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Published: Sunday, March 16 2014 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

It seems like teams that make it to the tourney regularly (BYU) get a closer look while teams that don't (utah) get passed by. Given that BYU and utah had similar records it all came down to who historically has the better program and who played the tougher schedule. The NCAA got it right on both counts.

Go COugs.

Danbury, CT

BYU and March Madness...reminds me of my favorite line with Jerry Seinfeld at the Car Rental desk: "You can MAKE the reservation but you can't HOLD the reservation". We hold the record for GOING to the NCAA's and not going anywhere. Only twice in 34 years. Pathetic.

I love watching conference tournament and March Madness games. What I see in other teams that I don't see in BYU is almost a total lack of "stepping it up" a level or two. Our guys just look so flat and uninspired. I like Dave Rose as a person, but he's honestly done so poorly vs. ranked opponents and in the post-season. I just wish our guys could somehow "catch the big picture" here and get in a zone for the tournaments.

Novi, MI

Go Cougs. Need to break the curse.

Most all-time NCAA tournament appearances without reaching the Final Four
25 -- BYU
23 -- Missouri
21 -- Xavier
19 -- Alabama
19 -- Utah State

Layton, UT

Down under,

With all respect to the Ute Players, they can blame it on a weak administration that refused to play good non-conference games. The PAC-12 teams didn't provide the Utes with good teams that Utah could beat. The Utah athletic administration are cowards and wouldn't even play one other Utah tax supported school, (because losing would shatter their moral).

All the local teams got what they deserved and earned. BYU and Weber State goes to the real dance, and due to a poor athletic administration, the Ute Players have to go to a practice tournament.

I wish all the local teams and players well, and good luck! Go Cougs.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

What a great break. I was expecting a First-Round (play-in) game at best.

Sammamish, WA

Obviously the selection committee has ignored the University of Utah's tournament history. We were snubbed. We had the same record as Colorado and Arizona State and we even beat those teams. We even had a better record than Stanford. They should have looked at our tournament history and selected us.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Bulking up with the brutal non-conference schedule was clearly the right choice--I didn't realize how highly valued it would be by the selection committee. Before Jimmer's senior year, BYU getting a seeding two or three spots below what they likely deserved was like death and taxes. But not only did they get a seeding higher than what I anticipated this year, they got a rematch with a team they took to the limit on their home floor. Give Collinsworth's minutes to FB4, and drown the Ducks!

Highland, UT


What they abviously looked at was utah's more recent history including how awful the program has been for the last decade, the abysmal OOC schedule they played this year, and the fact they can't win a game on the road. Far from "snubbing" utah they gave utah exactly what they deserved which was no consideration whatsoever. Based on what BYU got and what utah didn't the system obviously works quite well.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Quacky

Poster jmn2dmb41 is no more of a Utah fan than I'm a BYU Fan. Don't take the bait from a fellow Coug that resides in the posh suburb of Sammamish, WA (trust me, as a SEA native no "Utah Fans" can afford or want to reside in that zip code). The majority of "Utah Fans" are fine with the NIT Bid. The NC sched was put together to ensure W's and instill confidence in a very young team. All part of the rebuild plan by the Admin and Staff to get the program back to the respectability. BTW, if my "Utah Fan/Grad" math is correct, Utah made it to the Sweet 16 nine years ago, so even our worst decade in program history still isn't as abysmal at the Y's overall tourney record. Good luck in MIL.

William Wallace

Duckhunter, I think Utah got what they earned. I, unlike some on here, can call it like I see, and stay somewhat civil about it. The negativity from many BYU backers certainly rivals that of any Ute backer. Wait, the "trolls" as your fellow posters call them, are the only ones that say negative comments. Utah will be back in the tournament soon, I think next year, and BYU may get there again. I think it was quite fair this year. Sometimes it's OK to take the high road. Your posts are frequently negative, so may I say, relax a bit and smile. Your cougs are in, and you don't need to worry about the Utes.

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

My thoughts:

1. BYU - got a very generous seed (but I'll take that any day), given their few big wins and multiple bad losses. Without KC, I think we get dismantled pretty easily.
2. Utah - I don't know. I guess I'd have to ask one of their fans or one of our trolls to find out how their season has gone.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Its a awesome histry too.

Logan, UT

@ jmn2dmb41:

The selection committee does look at history for all programs. Just not ancient history... like decades ago. And that's what it takes for someone to remember when Utah was a recognized name in the national college basketball scene. Their recent history is actually quite dismal... something like twice in the past decade.

BYU, on the other hand, has been in the NCAA tournament 7 times in the last 9 years, and to the Sweet 16 just 3 years ago. And on one of the two years they didn't go, they made it to the NIT semi-finals at Madison Square Garden in New York City. That truly is much more impressive.

Some of BYU's supposed fans are choosing to currently look at the glass as being half full (putting an emphasis on not a great NCAA tournament record), rather than celebrating the fact that they made it to the Big Dance yet again. Only about 20% of all NCAA college basketball programs do each year. So just getting there is feather in anyone's hat. Doing so as often as BYU does puts that program in a very select tier.

Enjoy that next game.

St George, UT

Collinsworth was such a touch player, so tough driving to the basket, a tough rebounder, and defender. He was not a great shooter, but he didn't launch shots foolishly either. I'm not sure how BYU does without him. Who takes his place? Josh Sharp? If Sharp is the replacement, BYU is out of the tourney before halftime. My pick would be to start Winder in his place, along with Haws, Carlino, Mika and Austin...and hope the bigs can rebound and stay out of foul trouble. Collinsworth cannot be replaced by anyone currently on the roster, so Rose must change his game plan, work a different offense, and hope the shooters get hot for the tournament.

Sandy , UT

I would have to agree with byus beat writer who was on 1280 this morning. He said that byu did not deserve the 10th seed and it was an award for Wisconsin to have byu as a 10th and Oregon as a 7th. As he put it,it will make it easier for Wisconsin to advance in the tournament. He called for byu going one and done (which is what their history is best known for) and Oregon getting beat in the next round

let's roll

For the sake of accuracy, the selection committee is forbidden from considering anything other than the current season in selecting teams for the tournament.

A member of the committee being interviewed indicated that members aren't shy about reminding other members of that fact in the rare instances where someone brings up anything that happened before the current season.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"History" review. The Y's most notable claim to fame is the school with the most appearances to have never made it to the final 4! The elite 8? Twice and an all time winning record in the 300's. Utah's winning record is about 500 which is remarkable when you consider half the teams in the tournament leave with a 0%.

I intend to compare the odds on all games in the NIT matching a 4 seed with a 5 seed. Anyone want to bet Utah's odds will be the highest? Conversely, I intend to compare the odds on all games in the NCAA matching a 10 seed with a 7 seed. Any bets on where the Y's will fall? But regardless of the odds the ultimate test will be in the teams performances!!

In that regard, good luck to all Utah teams not playing a PAC-12 opponent!


It's interesting on this article on byu's making the NCAA Tournament as a #10 seed, however perplexing that may be, that so many of byu's fan base are obsessed with how Utah is doing. You guys really should be focusing on Oregon, a decent team, but certainly beatable.


"NCAA can't ignore BYU's tournament history"

No, but there isn't much to ponder about a history that includes mostly one-and-dones.

Lindon, UT

Even as a BYU fan, I think this is a silly article. What exactly is the illustrious history of Bball at BYU? Rock lists some of our great players from the past but honestly? We're best known for getting there and not going too far once there. Maybe other teams like facing our history in that sense because it makes advancing look a little more likely for their team. Sorry BYU fans but I've got to call it the way it is. If BYU wants to take the next step in Bball they need to break tradition not follow it.

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