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Letter from church asks group to move demonstration off Temple Square

Published: Monday, March 17 2014 8:55 a.m. MDT

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get her done
Bountiful, UT

Are women equal?

Tampa, FL

I honestly don't believe the letter will do any good, but I hope it does. I am saddened that these sisters want to ruin the Priesthood Session of Conference for our men and boys, but I also know that no unhallowed hand will prevail against the will and work of God — even if that hand comes from within the Church.

Sandy, UT

Here is this thing about this, because it really is this simple. Does God run this church? Does Thomas Monson serve as His spokesperson on Earth right now? What has Pres. Monson in his official capacity as Prophet said about this issue?

If you said "Yes" to the first two questions, then how can you possibly question this when you should know the answer to the third. If you said "No" to either of the first two, then you have a personal conflict you need to resolve. Let your actions carry you from there!

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you, Sister Moody, for your wonderful, respectful, even insightful letter.

1.96 Standard Deviations

I liked the letter. The Ordain Women group have been clearly told that women ordination is against doctrine and the God revealed organization of the church. These women do not have any more excuses for their advocacy. Their efforts are now essentially apostasy and they are sowing the seeds of division among the church.

American Fork, UT

Looks to me like they're causing thoughtful discussion, not preventing it. I guess that all depends on who feels entitled to define what that discussion is.

Nashville, TN

Yes, we are equal, but not the same!!!!! There are obviously vast differences between the sexes.

Williamsburg, VA

A person who truly understand the doctrine and scriptures and is truly converted would have no such concerns. As a woman, I value my own form of priesthood in the power of creation and nurturing.The Lord knows we women, by nature, do the service and nurturing and guidance that priesthood contains. I also know all things will be clear to me one day that I do not understand and that the brethren are not making decisions, God is. These people are attention-seeking trouble makers, not interested in dialogue. They have a choice, they can leave the Church. When I disagreed with my previous church, I simply left it 35 years ago.

Bountiful, UT

As a woman in the Church, I think we have plenty and too many responsibilities and things to do right now. Why would I want to have the Priesthood on top of that? Why would I want to be a bishop? or a stake president? with power comes responsibilities and I don't think they even have an idea what they are asking for. They don't even care that yes, the majority, do not agree with their agenda and are trying to drag us in regardless we don't want to. If the majority was asking for, then go ahead, but they do not have the vote of the majority. Why are they even trying?

Paradise, CA

There is nothing wrong with males meeting together to strengthen their lives. Women do it as well. We all need support and love.

Provo, UT

Was the Savior a bigot because he didn't ordain women and marry gays? Ordain Women and other liberal LDS groups need to stop judging the Church by the standards of the world. Instead, judge the world by the standards of the Lord's Church.

San Diego, CA

I wonder if it is the same "thoughtful discussion" Emma had with Joseph?

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Do these women really want a male Relief Society President, or Young Women's President?
Are men invited to the Women's Conference? Why don't men have a monthly activity? When will the Elders or HP budget come close to the Relief Society budget? Even the young women get more than the young men.

The LDS church is either run by God or it is run by men. If it is run by men then the Priesthood is not the power of God on earth (translation: No Power = Nothing).

If President Monson was at liberty to grant this request he would give them nothing because that is what the Priesthood would be.

Tilting at windmills...


They did this last time even after they got the chance to watch it online. Perhaps the Church should just stop making Conference attendable in person and make it into only a broadcast. The apostates and the anti-Mormons constantly drive the Spirit from the Conference Center grounds.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I wonder if there is any possibility in the near future of the Prophet having a "Revelation" about this subject similar to the one the then Prophet had in the late 70's early 80's regarding Blacks and the Priesthood?

I get the whole "only men can hold the Priesthood" thing and I agree with some of the posters on here who claim most LDS woman don't want it anyway. But what's the big deal about the woman attending the Priesthood meetings? After all men attend the Relief Society meetings. Fair is fair let the women attend. All they have to do is turn on the TV and watch it anyway so what's the difference?


Yes, women are equal. Men are too. I had a recent conversation with a friend of mine very involved in her church where she has male and female pastors. We weren't talking about religion per se, but she expressed irritation that she was always asked to help with food planning for her congregations' social activities. She was stunned that my husband was in charge of the activities in my ward and planned them without my help. She was equally surprised to find out that prior to this assignment he taught the 7 year-olds in primary (her Jr Sunday School equivalent). Me, I teach adult gospel doctrine.
I just don't see the unfairness of it all. But, to each his own. I have my own pet projects for advocacy, religious and others, and do not presume to claim mine are better or more important than anyone elses.

Leesburg, VA

>>Are women equal?

Yes. But equality in the gospel doesn't mean everyone does the same thing or receives the same blessings in this life. It means that we are all children of God, loved equally, with an equal chance to develop a Christlike character and so gain all that the Lord has promised.

But to help us develop that character, God customizes our individual callings in the Church according to the talents and character traits we have or that we need to develop; and He gives us the gifts we need to perform those callings so we can develop those talents and traits. That maximizes our spiritual progress and the Church's growth as a whole (see 1 Corinthians 12 in its entirety). So instead of campaigning for callings we haven't received, we should humbly satisfy ourselves with the callings we do receive.

Activists who demand that the Church change doctrine to accommodate their desires are refusing to submit their wills to the Lord. They want Him to submit to theirs. In so doing, they retard their own spiritual growth and become less like Him, not more.

Provo, UT

It's a curious thing to me that LDS men don't demonstrate to be allowed to attend the Women's Conference held the week before Conference.

I would like to see some female leaders speak at the Priesthood session just as male leaders speak at the Women's session. Men can be strengthened by women speakers. Adam did the right thing when he listened to his Eve.

Vernal, UT

If a male tries to go into the Womens broadcast the week prior to Gen. Conference they will be turned away. Why? Because it is a meeting for the women of the church and they don't want to have to turn away a young (or elderly) woman from attending in the conference center because a male has taken one of the seats. I know this as a fact because several years ago my friend who was a Bishop at the time,drove his young women out to the conference and when he tried to enter he was politely told he was welcome to attend at a different site, but the conference center was reserved for women only. He didn't call the media or hold a protest. He just walked across the road and attended where he was asked to.

West Jordan, UT

That was a very thoughtful and direct letter. As I stated last time this happened, their actions will lead to apostasy unless they repent. It's not worth losing all your blessings over to come at odds against the Lord's Church or one of the doctrines therein. If you struggle with something, talk to your bishop, pray to understand the will of the Lord. Understanding of the Lord's ways will come, but it may take time. Be patient.

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