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Published: Sunday, March 16 2014 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

This will certainly be an opportunity for my man Bartley... Well he step up? or won't he? Think Utah State... Give us that game performance again.

Springville, UT

I'm having trouble hearing you..What's that..? PAC 12 what? Utes what? I can't hear you with all the celebration noise :)

Good luck to the Utes. I hope they do well in the NIT. Seriously though.

Mcallen, TX

Go WCC Gaels!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


On the other hand, Utah HAS been to the tournament once in the past decade...and lost in the first round. Oh, there was the mighty march to the second round of the CBI one year as well.

During those same years, BYU did have three one-and-dones, but also two second rounds and a Sweet Sixteen. And a semi-final game in the NIT.


Depends on how you count the past decade, do you count it from 2004-2013 or 2005-2014? Either way Utah has a Sweet 16 and is either 2-3 or 2-2. And that is the WORST decade in our history.

BYU during its best decade in history is 4-6: Sweet 16, Round of 32, Play-in-win, 3 Round of 64 (aka 3 one-and-done).

Salt Lake City, UT

My hopes for the first round game would be a lot higher if Collinsworth wasn't injured, but I think it is still winnable if Carlino plays well. I am also counting on a good game from Haws, Mika, and Austin, as well as the usual from the rest of the team. But Carlino is the real wildcard for BYU. When he is good, he can be really, really good. But when he is not good, he usually is really not good. Go BYU!

Springville, UT

I'm having a hard time finding an NIT bracket on ESPN, could someone help me locate this? :)

Omaha, NE

When it comes to conferences and teams....

Pac12 gets six teams in... and Utah is NOT one of them.

WCC gets two teams in... and BYU IS one of them.

Which matters more, your team or your conference?

Go, Cougars!



"BYU a ten seed in the BIG Dance, Woooooowhoooo! That must mean that the u must be a number a 4 seed......in the NIT!"

Considering Utah demolished BYU earlier in the year, that just shows, unfortunately, the huge gap between the level of competition the Utes now face as opposed to the level of competition that BYU now faces. In some ways, it is to BYU's advantage to now be playing in an inferior league. The selection committee only glances at many of these teams' overall records without fully taking into consideration the level of competition that teams in the major conferences have to face on a weekly basis.


"BYU, are state champs".

I hate to burst your bubble, but that honor was decided December 14 in Salt Lake. Head-to-head competition = Utah 81 BYU 64.

Orem, UT


6 PAC 12 teams... and Utah isn't one of them.
2 WCC teams... and BYU is one of them.

#33 BYU(23-11) #17 SOS, 8-7 versus RPI Top 100, IN the Big Dance
#81 Utah(21-11) #104 SOS, 5-9 versus RPI Top 100, on the OUTSIDE looking in

Despite the early season upset at home, the difference between the two programs is night and day.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

So how did Utah get rewarded for being in the prestigious conference? They at least got a home game and a #1 seed in the NIT right? Right? But we are in the Pac!!! We demand prestige!

Did you know that in the last decade Utah has been in the big dance once? Once? How did they do? One and done. Meanwhile the Cougs have been in the sweet 16.

Why are all of these ute fans on here again?

Murray, UT

BYU gets deserved respect due to their SOS and RPI, well done Cougars! Now lets go take down Oregon!

Go Cougars!!!

Richmond, VA

@Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

"Congrats Cougs! Good job on earning a spot, now get ready and make us proud!"

Make us proud? Heck dude, them getting an invite has already made us proud! Now if they're fortunate enough to win and advance, that would be just icing on the cake.

Go Cougars! Go Wildcats! And good luck to the Utes and Aggies too in the NIT! Hope they got invited already!

Lincoln City, OR

So much to say and so few words...

It must be a very bad feeling to have to take consolation in how other teams in your conference (who trounced your team) do in the NCAA Touney...

@ crow, azute, greatute, and Yankees27
As has already been said, one and done is far better than never to have been one, but once in the past 10 years... which btw, was a one and done appearance... lol.

@greatute and yankee27
Oregon will roll according to you folks as they are 8 of 9 over the past 9 games??? I believe they were 12-0 when BYU led by 10 the entire game on the Ducks home floor with friendly refs and a friendly crowd... True BYU dropped the game in OT after both Bigs fouled out and Collinsworth had missed several foul shots... I like BYU's match up against the undersized Ducks.

Cow seems to be the cuisine of choice for many ute fans and I am hopeful that we can give them yet another course when we dispatch "a conference brother" of the underperforming, properly recognized utes...

Indeed it is a great time to be a Cougar Fan...

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bastiatarian

Besides Arizona and UCLA, who in the PAC has a better tournament history than Utah?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

After the dust had settled, RPI obviously trumped BPI, just as BYU fans were saying it would.

BYU #33 RPI, #42 BPI, in the Big Dance as the #39 overall seed for the 7th time during the Dave Rose era.

Utah #81 RPI, #34 BPI, on the outside looking for the 8th time during the last 9 seasons.

Las Vegas, NV

I hope BYU continues beefing up there non-conference schedule in future schedules similar to this year. Who would've thought BYU would get in 23-11 as an at-large bid from the WCC. Obviously that was a big factor to the committee.


East Salt Lake City, Utah you can spin and lie all you want but tghde fact is that thee utes have not been in the ncaa in the past drecade and nothing you say will ever change that ,fact #2 BYU has owned U in the last decade as well so spin away becuz history is history sour grapes on all the utes jealousy is overtaking their common sense,Btw ST, MARY,S could do the same thing that AZ.did
to the utes since they are playing on a high school gym as you so obviously know as that is qall we have heard for 3 years from you .thre size of the gyms that BYU plays in karma my man karma.

Baltimore, MD


#33 BYU seeded 39th overall in the NCAA tournament.

#81 Utah seeded 20th overall in the NIT tournament.

It's pretty clear that BYU is the best overall team in the state.

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

Looks like the Cougars wins over Texas, Stanford, and Gonzaga while playing a lot of very good teams to close losses were given more weight than their sad losses to a few sad teams.

Kudos to the committee for giving the Cougars a chance! The way they reacted to the news, I'm thinking that they're pretty happy to have the rematch with Oregon. Maybe they can find the mental toughness they've lacked all season. Hopefully, they're learning, as a very young team, the importance of the mental aspects of the game and how to gain the edge in that department.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats to the Utah schools....


All the smack talk is a joke. BYU fan here, but let's win something before we spout off at the U. We haven't won a league title or conference title. We haven't won anything in a long LONG LONG time! And we may win one game if we are lucky so oz stop like we are a powerhouse. And remember Utah beat us by 20...to talk smacking them when they beat us head to head is dumb people! Guess you have short memories.

And Utah enough. Much improved and a young team with a promising future...but like football you are learning the PAC is tough and you haven't done squat. So Coach K is great but fans get a reality check and lets hope Weber State comes closer than u vs Arizona

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