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Published: Sunday, March 16 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Coach Rose is a class act with recruiting disadvantages that continues to put a great team on the floor year after year. What he has done at BYU is nothing short of miraculous. I love the guy!

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

BYU will continue their tradition of being one and done. Oregon should have no trouble winning this game.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think this is a great compliment to Dave Rose. He's built a good program and done it the right way. Glad to see his team get some props.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

@3grandslams - believe me, Digger has been seeing those replays on Danny Ainge over and over for so many years. It would be cool if Digger took a job at the hill and seeing another Rick M. look a like in loosing his cool.

Las Vegas, NV

The eye test is usually the bias test. It shows when they showed the numbers but disguised the teams. They picked Team C (BYU) then backtracked when they saw who it was.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

The Cougs nearly knocked off Oregon at Oregon. Playing on a neutral floor will help even the odds.
Losing KC hurts, but there is enough talent remaining to pull it off, but only if their 3's are dropping. If they play up to their potential, or anywhere close to it, they should win.

Mission Viejo, CA


Can't agree with your assessment of Collinsworth. He'll be missed, big time.

This BYU team is young and scrappy. Maybe they'll surprise us.

Ogden, UT

Ltrain, you're absolutely right when you say "Phelps is a joke and makes watching the ESPN show almost unwatchable."

The thing that bothers me most about these so-called experts is that they are self-appointed and they get paid for spouting their opinions and stirring up controversy.

Remember Bryant Gumbel and his Bo-dittly-tech comment after which the Cougars won the National Championship? Quite ironically, BYU handily took care of Bo Schembechler's U. of Michigan team, the true Bo's Dittly-tech.

You're right; these know-it-alls are not worth listen to or watching.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Digger,

You embarrassed yourself. An analyst is not supposed to be a cheer leader for or against any team. Stick to the facts and just forget 5 sends left and Danny Ainge with the ball.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"They picked Team C (BYU) then backtracked when they saw who it was."

Which really just tells us that basing the seeding process so heavily on RPI is jacked up. If you look at any of the other rating systems, which all take more data into account, you'd get a better picture of what teams truly belong. And before Coug fans jump down my throat, the other rating systems may very well have still been positive for BYU.

Bottom line though, it's easy to see that RPI rewards teams far too much for simply playing (not winning) against tough out of conference opponents.

Congrats to BYU though, they did what the NCAA system wanted them to do. And until that changes, they should keep doing the same thing, win or lose.


Did Utah make the NIT?

Gilbert, AZ

ESPN had BYU making the tournament. That didn't come as much of a surprise. Nebraska was the shock team.

Dr. Coach
Bountiful, UT

I'm a cougar fan. A cougar grad. And a blue blood. But the cougars, bless their horrific three point shooting hearts, shouldn't be going to the big dance. Are we talking about the same team that played an entire game without making a single three pointer after taking 31 from beyond the arc? The same team that claims to be playing their best basketball and was lucky not to have their championship game with Gonzaga called on a seventh inning little league twenty run rule? The free throw shooting is atrocious. The defending is non-existent. Opponents walk through the lane like a hot knife through butter. When they're at the foul line I'm screaming "Don't embarrass the school, please don't, just give the ball to the other team and play on". These boys are nice kids. And like most sports teams, they've worked really hard this season.

I don't think I could watch them embarrass the school with another disgrace in the first round. Better to call it a season and start practicing those foul shots.

Newspaper Reader
Highland, UT

It sure is odd to me when Cougar fans don't seem to be happy that their team is in the NCAA Tournament. Who cares if they "should" have not been selected. They were! And a #10 seed to boot! Just be happy for them! I'm not saying the detractors aren't happy, but they sure seem to be debbie downers in this situation.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Two things are funny - People that say Oregon will kill us when there is irrefutable evidence to the contrary (an OT loss in Eugene) and people that claim that they are BYU fans yet state that BYU should not be in the tournament. BYU won 23 games against the #3 schedule in the country. They are head and shoulders above the other teams that they keep getting compared to. The committee not only thought they should be in the tournament they ranked them fairly well. The day your fandom has a lower standard than the NCAA selection committee is the day you should renounce your cougar club membership and start wearing red.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


byu did NOT have the #3 schedule in the country. Try again

Idaho Falls, ID

Yes it was #3. That was their out of conference schedule strength. The utes better man up next year with the players they have...and with the same record result as this year...they will go dancing too.

Park City, UT


I wouldn't say you're much of a BYU fan at all - 90% of your comments are completely negative toward BYU, and those that aren't are only mildly complimentary.

Dave Rose is one of only 9 coaches who have lead their programs to 7+ NCAA tournaments in the last 9 seasons.

The east coast bias in the media was never more apparent than in the quick reversal by the pundits as soon as they discovered that the numbers contradicted their personal biases.

salt lake city, UT

HAHA! awww byu fans got their wittle feelings hurt after they saw and now realize what the national media really thinks about their "powerhouse" program, after ALL year claiming that everyone had "so much respect" byu. This is hilarious! Now the national media is "biased" and doesnt know what they're talking about? oh man im i having myself laugh righth about now.Oh yeah, i forgot byu "fans" know extremely more than those "self-appointed" experts, who btw, get paid for what they do while all these byu fans are couch experts.

William Wallace

OldTimeFTBaller: Thanks for the comments. I too find it odd that so much trash talk has gone Utah's way, and they handled BYU easily. I'm a Ute fan, but don't go "Chris B." on everyone. I picked Oregon to beat the Cougs, simply for the reason I stated a week ago. I don't think BYU is built for NCAA success. I think it comes down to running good offense, and playing tough defense. I don't think those are strong points for BYU, but I think it will be a great game. BYU fans should be focusing on Oregon, and Utah will have their hands full with a quality St. Mary's team. Good luck to all.

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