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Published: Monday, March 17 2014 10:30 p.m. MDT

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah did beat BYU in the Huntsman Center, and almost beat Arizona. But away from home, Arizona completely befuddled and embarrassed them, and BYU would probably take them to the woodshed.


Actually, Utah completely befuddled and embarrassed BYU by running BYU off the court in less than 5 minutes of play. With less than 2 minutes left in the game and up 22 points Utah showed mercy and stopped playing.

Utah was taken to woodshed by only TWO teams both on the road: RPI #4 Arizona and #14 UCLA.

Against teams like #31 Colorado, #40 Stanford, #44 ASU we were able to compete on the road, in fact they just "squeaked" by against Utah.

So would #32 BYU take Utah to the woodshed at the MC? Highly unlikely, a close game either way.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

The goal for Utah was to rebuild the program this year, mission accomplished.

The NIT bid is a major step up for the program, it is not a slight as BYU fans continue to mock. Which ironically is where they were last year.

Utah's 2013 OOC schedule wasn't created to compete for a NCAA bid.
Just like BYU's 2014 football schedule wasn't created to compete for a Playoff bid.

Alpine alum
Alpine, UT

We shall see.

Highland, UT

If I was to say I don't care that BYU lost the game this season to utah then I would be lying, I care. But at the same time if you asked me would I have preferred BYU beat utah then gone to the nit, or would I prefer BYU loses to utah but goes to the NCAA......well let's just say I like the way things turned out this season and I'd be willing to live with it that way every season if I had to. Fortunately BYU beats utah most seasons, in fact this is the first time utah has won in 7 tries, and then BYU still goes to the NCAA while utah goes to the lowly nit for their first post season appearance in more than half a decade. Yea I'll take what I got as a fan this year.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

"Krystkowiak acknowledged there was some disappointment at getting a No. 5 seed for the NIT"

Dude, it is a problem YOU created by scheduling the weak preseason you did! Stop whining and get a stronger schedule, and go whip St. Mary's.

I think "most" of the comments on this board are pretty classy. I would like to see more of it. As much as I dislike most of the fan-hate shtick, I wish the Utes the best, and regardless of conference affiliation, I wish the Utes a victory, and bring home the W tonight. I'm proud the Utes are back!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


Stop with the selective pregame spin. I hope the Utes win, but your constant excuses, just make it easier for BYU fans to have it come back to bite you. BYU might have taken Utah to the woodshed in the MC, so what? If Utah loses to a team BYU swept, I expect you to come back and give analysis.

Worst case scenario is for Utah to lose tonight in a HS gym to a team BYU swept exposed on ESPN2. Welcome to the big leagues of the PAC.

Give it a rest bro. They win, cool, they lose, BYU fans will have a field day with the loss.


Brio: "That's probably why BYU is rated as the better team by literally all national rating services."

False. Ken Pomeroy: Utah 36, BYU 50; ESPN Basketball Power Index: Utah 34, BYU 42; Massey: Utah 47, BYU 50; Sagarin: BYU 42 (83.39 rating), Utah 43 (83.38 rating). The only system with any real disparity in BYU's favor is the antiquated RPI, which has historically a lower rate of predicting winners than the BPI or Sagarin. "Literally all" is not even close to the same thing as 40%.

And to your football point, Utah ended the season rated higher than BYU, despite having a losing season while BYU had a winning season. Was definitely not a successful season for Utah (I'll let you determine your own definition of "success", as you did "literally all"), but at least I have facts that I didn't make up to back up my opinion that Utah was indeed a better team than BYU.

Highland, UT


And yet BYU is in the NCAA, and the committee chairman said they were "comfortably in" and utah is playing on the road in the nit to a team from a conference you disparage. Go figure huh?

Springville, UT


Such a nice retort to my Chris B imitation. I'll watch the game tonight and in all honesty it really doesn't make a difference to me who wins.

If the Utes win it will finally mean they've turned a little more towards success. I have no qualms in recognizing improvement. Good grief it surely didn't take a lot to go up from these past few seasons. But winning against St. Mary's would be something to tip a hat to.

On the other side of the coin if we have a win for St. Mary's this would just be another humiliation for the Utes... playing in a high school gym, losing to a WCC conference opponent, losing in the first round in the NIT and so forth.

You get the picture I'm sure.

Who ever wins I'll be smiling either way but if I get a good laugh tonight... you'll understand by all the comments come tomorrow.

It's all in good fun... it's a rivalry.

And yes I enjoy BYU's football schedule each year... I'm sure you enjoy the holidays too.

Go Gaels!

Layton, Utah

so is the NIT now some prestigious bball tournament that everyone wants to be in? huh Ute fans?

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

How about the Gaels? Tough loss for the Utes against a higher seeded team from the WCC in a "high school gym"!!! Guess Utah was not as excited to be in the NIT as was stated on an article in the DN!!!

Go Cougs beat the Ducks!!!

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