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Published: Tuesday, March 18 2014 11:15 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

These kinds of articles are needed. The sports world forgets that the WCC even exists because other than Gonzaga no team has really done much in decades.

Danbury, CT

A better article would be explaining Ute fans to St Mary's...

Ute fans: Mostly the same demographic as BYU fans - white, blond, LDS, from Utah, don't smoke or drink, etc., live mostly at home, come from the same families and have tons in common with BYU fans, but will swear up and down that they are completely different. And they try real hard to BE different, but in the end are still pretty squeaky clean conservative compared to everyone else outside Utah.

I have tons of friends and family that are Utah fans. I just crack up at all the big deal we make about how "different" we are. OK, some are, but really we have a lot in common.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah should be fine in this one. St. Mary's had a pretty down year and the Utes put together a remarkable season. While it is at St. Mary I expect the Utes to win this one down the stretch by five to eight points. Good Luck Utah.


Amen! That's funny

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

eastcoast - No, a majority of us are NOT LDS and we absolutely like our differences. Only half of the population of the state of Utah is LDS and I think you would agree 99% of non-LDS people are either Utah fans or fans of other schools(not byu). Most Utah fans are NOT lds.

And just look at the Utah football team and the byu football team - there clearly are big differences

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

No problem with marys because we are in a prestegous conference and that means we are better and can win them pretty good when we play.

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB
I see you are not following through with the wager concerning BYU in the Tournament
ask Ken he saw.
A large percentage of Utah fans are LDS. 62.2 percent of Utah is LDS as of 2012 Gallup poll
I ran a multimillion dollar business in Salt Lake County where I get to know hundreds of people really well.
You typically have Utah fans who are LDS and like Utah for whatever reason.
Then you typically have Utah fans who don't like BYU (some LDS some not).
Out of the first 10 people I thought of that I talked sports with 6 were BYU fans (2 not LDS) 4 were Utah fans (2 LDS).
I have non LDS people in my family and they are avid BYU fans.
Though it may not be as high of a percentage as what I said many Utah fans are LDS.
Out of 8 of my best high school friends 6 of them are utah fans and LDS.
you can tell by the reduction in attendance at Utah Basketball games what was it 33%-40%


St. Mary's has had some stand out players in the last few years, but talent wise is down this year. I'm more than a little surprised St. Mary's is a 4th seed and Utah a 5th seed. Maybe a nod to Utah's extremely weak nonconference schedule? If not, then difficult to explain.

The Utes are the better team, they should have no problem beating St. Mary's unless Utah has a really bad game and St. Mary's has a really great game which, I think, is very unlikely.

Cheyenne, WY

Check out the new USA today article
BYU is 2.05 times more influential in the world than the U.
LOL Pac-12 what

Layton, UT

Dear Saint Marys,
Utes Basketball and it's fans are nothing like byu.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cheyenne, WY

What? Do you have only 10 friends...or is it 14? And your study is validated by attendance at basketball games?


Boise, ID

I am actually planning on seeing the Utes play for the first time tonight. I don't have the pac network. I am curious to see their JC guard play, sounds like the real deal. Most of these teams are very similar in talent. Haven't seen the Vegas line but I would give St. Mary's the edge playing at home. My impression is that the Utes are better but they are pretty lousy on the road. Time will tell.


eastcoastcoug, very funny comment, and it already worked, as seen above.


Yes the WCC is lesser known which is why I am certain the Utes will beat St. Mary's badly. I mean why even play the game with this lesser known program. The Utes are in the PAC 12 and should just get a free pass right to the next round.

Of course should they fail to win and be upset by the WCC representative I suspect it will be the fault of the referees, or an injury or you can always talk about how the Utes are in the PAC and beat BYU in football last year.

And did I mention the Utes are in the PAC 12. In case you missed that, the Utah Utes now play in the PAC 12. That is the greatest program in the whole world. Its a harder schedule than playing in the NBA.

BYU only has to play Gonzaga. But the Utes play again teams that have men taller than redwood trees. So this game should be easy for them.


IDC, it's virtually a pick'em. When betting first opened, SMC was listed as a 3 point favorite, but nearly every source now has the game as either a pick'em or with Utah as a 1 point favorite.

SMC is a pretty solid team, and I expect probably a close contest most of the game. If Loveridge and Taylor can get hot (or at least better than lukewarm) shooting, I think Delon will get some space to create and take control late. Defensively, Waldo is the biggest concern I have, but with 20 potential fouls to give between Utah's 4 bigs that regularly see time, I don't see him getting into much of a rhythm. 45% FG and winning the rebounding battle I think will be sufficient for a good Utes win.

Layton, UT

Dear Saint Marys,
Unlike you and the rest of the WCC, byu fans are obsessed with the PAC 12 and it's emblem.

Swim Fan
Honeyville, UT

@ Chris B.

"The sports world forgets that the WCC even exists because other than Gonzaga no team has really done much in decades."

This succinctly describes the Utah basketball program as well. Sounds like the Utes have finally found a home.

Mark it down. LOL!

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT
"The sports world forgets that the WCC even exists because other than Gonzaga no team has really done much in decades."

I guess the "sports world" excludes Salt Lake City and County.

Most of the LDS, non-LDS, and U of U students/fans certainly know the WCC (and its high school gyms) exists.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

I hope the patron saint of St. Mary's and all the other "saints" pray hard for a St. Mary's victory tonight.

Roy, UT

Chris B. is a true blue BYU fan, still in the closet. His comments only cause Cougar fans to rise and shout and love their team all the more. Though they surely wouldn't admit it, Y players are no doubt given fodder for fuel by Chris B. comments as well.

Utes will beat St. Mary's because Coach K. won't let them lose, Utah has a good man at the helm there.

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