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Published: Wednesday, March 19 2014 5:25 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

great, thanks.

chattanooga, tn

A beautiful addition!

Heidi T.
Farmington, UT

rph, let's keep this simple without agitation regarding pronoun references and vocabulary incidentals. This display is a beautiful tribute to our church leaders and a wonderful addition for everyone to see.

Gilbert, AZ

I can see hanging the portraits of the current leaders but the former women leaders only served for 5 years. You really should have a lifetime calling to get a portrait permanently affixed.


Too little, too late!

Aurora, CO

They should be there, they have as great an influence on Church members as the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, and they have a marvelous legacy.

American Fork, UT

The headline includes the phrases 'women leaders' and 'first time' here in 2014. It takes some chutzpa to run this story. Kudos.

Dr. G
Bountiful, UT

Wow. The third floor gets some serious color upgrades. All those dark suits were not nearly as charming as these colorful photos. Women always add color to life.

Carol P. Warnick
Ephraim, Utah

When you are a Woman of God, a Daughter of God, you know your place and are not moved by contention or dissatisfaction of God's plan. You know He leads with love for all and His plan is just.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


The Lord never does anything too late. He does it when it's right, when it's needed.

If anyone's late or missing the mark, it's us. If miracles stop in the world, it is because of unbelief. We learn in the scriptures that God is an unchanging God. A father may give different instructions at different times, because his children are learning and growing. But the Father's purpose and love for his children haven't changed.

Putting up a portrait doesn't reflect a change in God, but in those who would doubt the church if the church doesn't respond to criticism.

Wilf 55

Dr. G., the colors may be wonderful, but they only apply to the dresses. For when the cultural and ethnic diversity?

Sandy, UT

Until you LDS Men let woman in the priesthood , it is discrimination .
You know this as does everyone else. Equality is coming do not fear it ,
embrace it. Woman are what make us men Great .

Pertti Felin
Espoo, Finland

English is not my native tongue, but if I wanted to say that these women lead women I would simply say women's leaders; women leaders probably tells most of English speakers that their gender is opposite to that of male leaders - just as female leaders does. Minor point, I should say - with all due respect to rhp from Arlington, Virginia. Cf. Women Leaders in Business, Women Political Leaders, Women Inventors, Women Literary Figures, Women Authors etc. Perhaps in Virginia - as opposed to the rest of the world - only Female Leaders carries the day.

Smithfield, UT

This is wonderful -- and about time. Now if we can include our women leaders in top-level meetings about missionaries, welfare, church building design (like not putting the women's bathrooms next to the Bishop's office and men's bathrooms next to the nursery, and help on kitchen set-ups, etc. etc.) -- practical things that should just be done normally. In some ways, it really is hard to understand why these things have taken so long!

Taylorsville, UT

@Lovely Deseret
I didn't see anywhere in the article that mentioned there were portraits hanging of any of the former leaders. The portraits mentioned are of only the current leaders in the RS, YW, and Primary organizations. I would have to assume that when those presidencies are replaced, the portraits will be also.

Mapleton, UT

Sorry, but this really looks like pandering. You should have always had them up, and making a big deal out of it now, in 2014, just makes us all feel really second class. We realize we are, but this doesn't help-it just makes it more obvious. The puffy hair and ice-cream or jewel-colored solid jackets look like the "acceptable" LDS female leader uniform. Sigh. Thanks for trying, though. I don't need to be ordained, but I'd like to feel free to be myself...

Queen Creek, AZ

Bravo. Our Relief Society sisters provide incalculable benefits, service and worth to the gospel going forward.

Larkspur, CO

To those who criticize this latest act of respect for our LDS women leaders, I am starting to see that the church is "darned if they do, and darned if they don't" with you guys. If the church changes nothing, you criticize. If they do make changes, you criticize. You undermine your own credibility and power to encourage change, when all you do is criticize the attempts at change that ARE being made. Please, just go away already.

Smithfield, UT

I laughed when Firefly123 talked about the "puffy hair and ice-cream or jewel-colored solid jackets look like the "acceptable" LDS female leader uniform. It's true. :-) But -- look at any women in business leadership and it is the same -- except more black, navy blue, or dark colored suits. Good point though. The puffy hair is probably because they are ladies over 40-45 and grew up in a different era. Can't see them with straight hair parted in the middle or hair pulled back into a ponytail for some reason! I think the ladies look beautiful!

Dr. G
Bountiful, UT

The nice thing about the leaders in our church is that they don't have a worldly view of power or authority. They don't want their photos put up, and they're somewhat embarrassed by it.

The reason, I'm told, why we put up photos of our leaders in the Ensign, Church News, and on walls like this, is so that members will know who they are and will not be fooled by someone claiming to speak for the church.

Its telling that a number of the "its about time" comments here at the D-News reflect a worldly view of power and authority. I'm fairly certain that the ones portrayed in these photos have a more eternal view of power and authority which flows from a desire to serve others and help them gain access to the atonement of Christ.

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