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Published: Saturday, March 15 2014 11:45 p.m. MDT

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Who cares if they get in? They aren't going to do anything once they get there so what is the point. I just want them to win something....the league, the league tournament, just something. It's been way too long but everyone talks about what a good coach rose is. Fools gold...show me tangible results. "Getting in" just adds to Rose's resume and masks the lack of accomplishments. I would rather win the NIT than get in and be one and done.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Their FT shooting kept them from being a shoe-in for the NCAA's. Even if they get in, they are consistently, inconsistent. ......and their FT will again be their demise. Where are the coaches? No coach can teach them FT fundamentals.

Oh well, it was somewhat fun while it lasted.

Las Vegas, NV

It's gonna be close, by the skin of your teeth, but it looks like a play-in game to get to the big dance is going to happen for Provo. Only reason is a strong schedule, anybody, repeat anybody, who loses to Portland State should never be allowed to play in the tourney.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

The goal of every team is to make he ncaa so if they make it ptops to them. It will mean that the ncaa repects the Cougars enough to invite them.


Ballpark, maybe you should apply for the coaching job.

Cinci Man

The Cougars should have decided this on the court. Or maybe they did.


Wow, I love the comments. I find myself wondering why the tournament is played at all. Is it because there is a chance a lower seeded team could pull an upset and win the whole thing? Maybe but not likely. Is it possible that it elevates the talent of the players? Probably not. Is it possible that the invited schools make some money? Yeah, that is part of it. But really, why even have the tournament?

It's because it is sport. We love the chance to watch a team play. We love watching an underdog knock off a better team. We love the ups and downs that come within the game. But when it is all said and done, remember this. There are 68 teams invited to the NCAA tournament and every one of them will go home as losers except one!

Does that stop me from watching? No. Do I consider those teams losers? No. Do I get enjoyment from the tournament? Yes.

Good luck to all teams.

blue & white
Boise, ID

hay JD BYU did not play Portland State. it was University of Portland. U of P beat Gonzaga 82-73 then lost to the zags 66-71. I hope BYU gets in even if they loose the first round its an honor to play in the tourney. 32 teams will loose in first round games.

Orem, UT

What's with all of the whiny, jealous nay-saying?

Simply getting an at-large invite to the Big Dance is an accomplishment that only 33 of the 350 D1 basketball programs achieve.

BYU finished the regular season and conference tournament ranked #33 with a 23-11 record playing the 17th toughest SOS in the country.

Nobody is saying this is a great BYU team, but the Cougars did have a very good season with some impressive pre-season road/neutral wins at Stanford and vs Texas. In the WCC, BYU finished 6-2 versus the other top 4 teams in the conference - Gonzaga, San Francisco and Saint Mary's.

South Jordan, UT

BYU did enough to get in. They played tough teams in the preseason. That's what will keep my Utes out.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

There are no good losses, but your Cougar's showing vs. the Big-12 champions (Iowa State) suggests BYU is clearly better than U of Portland, LMU, Pepperdine, and Pacific....teams to whom they should never have lost.

Loss of Collinsworth, IMO, dooms the Cougars to a likely one-and-done; especially if they have to do the play-in thing at Dayton against Dayton. But as others have pointed out "we have to play the game" to find out.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU obviously isn't a lock, but the Cougars have done enough to deserve an NCAA invite if it comes.

Spokane, WA

50 years of NCAA tournaments, 12,000 teams played and only 50 won it all. It's silly to think that a team is no good unless they win it all. Wichita State showed Ny team can get hot. It's a win for a team just to get in. Way to go Coach Rose, if they do get in.

Springville, UT

BYU makes it! And against a PAC 12 team no less. Still waiting for Utah fate... LOL

Salt Lake City, UT

One-an-done at the NCAA is better than none-and-done.

Mcallen, TX

PAC 12 sends six teams?

Are the utes one of them?

Spokane, WA

I don't think one and done. Frankly BYU had Oregon beat on Oregon's home court but for some Pac12 calls. They'll b on a neutral court this time, and BYU travels well.

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