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Published: Tuesday, March 18 2014 6:45 p.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

What a wonderful use of talent, creativity, and the will to help others instead of only thinking of yourself. Let's hope this catches on worldwide!

Salt Lake City, UT

"The startup is achieving enviable profit margins, producing a barrel of oil for $25 to $30 that is sold to local refineries for about $100."

Sounds terrific!

At about a 300% profit margin (at current oil prices) it would seem they've got a pretty viable process. I hope they're able to scale it up and can make a go of it.

Taylorsville, 00

This is a great path for innovation. I'd also heard of a process that converted food waste to petroleum products. Are any of those present in Utah? I love hearing about all of these types of amazing developments.

Huntsville, u

It will catch on if there is profit in it. I know it is hard to understand for some, but profit is a good thing. Without profit, there is no motivation. Greed is what kills everything though. It is possible to have huge profits without greed but it takes some good moral values.

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