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Published: Sunday, March 16 2014 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Nibley, UT

"Not a big Cougar fan, but I have to congratulate them for getting the invitation. Wow a 10 seed is great. I think it surprised everyone. I hope you do well and win your first game, that is the only way you are going to quiet the Ute fan who post on BYU articles."

No, the only way to quiet the gnashing of teeth from the ankle-biters on the hill is to win it all.

In other words, prepare to tune out...

Bountiful, UT

Isn't it sad that Utah fans have had to move their loyalty from their team to their conference. I feel quite sorry for our former-conference brothers. I'll be so glad when this sibling rivalry ends and we finally and completely stop playing games against each other. Then the hate may fade.

Provo, UT

Once again I would like to thank all the Utes who are following our BYU team. It has been great having all of you following and supporting us. Please continue to follow our team as they continue on to the big dance. All the success that have we owe to our followers. Once again thanks for the support, our first game will be against the Ducks on Thursday. Much Love From Provo.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ moderateinmagna and poyman

Utah has been to the big dance twice in the last decade (2005, 2009). Once going to the sweet 16, the other being a one-and-done appearance.



Yes, yes. I said that I DO remember when Utah was good in basketball. Utah was good relatively consistently under Majerus. That's great, but we're well into the 21st century now. After Giacoletti's first season (with Majerus' team, basically), Utah has almost always been mediocre or bad, ending up watching the post-season on TV.

@Two For Flinching
>Besides Arizona and UCLA, who in the PAC has a better tournament history than Utah?

That might be a relevant point if any teams in the conference other than Arizona and UCLA actually had a solid, long-term tradition of success in basketball. A few seasons with somewhat increased competition don't make the Pac-12 a power conference. (I'm a lifelong Pac-8/10/12 fan, so I wish that it were, but it's not.) The level of competition for third best overall in the history of the Pac-10/12 is pretty low. You've got Arizona and UCLA, then a huge drop, followed by some school that has a few good seasons here and there. In addition, Utah's successes in the NCAA tournament a long time ago are irrelevant to its relative position in the Pac-12 right now.


I find it quite amusing that Utah fans are on here bashing BYU for making the tourney while their Utes are in the NIT. Without Collinsworth I think BYU's chances are pretty slim. Oregon has the better team, but BYU is very capable of pulling off the upset. It should be quite a game.

newhall, CA

I think it's great, but I also believe Oregon will beat BYU by 20 points. It's going to be ugly. BYU is not that good a team. They are slow and they can't hit the 3 on a consistent basis. They will NOT advance past their round. Go Ducks!

Layton, UT

Ute fans are a curious bunch indeed. Normally we hear "better to play and lose in the PAC than win in the WCC" and "at least the Utes don't play in high school gyms." But according to ute fan logic it's better to play in a high school gym in the NIT than against a PAC 12 opponent in the NCAA tourney.

But fret not u fans I'm sure the same researchers that came up with a solution for cold fusion can come up with a cure for your cognitive dissonance.

Provo, UT

Bowling and dancing. It all sounds like a YSA ward without imagination.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

One and done beats none and none every time. And just maybe . . .? That's how true fans are supposed to feel!

Salt Lake valley, UT

It's interesting to see who supports their conference and who supports the state.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

All this anger and envy from the Utes is .... sweet.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Go Red,
The selection committee does not just look at W-L record but at RPI and SOS! BYU had a much better overall strength of schedule then Utah! Byu earned this seeding and now has to earn a win and a next game!!! Utah earned a #5 seed in the NIT with a very weak OOC and they will have to win a road game to continue their season!!!

Go Cougs beat the Ducks!!! Good luck to the rest of the Utah teams!!!

Tucson, AZ

BYU - 1st round vs. Oregon - a rematch against a bunch the Cougars almost took out in the fall. With KC out it's time for some guys to step up. Halford, Bartley, Sharp, Worthington....and of course the hot and cold Carlino....let's see what you guys can do. Each of you should be getting more minutes this time around.

P.S. to the W.S. Wildcats - too bad you got our Tucson Wildcats right off the bat - otherwise I'd be pulling for you too.

Dallas, TX

Glad the Cougs are in. Sad that Collinsworth is out. Still trying to figure out if it's better to be one-and-done, or none-and-done? I'll have to think on that for while.

And if I were a fan of a school that was in a conference that sent half the conference to the dance, but my team stayed home, again, I'm not sure I'd crow about it.

As for the Final Four appearances, next time I'm on the hill, I'll have to stop by and see the trophy....oh, wait.

Logan, UT

Chris and the customary anti-BYU naysayers...

BYU has a credible chance in the first round. As they took Oregon to OT when playing at Oregon, playing at a neutral site would seem to give the edge to BYU.

But even if BYU happens to lose in the first round, one-and-done is multiple times greater than not even being invited to the Big Dance. Half of all teams who are invited end up being one-and-done. So it's not a big deal. For the record, how many years has it been since Utah has even been to the NCAA tournament? It would seem some of their fans are throwing stones while living in glass houses. Glass cracks and breaks quite easily.

@ Lifelong Ute:

Your basketball ignorance is showing. BYU went to the Sweet-16 just a few years ago when Jimmer was on the team... not "decades" as you claim. They came within a whisker of going to the final 8 that year. Exactly how long has it been since Utah has done that?

It seems nearly impossible for some Ute fans to give any credit to anyone besides the Utes. Sad.

Mission Viejo, CA

Mark it down:

St Mary's will beat Utah.
Oregon should beat BYU without Collinsworth, but I'll take BYU and the points.

I remember BYU crushing Washington and Oregon last year.

Logan, UT

@ Go Red:

Once again Utah won the one-day battle while BYU ended up winning the season-long war. Had those 2 teams played in Provo, BYU would've undoubtedly won both the battle and war.

When all statistics were taken into consideration, BYU is currently ranked #33 and Utah #81. The facts speak for themselves. And season-long facts carry a lot more weight than a single-game result.

The selection committee is made up of college basketball experts from all around the country. As such, what they think of BYU carries a whole lot more weight than what a few very biased Ute fans think. And the NCAA versus NIT seeding confirms that.

Utah was very good at home this year. But they often laid eggs on the road, as their last game with that record-setting performance for futility confirmed.
One would think that getting blown out 71-39 would've (and should've) quieted some of their more obnoxious fans for awhile. But being that engrained, it apparently didn't.

Good luck Cougars. That first game is very winnable.

Cedar Hills, UT

Oregon is better than the Y. BYU will have to play it's best game of the season to get past the first round.

Tooele, UT

@ sg:

Since it took overtime for Oregon to beat BYU at Oregon, what is your reasoning for thinking Oregon will "crush BYU by 20 points" at a neutral site? That makes no objective sense at all. Another Chris prediction?

But to be fair to you, you're not alone. You have quite a few fellow Ute fans who also spout things that make no objective sense. And when they keep doing so, as some do, they soon lose all credibility with most other readers. They often make me smile, roll my eyes, and wonder if they are posting during high school class breaks.

When a key player goes down on a team, that team often uses that for motivation to pick it up and perform even better. That happened in BYU's last game against Gonzaga. After Kyle got hurt, BYU actually narrowed Gonzaga's lead and soon-after forced coach Few to take a time-out to regroup. That motivation could carry over into this next game with Oregon. I wouldn't bet the house against it.

Another fact: Losing by 11 (BYU's last game) is obviously much better than losing by 32 (Utah's last game).

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