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Published: Monday, March 17 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

Using Ann Coulter as an example of reducing shrillness. She who characterizes immigrants as ""warm bodies." She who describes all Dems as Treasonous, Godless and Demonic. Really Senator?

Durham, NC

Of course I think Bennett is spot on here.... and you know there are many who feel he is still just spoiling after his loss several years ago. And there is probably truth on that point as well.

But the recent election in Florida was a great example of what he is talking about. Both candidates from both parties spoke of "fixing" the Affordable Care Act... not the usual polarized rhetoric we are so used to now days. It showed that both parties are getting the point that the American public is fatiguing of the constant bickering, and lack of meaningful progress.

So I hope Bennett is right. I hope the pendulum is swinging back from the edges. I hope the Republican party is pulling back from its silly rhetoric, and gets back to being the party of a lean, highly efficient government that delivers more for less - for the citizens - and not just corporate interest.

Springville, UT

Democrats will often have differences amongst themselves, but they don't try to kill each other off over ideological purity as do the Republicans. Sadly, the GOP has lost its voice of reason and ability to govern. When Republican political leaders come out on a stage with a gun and brag about it, it is clear that they are the servants of special interest groups, and not of the people of this country.

Far East USA, SC

RINO. What a confusing term.

What is a true Republican?

Is it Mitch McConnell or is it Ted Cruz?

If one is a staunch small government fiscal conservative but supports gay marriage, are they a RINO?

Wasn't Reagan a RINO?

It appears to me that today, a RINO is anyone who does not adhere 100% to the party ideology.
And someone who does that will not win a national election.

America does not want strict, hard right conservatives. There needs to be some flexibility.

The Tent is small and shrinking. Not a good sign for the party.

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

@Bailout Bob

First, don't attribute sentiments to your political opponents that they don't have. Today's tea party would be on the side of reform, not cronyism. Cronyism is what you were doing, and it's the reason you were thrown out.

Second, if the RINO shoe fits, you're going to have to wear it.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

"My colleagues in the Senate tell me that the more incendiary members there have either toned things down a bit or been isolated after the bitter debate over the government shutdown."
Senator Bennett is making mention of the "New and Improved" Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, who's kinder and gentler more 'compassionate' approaches after their stupid Government Shut-down debacle back-fired BIG time.

FYI --
Reagan was definately a RINO --

Compromising and WORKING with Democrats to get things done,
banning handguns and assult weapons,
signing abortion legislation,
granting amnesty to illegal immigrants,
proving universal medical treatment in ERs, regardless of insurance or ability to pay,
increasing Government size AND spending,
increasing the debt 17 times,
signing more executive orders than any U.S. President since WWII.

Yes -- Reagan was 180 degress total opposite virtually everything these Tea-Partiers who worship him think.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Senator Bennett seems to think that it is the Government that appoints people to elected office. Does he not know that THE PEOPLE elect all members of Congress and THE PEOPLE choose what "kind" of people they want to represent them and the States in which they live. Mr. Bennett was removed from office by Republicans who found him ineffective and non-productive. It was the Republicans who attended all of their political meetings who made that difference; it wasn't the "vino's" (voters in name only) that removed him from office. Those who cared enough to fullfil their duties as citizens removed him from office. The Senate had no say in the matter.

Mike Lee is making a difference. Orrin Hatch is doing nothing except sending out emails telling us what a good job he is doing. I've received several.

Congress is expected to uphold all of the Constitution all the time. If it takes "shrillness" to remind everyone of their duty, then let there be "shrillness".

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

@Open Minded Mormon "Reagan was definately [sic] a RINO"

I see you don't know anything about it. A man can work with the other side and remain true to principle. It's when he abandons his principles that he becomes a RINO.

Houston, TX

Pres. Reagan:
1) ACTED like he was working with the liberals
2) ACTED like he was compromising
3) ACTED like he was increasing the size of government

Hey, it was a talent.

Far East USA, SC

I suppose that he only ACTED like he raised taxes?

Or that he only acted like he added over 250,000 govt workers (fed non military employees was bigger under Reagan than today)

Or was only Acting when he said

"We are going to close the unproductive tax loopholes that have allowed some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. They sometimes made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing when a bus driver was paying 10 per cent of his salary and that's crazy. Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more taxes than the bus driver?

Or that he was "acting" when he championed gun control legislation in Washington or instituted a 15 day waiting period in California.

Today, any of those things would have him labeled as much worse than a RINO and would absolutely disqualify him for president in the eyes of the right.

Durham, NC

Mike... Mr. Bennett was not voted against by the people of the state of Utah. He never was on the ballet. His ouster was just about a open and free market as was the vote this week in Crimea. The people never had the option. It was a minority of voices within the party that decided the people of Utah shouldn't have that option. The caucus system doesn't trust the people of Utah.. the Republican elite choose for people who they should vote for.

T. Party you say they can compromise and still keep "their" principles... but yet you see when ever they don't agree with your principles.. they are RINOs. Who decided the Tea Party gets to decide the principles for the entire Republican party - and they they alone arbitrate what party purity and principles is. If the tea party is so right... rather hijack another party, they should become their own. The Tea Party has no right to tell other Republicans if they are pure enough.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

And what was Ronald Reagan's 11th Commanadment people?

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican."

The evidence is quite clear,
Tea-Partiers do not know Ronald Reagan,
They do not like Ronald Reagan,
Reagan was a RINO, and they can't come to terms with that --
They just see him as a winner, and can't ascertain why or how he did it.
[answer -- compromising]

BTW --

I served under Ronald Reagan.
I voted for Ronald Reagan.
I knew Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan was a hero of mine.
Senators Mike Lee & Ted Cruz, you're no Ronald Reagan!

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

@UtahBlueDevil "Who decided the Tea Party gets to decide the principles for the entire Republican party...?"

No one. I don't even belong to the Republican party. I can only tell them how they should conduct themselves if they want my vote.

@LDS Liberal "They do not like Ronald Reagan..."

That's just nonsense. I loved Ronald Reagan. I've already told you why. He never left any question about his principles. Your characterization of him as a RINO is flat-out incorrect.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Hitlers NAZIs believed in being louder and more obnoxious than any other group. They taught that conservatives should never compromise with those on the "other side." They passed policies which allowed spying on citizens, made it harder for opponents to vote, anti-immigration laws, union busting legislation, anti-environment and science legislation, ultra conservative education, and unlimited military spending.

To pass this legislation, Hitler used beautiful women and loudmouths on radio to spew propaganda. Anyone who spoke against him was immediately labeled an enemy to the state.

Now let me ask you, which party today most resembles Hitler's NAZI party?

We need to change our political climate. Unfortunately, I think one party needs to become worse before it can be purged and brought back to sanity.

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

@The Real Maverick "...Hitler's NAZI party..."

According to Godwin's law, this debate is now over. Your invocation of Hitler throws victory to the conservatives. It is sadly ironic that you made the losing move while commenting about shrillness in political rhetoric. Thank you for playing, and better luck next time.

Riverton, UT

Oh Robert Bennett...when it comes to standing for true principles (as opposed to standing for nothing whatsoever) shrillness is necessary, even required.

Centerville, UT

policies which allowed spying on citizens, IRS under Obama and CIA under Bush and Obama.

made it harder for opponents to vote, voter id laws fought against by the party, that requires id for party meetings and to obtain services under obamacare lies and says voters would be turned away for not having id's they themselves require.

anti-immigration laws, union busting legislation, democrats during the same period as the Nazis.

anti-environment and science legislation sorry this was not the position of the Nazis who promoted science they agreed with. Like eugenics. Of course we hear of the liberals calling for the wholesale arrests and imprisonment of any one that says man made global warming is not reality.

ultra conservative education, not the position of the Nazis, who wanted state control of the schools and all to be equal in education.

Anyone who spoke against Obama is immediately labeled an enemy to the state and a racist.

Centerville, UT

They taught that conservatives should never compromise with those on the "other side." Ever hear a democrat say they will cross the aisle to get things done? Nope. But do from republicans all the time.

Virginia Beach, VA

Comparing the bizarre extremism of the Republican Party to the general mindset of the Democratic Party is absurd. The Republicans are the Party of ideological extremists. And the RINO designation applies to Republicans who don't score quite high enough on the extremism meter.

The Democratic Party, by contrast, is the Party of pragmatists, and the DINO designation DOES NOT exist there. That's a figment of Bennet's imagination. He would like to believe that the Dems are as crazily ideological as the Repubs, but it just is not so. Extremists are rare within the Democratic Party. With the Republicans though, extremism is the rule.

Bennet is a Conservative, and like Moderates and Liberals, true Conservatives believe that government can be a positive and productive tool. That's why the founders gave us the Constitution. It's the template for our government, and our government is a tool designed to help Americans achieve success. However the modern Republican Party, more reactionary then conservative, is dominated by people who distrust and hate government.

No one should be surprised that when government-hating Tea Partiers are elected into public office, they immediately set about demonstrating just how bad government can be.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


Those citizens who were responsible enough to do their duty to attend a caucus meeting elected delegates who were charged with vetting all candidates. The caucus meeting is the first of three times in Utah that citizens must preform their civic duties. Your "location" shows that you have no say in how Utah political parties select our candidates. Those of us who attended our precinct caucus meetings fulfilled the first step required in Utah. Mr. Bennett lost our confidence. We elected delegates who had not sworn allegiance to mr. Bennett. We voted for people who knew their job was to vet all candidates. Mr. Bennett was found to be lacking when his record was compared to the principles of the Republican Party. He and he alone was responsible for his failure to be re-elected. He failed to do his job as expected. The "reward" for failure was to be fired as one of our State's representatives in the Senate.

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