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Published: Thursday, March 20 2014 7:20 a.m. MDT

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Carson City, NV

So proud of the Judge for seeing the truth! Heavenly Father will not let his church fall!

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

I understand that in England, if you bring a frivolous lawsuit and lose in the courts, the plaintiff, not the defendant, must pay court costs and attorney fees! We should have that system in America.

Suburbs, AZ

There's really no other decision a court could have made so this is no surprise. What was a surprise is that the first judge opened herself to ridicule by her colleagues and the international press by issuing the summons in the first place.

1.96 Standard Deviations

Good riddance!

chorley, 00

Now its time for Mr Phillips to put his money where his mouth is and pay for all the costs of this legal action

But of course he will claim that the church is being vindictive towards him when he is required to pay the costs. He will say that he is obviously being victimized.

But if he is not required to pay then that will an open door invitation to anyone and everyone who wants to take unfounded legal action against the church without any personal cost to themselves.

Louisville, KY


And I would have the same opinion had this been another denomination.

West Bountiful, UT

Tom Phillips got his 15 minutes on the stage. So did Sherem.

Jesus Loves U
kaysville, UT

This won't go away. Philipps had proof to show the reasons behind the case. There were many devoted LDS who left the faith because of the calculated misrepresentations that the LDS church gives to lure people in believing their faith. Ultimately, there is a "requirement" to be able to be saved in the LDS Church and that is pay up your 10% to the LDS church or you can't go the the LDS temple and be "saved" with God the Father. In any other Christian church this is not a requirement. Jesus gives us His free gift of Grace through our belief in His work on the Cross not our works. It's Faith, not money.

Jesus Loves U
kaysville, UT

The Requirement of 10% tithing to give to your Church from its members to receive "salvation" with God the Father is wrong. I can see Philip's point. It's a Free Gift. Called Grace from Jesus..Praise Him forever..

Boise, ID

@ Thid -- We do have such a system (at least in civil cases). In your state, see Idaho Code Section 12-121.

Hayden, ID

Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments". Tithing is one of them. Its a gift of love. Praise Him forever!

West Valley, UT

@Jesus Loves U
Tithing is requirement of the Lord's, not mans. Tithing has been made since Recorded in Genesis when Abraham paid Tithing to Melchizedek. see Gen. 14:18–20. It was also in the Law of Moses Deut. 14:22, 28. Make sure you read: Mal. 3:8–11.

Lethbridge, 00

@Jesus Loves U

Tithing is a biblical principle. Malachi chapter 3.

Jesus Loves U
kaysville, UT

Tithing is not one of the commandments. Jesus fulfilled "All the Laws", He is the Law now for us and His commandments now are to Love the Lord First and everything and everyone second. It's that easy. Paul teaches us to be "cheerful givers now". The requirement for paying to receive salvation with God is not there and never will be.

California Steve
Hanford, CA

I agree with the judge's ruling. You can't have the Prophet running all over the world defending law suits. However, it would have been very interesting, maybe inspiring, to hear President Monson's testimony on the witness stand.

Leesburg, VA

>>The Requirement of 10% tithing to give to your Church from its members to receive "salvation" with God the Father is wrong.

That's a misunderstanding of what tithing is. Of course we can't "buy" salvation by paying tithing. The purpose of tithing is, among others, to foster Christlike traits of sacrifice and gratitude to God since everything we have comes from Him anyway. It's all His to begin with; as Elder Maxwell once said, you might as well be writing "return to Sender" on the tithing envelope.

He gave us everything including His life so we could be saved; how ungrateful we would be if we refuse to give up even a small portion of the material goods we can't take with us into the next life anyway.

Malachi 3:8-12.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I don't want to advertise for him at all, but everyone should be aware too that Tom Phillips is the managing editor for the website mormonthink.com. The website often masquerades as a faith-promoting site encouraging dialogue about Mormon beliefs and history. Mr. Phillips actions in this case have shown him to be little more than an embittered and vehement opponent of the Church.

Jesus Loves U
kaysville, UT

Tithing was in the OT, not the NT. Paul teaches us that we are supposed to be "cheerful givers". Not a requirement for Salvation to be with God the Father. God will not punish us because we don't give a 10% cut to Him. He loves us. It's all about the heart. It changed through Christ. His commandments are to Love the Lord with All our Heart, mind and strength and second to the Love others. It changed through Christ. Thank you Jesus for your Grace, the Free Gift of Salvation through our belief in Him.

Hamilton, IL

We are not forced to pay tithing to the church. We are asked to sacrifice so that other people may be blessed.

Cotgrave, 00

Confusing reporting was it heard in the Magistrates Court or the District Court? Two different things. The Church is very unlikely to get it's defense costs back if this was brought as a criminal rather than a civil case. Thid Barker - costs are up to the judge, not everyone who wins a civil case gets their costs paid by the other side. Area Reader - If Phillips argued that there was a case to answer and not enough counter argument was provided then the Magistrate is compelled to issue the summons. Its' all about how the matter is argued, where it is argued and how good the 'lawyer' is. Don't forget that the confusion allows for more days in court and lawyers to make more money!!! Keeps people in jobs and off the streets!!!! (excuse the cynicism directed at my (the English and Welsh) legal system. The church won in the end.

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