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Published: Tuesday, March 18 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

This editorial does a very good job of illustrating why so many are disaffected by the current caucus system - under the current system, candidates will be chosen tonight, months before any debates or information gets out there.

I say the candidates will be chosen tonight because when delegates are chosen, they are chosen based on who they are going to vote for (or against). We have seen this in years past and many of the letters and editorials in favor of the current system have reiterated this.

We need to give voters every opportunity to make informed decisions. Choosing candidates a week after the legislative session has ended, before there has been any opportunity for campaigns or debates prevents informed decisions. Choosing candidates for national office just as they are returning to work after a vacation does not give time for debates or informative campaigns.

If we want an informed pool of voters, we need time for them to become informed BEFORE any votes are cast or candidates chosen.

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

No candidates will be selected tonight.

You can tell a person who has never attended an actual caucus meeting. No candidates are selected. And even Delegates (which are selected) are not selected based on the list of who they will vote for.

People who volunteer to be State or National convention delegates are not supposed to promise to vote for any specific candidate. They are supposed to commit to the party platform and to have an open mind at Convention. They get a few minutes to tell you what their philosophy is. They don't have time to tell you every candidate they are going to vote for, or how they would vote on every convention item. And then you vote for the 2 people you want to send to the National Convention... and 2 people you want to go to the State Convention. I would not vote for a person who's mind is already made up.

No candidates are selected this week. That would be absurd. All candidates aren't even known yet! The campaigns haven't even started yet!

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

These debates will only help IF people tune in and listen.

I'm pretty sure The Bachelor and Survivor will get more viewers than these debates.


For the new system to work best... everybody needs to be well informed on the candidates and what they stand for (not just that attack commercials funded by their opponents). These debates are the perfect opportunity to learn what the candidate actually thinks (not just the attack rhetoric in 60-second special interest group commercials).

And then... people need to show up and vote in their party primary. Last year for the municipal election (no big races on the ballot) only 6% of us bothered to turn out and vote. That's not a good sign.


I really don't see why CMV people keep saying "We need a primary election"... we already HAVE a primary election... just nobody shows up!


Just having more people on the primary ballot doesn't necessarily change the final outcome. The same person who won before will probably still win now.

You expect the #3 person, or a person who can't even get 39.9% support from his own party at convention... to win the party primary?

That's not likely.

Salt Lake City, UT

I like the idea of debates. Large audiences, televised but not moderated.

I do not favor the milk-toast current TV format. I suggest it be more English or British or whatever it is they do. I think the Brits have an open session of Parliament (Fridays?) Where the Prime Minister and maybe others of the ruling party stand and respond to the Opposition's questions. It is no holds barred, give and take with wit, irony and verbal jousting.

I favor stand and deliver a presentation and respond to questions posed by the opponent(s), not a panel of talking heads. All the host has to do is flip a coin to decide who goes first, and blow the whistle when time is up.

Moderators and panels are dull, limiting, and give media minions a chance to show off and strut and posture before the public.

I want people who will attack and defend policies and practices they want to be against of supportive and to have what they say on record.

Folks, politics is a contact sport, let people debate. They can check their side-arms at the door.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is just amazing to me. The day is half over and only 2 people have commented on this topic.

It seems some people have a lot of interest in preventing their friends and neighbors from meeting in Caucus meetings... but almost ZERO interest in this opportunity to get better educated on the candidates and topics we will be voting on.

Just amazing!


What do people think of this...? Are they going to go and listen? What's your excuse this time?

Please post them... I'd like to hear them...


Are we just going to wait for the campaigns and expensive TV commercials to ramp up? That's not the best source of info you know.

I will be watching as many of these debates as I can. I think it's a great opportunity.


I also hope the CMV movement to prevent people from meeting with their neighbors will result in a TON more people showing up at Primary Elections. That will be interesting to watch. To see if there is a total turn around,and different people being elected... like some people expect.

I think the same people will win.

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