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Published: Sunday, March 16 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Nate in the 808
orem, ut

Good for BYU. Just shows that the experts who make the field have a lot more respect than some local types who are out of touch with reality in their red goggles.

Pocatello, ID

digger is no friend of BYU, never has been, never will be. the test shows his bias! of course we are a weaker team without Collinsworth, but it was still fun to read of "foot in mouth" disease by some of the broadcasters. Every game is a challenge in the tourney and Rose has his hands full defending Oregon with one less player, he is now down to 7 contributors who will need to run the whole game against Oregon. go cougs, run and not faint, you will need to shoot the light out to win, but oh what a victory it will be if they can pull it off. 50% of the teams will lose, so I like the odds right now. Go cougs, you have earned it regardless of what Digger thinks or says.

Danbury, CT

I love BYU, but they don't deserve to be in the NCAA's this year. Not over Pitt and FSU. They don't stand a chance against Oregon with Collinsworth out (or with him for that matter).

I'm not a Coach Rose fan. I don't think he's done anything worthy of praise in the postseason.

Wasatch Front, UT

Strength of schedule matters for seeding in the big dance...

Once again this proved to be true.

Iowa City, IA

Nothing like egg all over your face on national TV. I wonder if a Digger still remembers Danny Ainge?

West Jordan, Utah

Digger really looked quite foolish back peddling the way he did. He's got the memory of an Elephant, and is still dancing on table tops whenever BYU's name is mentioned.

Digger, why so bitter?

Rise and shout!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats to the Utah schools....and my Cougs


All the smack talk is a joke. BYU fan here, but let's win something before we spout off at the U. We haven't won a league title or conference title. We haven't won anything in a long LONG LONG time! And we may win one game if we are lucky so stop like we are a powerhouse. And remember Utah beat us by 20...to talk smack on them when they beat us head to head is dumb people! Guess you have short memories.

And Utah enough. Much improved and a young team with a promising future...but like football you are learning the PAC is tough and you haven't done squat. So Coach K is great but fans get a reality check and lets hope Weber State comes closer than u did vs Arizona


digger phelps is still ticked off about his notre dame getting beat by danny ainge in the ncaa tournament in the 80,s he is a sore loser and it shows better rpi and sos than the other 2 teams makes them the better team regardless of what the no count analysts from espn or cbs or any of them

Phoenix, AZ

interesting article and video. Thrilled BYU is in a 10 position in a winnable game. Not sure how winnable without KC, but winnable.

Apparently, the selection committee rewarded BYU for their strength of schedule and OOC schedule, but I don't disagree with either commentator. On the eye test, I too would take FSU and Pitt over BYU. But the numbers don't lie.

I also think they missed giving BYU credit for a 2 point loss to Iowa State, since they mentioned FSU's close loss to Florida.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Digger should come to the hill in SLC, the crow has landed and there is plenty to go around.

Fort Benning, GA

Congrats to the Cougs, but we did get lucky on this one. Yes, BYU does deserve to be tournament bound, the experts agree and one of them even picked us as a 10 seed prior to the show (check Greg Wrubell's tweet). The RPI, SOS and wins vs. top 100 don't lie as the broadcasters noted. The selection committee doesn't use the "eye test" much since it is not a measurable (quantifiable) stat, so sorry FSU.

While EastCoastCoug isn't a fan of Rose, I absolutely am. All the guy does is win, win, win with a below average squad year in and year out. The best player he has ever had hardly gets playing time in the NBA (I still love you Jimmer!). So for him to make the NCAA tournament nearly every year is a huge accomplishment coming from Provo. I love our players, but here is a reason they weren't recruited to Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, etc. etc. etc.

Rose overachieves every year. He does more, with less.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

This starts to make up for all the times BYU got jobbed on their seeding in the tourney.

Mcallen, TX

Many teams going to the dance, are not as good as some not going.

Missouri Coug
Greenwood, MO

Free Throws Will Win The Game......

Gilbert, AZ

Is there anything more silly than the "eye test"? When the real test - win/loss record, SOS,RPI, and etc - causes Digger to disagree with Digger he reverts to this silly eye test which is nothing more than a beauty pageant demonstrating nothing more than a personal bias. There is a reason the eye test is not part of the selection process,...it's too subjective! Is the blond more beautiful than the brunette? Who's to say? The eye test is just not a reliable tool and it allows for too much bias. Give it a rest Digger.

Provo, UT


No chance against Oregon? Did you watch the first matchup?

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Digger Phelps? Please......

Clinton, UT

Congrats to the cougars, they deserve to be there. Also, Oregon is an up and down team and we should have won the game at their place earlier, blew a late lead and lost in OT. Even without Collinsworth, I think we have a chance. The key will be Carlino, can he play within himself and play smart? I am happy for the team. If Collinsworth were healthy I think BYU would be picked by most to win the game with Oregon. Oregon is not a good road team this year and they won't be at home now.

St. George, UT

These national guys are nothing but a walking talking bias. Phelps is a joke and makes watching the ESPN show almost unwatchable. As for J. williams I think i'd take a road victory at Stanford over a victory over UMass. I think that BYU will be ok without Collinsworth. He's the least important member of the 5 main guys. They would be in a world of trouble w/o one of the bigs, and Haws is by far the best player for them. Even Carlino is more important because he's the wild card in games against the "big boys." If he plays well they have a chance, if he doesn't it doesn't matter if Collinsworth is there or not. Besides, this way we don't have to endure the world's worst perpetual haircut.

Lindon, UT

Exactly what is the "eye test?" Should we stand back 10 feet and cover one eye? Seriously--- The "eye test" is nothing more than condescending subjective people looking for a big name from a power conference. Get over it, Digger! You look the fool on this one. Even among the other #10 teams, BYU's at the top with #33 RPI & #17 SOS. The schedulers who had BYU pick up those tough OOC games really deserve the praise for this bid.
As far as Ore goes, I think BYU will lose but that doesn't take anything away from deserving the bid. Playing without KC impacts our future prospects but doesn't negate the past accomplishments. I'm hoping to be proven wrong but it will take everyone stepping up to take a piece of what KC brought with his versatility and well-rounded game. Go Coug's!!

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