Comments about ‘Doug Owens, Mia Love file candidacies for 4th Congressional seat’

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Published: Monday, March 17 2014 8:40 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga, UT


NY doing great? Last I checked facts, NY was losing residents, losing business, and scrambling. In fact one report says: "New York has 16 percent more unemployed residents than it did in 2008 — up from 574,900 to 665,200".

Do you really want to compare?


What makes a child (Doug Owens, Jim Matheson, Scott Matheson, Jr.) of a former politician automatically qualified to be good representative of the people. This appears to me to be another attempt to make this a name recognition race and avoid the issues by the democrats. The “Count My Vote” organization was pushing the same agenda, who’s name do we know, who has the money to buy the ads to get elected, not to determine what would be best my country, state, county or me and my family. Will those who do not vote for Ms. Love be accused to racism or sexism? Will Mr. Owens talk about issues or just why he is a good guy?

Btfl, UT

to: Lane Myer
Had more voted for Mitt we wouldn't be laughed at and made a joke of around the world. I have more respect for Puttin, he isn't afraid of his shadow, had his ambassador been killed along with 3 others, Puttin might have went in himself and hunted down the killers. Obama doesn't understand the soldiers creed – I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy… Obama is too busy golfing to worry about a "few good men", he's like most conscientious objectors, just didn't defect to Canada.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Esquire" how can you say that we are doing better than during the las administration? The last administration averaged 5.2%. Right now the unemployment rate is still at 6.7%. The better test is the labor participation rate. That is a measure of the number of working age people that are actually working. Under Bush we had a 66.2% average labor participation rate. Under Obama we have had a 64.2%.

You can also look at the GDP. The US GDP has not been growing as fast as inflation since Obama took office.

Bush averaged about $400 billion deficits. So far Obama has averaged over $1 Trillion deficits.

What economic indicator is actually showing that Obama is doing better economically better than any president since Carter?

Provo, UT

@ Utah Businessman -- Sure, if you want to start a business that offers minimum wage jobs, red states are the place to be. Lots of cheap labor. Most of the large corporations with better paying jobs are based in blue states where education is typically better and educated people want to live. You think California is bad? Tell that to the tech industry. You think New York is bad, tell that to the banking industry. The number of jobs a state is adding is important, but more important is the quality of the new jobs being created. Blue states will win over red states almost all the time, particularly if the red state is run by the more nutty element of the right wing (disbelief in science, dismantling of public schools, etc.)

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT


You are absolutely right. Mia's backstory is a real problem for me.
If she had a problem with Benson's story she should have corrected him right after it ran. Instead she waits a year and then says he got it wrong.
That's not leadership; that's just old fashioned political nonsense.
Sorry Mia, you failed the integrity test. I wish you'd leave the spot open for someone else to run.
But, based on the comments here, she will probably win now that Matheson is out of the way.

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT

The Morning Edition email blast has a side by side photo of the two candidates. It sure blows up a lot of stereo-types that the white male is a liberal Democrat and the black female is a conservative Republican. What on earth will Chris Matthews do with himself now? This is going to be fun.

Kearns, UT

Hey Marxist, your hero Obama and company is doing a wonderful job of ignoring the Constitution.

Herriman, UT

Samwise-if Matheson's charges were lies/half-truths, why did Mia Love never directly deny or address them? She could have easily won had she spoken up. Her silence spoke volumes, and it will again if we are stupid enough to put her through. Her opponent will not give her a pass on the charges of the past. The biggest thing we need in Washington is integrity.

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