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Published: Tuesday, March 18 2014 11:15 a.m. MDT

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From a Cougar, Good Luck, Utes. Play like you did against BYU and you will win.

Provo, UT

Wow, eastcoast, you really struck a nerve with Chris B as he emphatically states most Ute fans are NOT LDS. Hilarious! But it probably factors in to his hatred of all things Blue and White.

All the Ute fans I know personally (at least 40 people) are all LDS. But then I live in Utah county.

Lindon, UT

This is a reasonable summary of St. Mary's but they are not the team they've been in recent years. I think Utah can/should win this game pretty easily. SM just doesn't have the depth needed to keep up in the paint. Waldow is good but can get frustrated easily if hounded for position. Should be a good one. Ute fans should take in all the sights and excitement of that HS gym while they have the chance. We all know how secretly they envy playing in those types of gyms regularly. (Yes, my sarcasm font is on)

West Point , UT

Chris B:
"The sports world forgets that the WCC even exists because other than Gonzaga no team has really done much in decades."

Yep, and there are still people that call it the PAC10 even though they know there are 12 teams in it. I was talking with a Florida fan the other day...he's from Orlando, and he said quote: "I wonder if the PAC10 kept their receipt?" We were just talking football (Georgia vs Florida) and then in general and he brought that up. Needless to say I was I was laughing my head off.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Your take is spot on; nicely done. I have watched St. Mary's vs. Gonzaga (3 times), BYU and San Francisco. I have watched Utah about 10-12 times. No way Utah should lose this game. This St. Mary's team is down this year. Gonzaga crushed them in each contest. It's college hoops though; you never know.

Orem, UT

Go Utes!!! I'm counting on a Ute victory...they have made great strides this year...kicked our butts...

Utah, We want our money back
PAC Country, CA

As we know the utes can have a really bad game and you never know when it is going to happen like the Pullman game or 13 points in an entire half against Arizona on national TV Let's just hope they have one of those games tonight.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Since BYU swept the Gaels this season, our Utes shouldn't have any trouble stomping Saint Mary's.

Danbury, CT

The 2012 census says 62.2% of Utahns are LDS. Hasn't changed in 10 years.

A few more stats about the U and the Y:

50-60% of Utah students are LDS, 98% at BYU
84% of Utah students come from the state of Utah, only 33% at BYU
77% of Utah students are White, 86% of BYU students are White
Utah was ranked 20th as "most religious", BYU was 10th
Utah applicants: 3.55 GPA, BYU applicants: 3.80

Percent of students living at home: Utah 80%, BYU 15%. Far more Utes live with Mom than in the Frat houses. Not the image the Utes like to portray..

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Layton, UT

"Dear Saint Marys,
Unlike you and the rest of the WCC, byu fans are obsessed with the PAC 12 and it's emblem."

Oh, so those are BYU fans driving all of those cars with pac 12 stickers on them... Now I understand!


eastcoastcoug: "Far more Utes live with Mom than in the Frat houses."

I'd like to know where you got that stat from. I lived off campus and commuted my entire time at the U, but was 300 miles from "Mom". I'd say about 90% of the students I associated with also commuted, but maybe 10% of them actually lived with "Mom".

Layton, UT

Honestly, I've never seen a PAC 12 sticker but I heard that there's one out there and everybody in happy valley noticed it. lol.


Good entertainment tonight. Especially the similarities between The U and Byu fans. Very funny.

West Jordan, Utah


USA Today? No thanks I stopped reading the 'matrix control system' information a long time ago.

BYU has fans/members spread throughout the country and beyond. They have their TV station, although I have not been impressed checking it out. Nevertheless, BYU has prospered with their ESPN relationship for the most part. Look, there is a lot of things to be proud of as a BYU fan, but those same publications that laud you sometimes turn on you. Don't be lost on the fact that that is part of how your influence is seen to them. Yes BYU can get a break in the polls over Utah at times when both are close to equal, but it's the overall image that promotes interest.

West Jordan, Utah

@Chris B.

This whole 99% of us this and that all the time is not representing us Ute fans well at all. I have a split decision percentage of friends all throughout my 43 years here in Utah that are LDS and Utah fans. So don't make all of us out to be on some crusade against the church.

Sure we like to to see ourselves as different and unique in our own ways and some of us can't stand the culture in Provo. Back in the day, all my trips to hang at BYU for the weekend with childhood friends on campus was Planet Pluto for sure. But many of us respect BYU while wanting to beat them badly.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I think the nation knows about about the WCC and St. Mary's. The whole nation saw St. Mary's take utah to the woodshed. An embarrassing night for the pac.

Mcallen, TX

Not all ute fans,-but to the sarcastic ones:

This was a great win by the Gaels. Justice has been served.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris and ekute:

You guys crack up most of us who try to be objective.
Yes Chris, these articles are needed because when an average WCC team beats the Utes, that isn't saying much.
Always seeing the world in red has gotta sometimes be painful.

How does it feel getting beat by the 4th place team who "hasn't done much in decades" and from "a conference that no one has heard of" and by double-digits no-less?



Ouch! I guess that those WCC teams can play some ball…


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Your take is spot on; nicely done. I have watched St. Mary's vs. Gonzaga (3 times), BYU and San Francisco. I have watched Utah about 10-12 times. No way Utah should lose this game. This St. Mary's team is down this year. Gonzaga crushed them in each contest. It's college hoops though; you never know.When the wcc haters on here do nothing but put down their schools and cal it church lesgue like most of the so called ute fans on here have done ,it really tends to tick of the players on those teams off which is 1 reason why utah got their butts handed to then tonite of course it helps when the trash talk is e mailed to their opponents.

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