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Published: Monday, March 17 2014 2:35 a.m. MDT

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sandy, UT

Is this considered None and Done if the U looses in the first round? I'd rather have one and done.

Mcallen, TX

Now the utes can show how weak the WCC really is.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah was projected to be a NIT #2 to #5 seed. So not a bad seeding after the embarrassing loss against Arizona.

I think it's good that we play on the road. It's another chance to improve, Utah finished 3-3 on the road/neutral sites.

SMC lost 3 games at home, including a thumping by Gonzaga, so they are beatable.


@worf: "Now the utes can show how weak the WCC really is."

We already have: Utah 81 BYU 64
WCC is 1-5 vs PAC-12

ex patria cougar
Australia, 00

It's tournament time:

Utes -- Welcome to the WCC.

BYU -- Welcome to the Pac-12


Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We will have no problem because they are a week conference and we are not and we play good on the road.

Utes 97
Mary 32

Go write it down!

Layton, UT

Congratulations to the Utes, UVU, Weber State and all of the PAC 12 teams playing in the post season.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I'm good with a solid NIT berth and I like the matchup. Having watched both teams on several occasions, Utah wins this one going away.

Provo, UT

How ironic is this? BYU plays a PAC12 team, Utah plays a WCC team...


It's disappointing that Utah didn't get a home game. I'm sure the dismal performance against Arizona didn't help.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Now the utes can show how weak the WCC really is."

Seeing as how the cougs couldn't . . .

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Wow a #5 seed. That is a slap in the face. Time to get back to reality. Just because you get beat by better opponents doesn't make you prestigious.
#5 seed. Wow.

San Diego, CA

It is a road game, probably loose in the high school gym.

Sandy, UT


Orem, UT

Opening on the road doesn't sound like a #2 seed.

Sandy, UT

Worf, the PAC 12 will improve the 7-2 record for PAC 12 over wcc teams this year

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ worf

They don't have to. It's been done for them over the course of the season.

Still, I hope Utah can get another road win and put a little run in the NIT together.

Go Utes!

West Point , UT

Wow, a 5th seed on the road against a team that Utah better not overlook? I guess the NIT wasn't as impressed with Utah as all the hacks on the PAC12 network that picked them to play Arizona tight and fight for an NCAA berth. I'm a Utah basketball supporter but I get real sick of some of their fans, who incessantly haggle and exhibit all manner of vitriol against my Cougs. I want every Ute fan to back up their words on BYUs article...all the "one and done" garbage. When BYU beats your "prestigious" Ducks, y'all better come back and take your medicine (ya right, I'll wait til pigs fly).

Good luck Utes, but I have no lost love for your fans (well some of them anyway).

let's roll

Ouch...some folks who like to mock the "high school gyms" in the WCC aren't going to appreciate the irony of the NIT picking one of those gyms over the Huntsman Center.

Frankly, it is surprising since the NIT is known to grant home games based on the likely attendance (read revenue generation) and it was widely reported that Utah made a pitch for a home game.

In any event, good luck to the Utes.

Park City, UT

BYU swept the Gaels 84-71 at home and 60-57 on the road, so if the Utes are really as good as they keep saying they are Utah should win this one easily.

Then again, the Utes also expected to beat Arizona in Las Vegas.

Nibley, UT

Congratulations to the Utes, they should go deep into the tournament. No excuses if they don't.

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