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Published: Monday, March 17 2014 10:30 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Away game? So the utes got a little too excited and premature when they sent out an email to season ticket holders saying there would be a postseason home game?

Springville, UT

I love my WCC membership!

Go Gaels!

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Even though we are none and done in the ncaa tournamant we will be more than one and done in NIT because we will win all our teams and win the NIT national champions!

Go Utes!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I look forward to the game. Pretty good matchup. Considering where the Utes were two years ago, the NIT is good thing. BYU fans are having trouble dealing with this and I'm not sure why? I mean the polls say there better, even though the score board say otherwise. I guess you have to grasp for moral victories when ever possible. Especially considering you got slaughtered, on the court, by the team you are comparing yours too.

Go Utes Go!

St. George, UT

Winning the battle doesn't always mean you win the war. Ute fans love to point to the drubbing they administered to the Cougs as a sign that their team is better. For one game they were. Three words describe what this really is all about: Body of Work. BYU did what Utah couldn't/didn't do. They beat Stanford at Stanford. They had a meaningful, tough, pre-season schedule. They beat some good teams during this pre-season schedule. They were never blown out by the great teams they played, and in fact had a real chance to beat some of the best teams in the country. The old bigger brother down South rears it's envious head again.

West Jordan, UT

I love how the BYU fans talk about our "crimson colored glasses" when they seem to see everything through "royal blue colored glasses"!

Let's throw out the records, the RPIs, the SOS, etc. and look at the one head to head competition this season: 84 - 61. And that is a FACT no matter what color of glasses we are all wearing.

Salt Lake City , UT

I hope Utah wins this one big just shut the mouth of byu trolls.

Mcallen, TX

Utes win one game in the past fifteen, and it's a slaughter?--It happens!

Arizona brought reality.

The better team is at the dance.

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT

BYU= Big Dance
Weber state= Big Dance

U of U= NIT

My, my, the planets are all in alignment. This is one great day for this fan.

Springville, utah


I bet you also love your upcoming football schedule...

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Spokane Ute,
You make some valid arguments but you could exchange Utah for BYU in most and it would fit! BYU had interest from the Big East but we see what happened there as it imploded and the Big12 wanted BYU to give up TV rights like the MWC did to BYU so it was not the right fit either!!! BYU/Utah is a great rivalry just some fans on both sides inject too much hate into it which is a shame because the two schools were cut from the same bolt of cloth by the same men!!! Good Luck to all the Utah schools in post season!!!

Go BYU beat the Ducks!!! Rise Up!!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

If the game was played at the HC then Utah most likely would won by double digits.

#60 SMC is as good as #62 California, it's good road test.. We have a great chance of winning tonight even if Loveridge struggles again, just like we did at Cal, in a close game

After starting off 0-6 (0-5 in PAC-12) on the road, to teams like #218 WSU, #101 Washington, and #82 Boise State, Utah finished 3-3 in 2nd half of the season on the road.

IMO that's called improvement considering the wins were against similar teams we were losing to in the start of the season: #170 USC, #101 Washington, #62 Cal.

For a comparison BYU is 1-2 (33%) vs PAC-12 on the road, Utah is 3-8 (27%).

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Since it is better then almost all of our WAC and MWC schedules, Yes I do like our up coming football schedule and if the team can cut out or down the injuries especially to the secondary then they could have a very nice run!!! And we the fans will get to see most if not all the games on TV!!! Which we could not do in the WAC or MWC!!!

Go Cougs beat the Ducks!!! Rise Up!!!

St. George, UT

Let's win this whole thing and prove to everyone that we're the 69th best team in the country!!!

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT

Memo To the Utah "Pac 12" utes;

Next year don't be afraid to schedule Weber State in the preseason, it will help your RPI and you can ask them about their experience of making the Big Dance "in case" you just happen to make it next year.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

This is a great opportunity for the Runnin Utes to gain some tournament experience which is very valuable for this young team going forward. The benefits of this will carry forward for several years.

Go Utes!

Alpine, UT

Very few people dispute that Utah is a very good team... at home. But on the road, that's often a completely different story. They often don't seem to be the same team.

Utah did beat BYU in the Huntsman Center, and almost beat Arizona. But away from home, Arizona completely befuddled and embarrassed them, and BYU would probably take them to the woodshed. That's probably why BYU is rated as the better team by literally all national rating services.

The team Utah and BYU played in common on the road, Stanford, indicates that very point. BYU beat Stanford at Stanford while Utah couldn't get the job done.

So once again, like in football, Utah fans hang their hat on the single and only nail they've got... that single game against BYU, and try to extrapolate too much from it. However, national pundits aren't buying into it. That's why BYU is going dancing while Utah earned a chance to sit by a window and watch... quite similar to what happened during the football season.

Facts don't lie, especially when open enough to look at the bigger picture, which some people obviously are not.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Just to slightly correct your facts. The Utes didn't get dominated by very many teams even on the road so I don't think your assessment is accurate. Yes, the number 4 team in the country did dominate them on a nuetral court, but in most of the Ute's conference games they were competitive. That includes road games. So to say BYU would have taken the Utes to the wood shed in Provo isn't very realistic.

Hyrum, UT

@ Mormon Ute:

Actually, Brio's statement was probably quite realistic. BYU is about as dominant in the Marriott Center as Utah is in the Huntsman Center. And considering how competitively BYU played (and sometimes beat) ranked teams (considered much better than Utah) when they played in Provo, there's truly not much doubt the Cougars would've won going away if Utah would've played BYU there. Very similar to what Utah did to BYU in SLC. Both teams are very dominant at home.
So yes, it was a very realistic assessment.

Draper, UT

Brio, Arizona certainly embarassed and befuddled the Utes at the MGM arena, but in Tucson, the game was very close until the closing minutes.

I like the Utes chances against Saint Mary's. They are a very disciplined team, but if the Utes can get the ball inside and play solid defense they should come out the victor.

Good luck Utes. I hope you can keep the season going and continue to get in much needed practice and added experience.

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