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Published: Monday, March 17 2014 5:24 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

This game will be another demonstration of just how far apart conferences like the Pac 12 are from smaller insignificant conferences. Fans of these small schools like to believe they aren't much different or that the quality of play isn't that great. Truth is, the gap is huge.

Balance & Vision
Ogden, UT

@Ken - Your exactly right, the gap between the players in the PAC 12 and guys like Damian Lillard is huge!

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

And fans of these larger schools like to believe they are more superior or that the quality of play is greater.

Of course, it begs the logical question...then why isn't a superior Pac 12 school like Utah in the NCAA Tournament?

"Truth is, the gap is huge."

Especially with respect to the millions of more dollars in Utah's athletic budget compared to Weber State. Yet, the quality of play between the two basketball schools is not much different. ESPN ranked Weber State basketball 39 out of the 50 most successful basketball programs of the past 50 years, despite the huge gap in money.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"This game will be another demonstration of just how far apart conferences like the Pac 12 are from smaller insignificant conferences."

And if Weber State loses to Arizona by less than the 32 point drubbing Arizona placed on the Utes, will this be another demonstration of just how far apart a "smaller insignificant" school like Weber is from Utah?

O-town, UT

The SLC media needs to get out of their bubble. Instead we get uninformed statements of attendance and veiled jabs by them. When Weber State wins a Tournament game, it is against North Carolina and Michigan State, not Wofford. Weber State went on those years to lose close games in round two to Georgetown and Florida.

I respect BYU, they continue to play Weber State unlike the U of U who loses by 30 in Ogden and then discontinues the series. Weber State lost to BYU by nine points in the first game for them this year. After the first five minutes they settled down and it was an even contest on the road. Gonzaga lost by eight in Provo and USF by other WCC team was close, and again, Weber State played BYU their first game. Instead of respecting them and saying they deserved a higher seed...especially if BYU is a ten seed, we get this diatribe of pretending there is a lot of difference between Weber State and bigger schools to help comfort Brad Rock and his insecurities. Wow! Get out of your bubble SLC media!

Ogden, UT

I agree with the author, it's the potential upsets that make the tournament so much fun, and that's not just because I'm a Weber fan. WSU may not have a great chance against Arizona but every now and again the stars align for something incredible to happen. I was there in '99 when WSU beat North Carolina and took Florida to overtime, anything is possible.

And using an Arizona blowout win to prove how much better their conference is would also have to mean that Utah, Stanford, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona State shouldn't be in the Pac-12 either, since they all got blown out in their conference tournament.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Balance & vision

Nice straw man argument. Weber St. has produced exactly 1 Damian Lillard in 45 years of playing basketball. Arizona produces 2 or 3 players of that caliber every year.

I don't want to fan the fires of anyone's inferiority complex, but the reality is there is a significant gap between the minor and major conferences. BYU fans found out how big earlier this season. Weber fans will find out this week.

Proud Ute

I'm just glad Rock at least mentioned Weber in his article rather than doing a cut and paste job from the Arizona media like his counterpart at the DN did in his article.
I think Weber got severely disrespected in their seeding but I'm hoping they channel that into a victory Friday afternoon.

Go Weber

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