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Police investigating 11 incidents on or near campus in 2 months

Published: Wednesday, March 19 2014 2:40 p.m. MDT

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The Authority
Richfield, UT

I know this is a serious thing and it's caused some emotional distress for these young ladies, but I can't help but think this is some college kid who thinks he's being funny and not the crime it is.

What happened to the good ol' days when you wanted to harass coeds, you threw water balloons or shaving cream at them? Or worse yet actually asked them out on a date?

Alpine, UT

@ SlopJ30:

You are correct in stating that not all porno watchers are women assaulters.
In fact, far from it.
However, studies indicate that almost all women assaulters are also porno watchers.

Statistically speaking, there's a very good chance the person committing these crimes probably does indulge in pornography. He might not, but probably does.

Being involved with pornography NEVER leads to anything good or positive.
It's a losing battle to argue otherwise.

@ Northern:

Anyone who views the actions of this one person as a reason not to go to BYU is truly living in some sort of bubble with their head in the sand. Incidents similar to this exist at literally all sizable universities in the country. Yes, even at USU there in Logan.

BTW: What are your other reasons "to not go to BYU"? Perhaps you got turned down.
There are undoubtedly many, many more legitimate reasons in the TO-GO category than there are in the NOT-TO-GO category.


Pepper spray is a good idea for any woman to carry. Replace video surveillance cameras (this kind is only good at 1 meter. Look for someone wearing a wig. Put a reward for information leading to arrest. Pornography is embracing animal behaviors that instinct would have honor as great. If you know someone who wore white gloves on the day in question or sometimes wears a wig: tell on them before their behavior escalates to worse sexual crimes. Demand our elected officials pass a law that makes monitoring sexual offenders, by passive technology, as to time and position 24/7, that is software driven and protects convicted citizen's rights as well as the rest of us. Make monitoring software driven this could do all of the review of data and send warnings to law enforcement if closer review is warranted.
Some good advice from a concerned citizen. Call Utah Attorney Gen. Reyes and ask if monitoring can be done constitutionally with privacy protected for the convicted sex offender?
Good ideas should be shared...

St.George, Utah

There are many men, all ages and in all walks of society doing this.
Many women are too fearful to report them.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


Being LDS doesn't make me better than someone else. It makes the WORK I support better than any other work. Why? Because the LDS Church is true. Our Heavenly Father's kingdom is the greatest. His work is. That is what I believe.

Some of the greatest people live in Utah. Anyone who loves their home might say the same thing about it. I know Utahns and non-Utans who hate it here. I could care less for the pickle-juice attitude. I simply love it here, love people here, and love my faith. I believe great things happen here and Satan works hardest because the greatest work is here.

But I still believe that members are as prone to the fall as everyone else. We're all subject to temptation and can all fall. But if Satan wants to attack the work, temple work, church service... where better to do it?

I understand if you think my beliefs are incredible, but I would ask for a little more respect. I could only dream of going to BYU, and I'm not even a grad. But my thoughts are just as valuable as your own.

St Louis, MO

Know Live Love, what you don't see is that expressing yourself the way you do comes off as humblebragging. You can't say, essentially, "Oh, I'm not personally better than anyone else, but the set of values, doctrines and cultural idiosyncracies I've centered my life around is the Greatest In The Universe!" without sounding like you're setting yourself on a pedestal.

Given your beliefs, I would think sharing the gospel with outsiders would be high on your priority list. You might want to reconsider the false-sounding humility and off-putting nature of the idea that Satan thinks Utah is just the most righteous place on Earth. That sentiment may be personally appealing to you, but how can it possibly be useful to anyone else?

St Louis, MO

And Brio, my argment was not in defense of porn. Nowhere did I suggest that porn is "good" or even harmless. The guy may or may not be into it. Who knows, and why is it important to guess this ahead of actual information? I just fail to see why speculating on the matter is helpful. As I've said before, it fits the narrative that many here prefer, which is: Some guy is groping girls? Blame porn and/or Satan in whatever order you prefer. Great; super; now what? I realize it can be tons of fun and very empowering to imagine we know what makes people do the things they do, but that doesn't make it right.

West Jordan, UT

More people in Utah are not actually accessing porn than in any other state. My husband worked for a company that provided internet services for hotels. The servers for all these hotels chains around the country and the world are here in Utah. So if you look at all the people who sit in their hotel rooms who are bored surfing porn on the web,depending on where they are staying, it is coming through servers in Utah. There are men here who do view pornography and I think the numbers are about equal per capita to other places in the US and it can be addictive and in some people cause improper behavior to escalate. We have protection software on our systems at home and I have opened a dialogue with my sons about it when they reach a certain age. Besides focusing on it as a spiritually destructive thing I also focus on it as something that can be physically destructive and make it difficult to have a normal physical monogamous relationship. Dr. Oz did a show on that and masturbation that showed physiological and psychological reasons why these behaviors can cause problems that surface in sexual relationships.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


It seems my asking for respect was pointless. You clearly are more humble and more tactful than I am.

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