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Published: Tuesday, March 18 2014 11:15 a.m. MDT

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Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Wow this was a hilarious night for basketball. All the pac12 prestige down the toilet to the 4th place team from the might WCC in a gym that holds 3500 people.


Danbury, CT


US News says 86% live off campus. The U. is known as a "commuter school" for the number that live at home and drive into campus every day. 84% are from the state of Utah. Wow. Mostly the Wasatch Front. That's a high percentage for a small state. 31% of undergraduates are over 25 years old.

Look at the number of apartments around the campus compared to most US universities. There just aren't that many. I've known scores of people that lived at home. I've also known several student ward bishops who have confirmed this as the majority of their students.

BYU has the Honor Code. Utah students live by Mom and Dad's rules until they're over 25. Isn't it great...we just have so much in common!!

Layton, UT

It was an embarrassing and it's worrisome that we haven't seen the Utes resolve their issue with closing out games on the road or that Delon doesn't have a midrange shot. Hopefully with hard work this summer a more refined and mature team will return for next year.
I don't think that guy from Ct. has ever been to Utah or to a Utes event. Even his description of a byu fan is off base. Like I said, I've never noticed a PAC 12 sticker but you can't deny that if they're out there they definitely get under the skin of the detractors. lol.

Tooele, UT

@ ekute:

You are correct. BYU and it's fans are nothing like Utah and it's fans. And BYU's fans are very thankful for that... totally grateful. Best compliment we've received in quite awhile. Thanks.

BTW: BYU is totally not obsessed with the PAC12. However, we do enjoy how it's able to keep Utah tucked away in it's basement in football and lower-tiered in basketball. And the PAC12 stickers are the entertainment of the year for BYU fans. Absolutely hilarious how Utah fans stick them on anything and everything before ever earning them!

@ Chris B:

Even if "the sports world doesn't know much about the WCC" (as you put it), Utah certainly does by now... after being taken to the woodshed by a very average WCC team who "hasn't done much in decades". And by double digits, no less.

Wow! Talk about setting yourself up for a gigantic fall.

Southern, UT

@Epoint....the Titanic had a good man at the helm as well.
Speaking of disasters...did you see the one last night in Moraga?


eastcoastcoug, again funny, and would be funnier if it were true. There are apartment buildings all over downtown SLC filled with U students, nowhere near that number live with their parents.

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