expose much of the dubious claims the LDS church circulates to its membership and others throughout the world via missionary work. There are countless religions out there that champion similar unprovable propaganda.

Religion simply cannot be legally proven or refuted and should remain a matter of faith. More importantly, such issues of faith should be kept out of the legal arena, except in clear cases where an organization has intentionally harmed a person.

Regarding tithing, call it a test, obedience, opportunity, gift, whatever you like - the fact remains that there is indeed a hard cash 10% requirement for Latter Day Saints to ultimately receive the "blessings" of exaltation and eternal life...pure and simple. Calling it out in such a straightforward manner makes it uncomfortable for many Latter Day Saints to admit, but it's no less a fact.

Independence, MO

When we ponder the scriptures the words "Grace and being saved" are clear on the Lords part with reference to the resurrection.However,on our end we have a lot to prove to the Lord. The world is in great need of understanding and accepting the principle of faith vs works and as we do so we will then and only then....we will understand obedience to the Lords commandments. Faith and works directly reflect volumes on the Lords sacrifice on our behalf namely the atonement. Paying tithing is a priceless commodity in terms of commitment to the faithful. We can never do right and feel wrong and vice verser and thats the fruits of the spirit of truth. The Prophets have seen our days many thousand years before and many prophecies are being fulfilled in our days due to lack of faith and following the prophets. I am not surprised to see whats going on in our world... Isaiah, Nephi and Moroni have reportedly seen our days with great concern and sadness... but be of good cheer because he will never give up on us. He has already set the path for us to follow and follow we must.

Raeann Peck
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Jesus Loves U

I was saved the moment I was baptized, having faith in Jesus Christ. It's a blessing and a privilege for me to offer tithes, contemplating God's grace and goodness in the Gift of His Son who gave Himself to purchase my soul from sin, sorrow, and death. By His sacrifice I am saved. In my tithes, I remember Him, give thanks, and praise His Holy Name.

Los Angeles, CA

Just reading this guys arguments displays his total lack of understanding of doctrine as well as biblical teachings alone. Sad. But the Judge came to the only reasonable decision.

Wylie, TX

There have been many statements and half-truths made regarding LDS doctrine. Salvation Is separate from tithing. No one is forced to pay it. I do choose to do so. However, if I do not, I can still attend services weekly and take part in activities short of temple ordinances. I could even choose to skip tithing settlement. Life would go on. The guilt as well belongs with the person, you own your feelings. I can also assure the other commentators here that other denominations do place limits based on tithing. Some will not marry couples who are not tithing payers. In my career as a nurse, I have also had the horrible experience of calling church pastors only to be told they would not come to a critically ill person's bedside because they were NOT tithing paying members and not considered to be in full fellowship with that faith. I have been at the bedside of a baby where parents were told if they had paid full tithing, they would not have been visited with this trial. It was a huge televangelist ministry. The only two faiths who came without restrictions: LDS and Roman Catholic.

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