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Published: Friday, March 14 2014 2:50 p.m. MDT

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City, Ut

article -- "The most accessible option for interested viewers will be a live-stream of the Friday concert on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s website and available on-demand"

Super idea!

Hope this paves the way for maybe the Christmas Concert and the Orchestra Concert (with Conductor Gruppman) to also be broadcast this way.

Hines, OR

They could also have BYU stream it so those of us with Roku's and AppleTVs outside of Utah could see it, too!

Romford, Essex

Great news!! Living in the UK, I rely on the broadcasts and especially love watching the Choir on Youtube!! Great news. Really looking forward to it!! :)

Sandy, UT

This still doesn't allow for anyone outside of the Wasatch Front to view the concert. Couldn't it be broadcast over BYU
tv as conference is?

What do you Want?

Would be nice to have the Mormon Taberncale Choir broadcast available on the BYU-TV channel
so that those outside of Salt Lake City could participate in the "Messiah". I didn't see anything in the story about that happening.

So this Easter on Good Friday, we'll be attending the Good Friday services at the local
Greek Orthodox Church and Sunday the services at the local LDS Church. Since there is no service on Good Friday at the local LDS Church or no room for Easter Celebration on the BYU-TV channel on that Friday night that seems to be a good option if one wants to Remember
and Honor the Lord on Good Friday. There were not any Christian denominations when that first Good Friday took place. The many Christian denomations happened long after the Lord in His resurrected form ascended. Grandpa, who was Greek by birth always said the Greek Church was the "best Church". He came to this country when he was 11 and learned English and became an American. He never left the Greek Church. So this Easter, As in years past, we will honor both the Lord Jesus and Grandpa on Friday night, Good Friday.

Hamilton, MT

I think this is a phenomenal event and you have done all you can, at this time, to see that other's can have the opportunity to be there. All that I can say is "APPLAUSE" APPLAUSE"

Smithfield, UT

I agree with several of the above comments. Use BYU TV. I dislike watching things on the computer!

Provo, UT

Please put it on BYU-TV so the whole world can enjoy it. Looking at my small computer screen and listening to its inferior speakers will not provide the depth and beauty of this sublime tribute to our Savior available on my TV.

Saint George, UT

This seems like one of those things that should be at the top of BYU Television's list of programs to broadcast. It sure beats Story Trek. guess that's why you are receiving several comments like mine.

A disappointed BYU TV viewer.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

at reader from Sandy - the article says it is being broadcast over the internet. most people outside of the wasatch front have the internet. its like watching tv on your computer. you can even use some new gadgets or cords to run your computer stream onto a large screen tv

Kaysville, UT

Please broadcast this on BYU TV. A full rendition of this marvelous music by such a great lineup of talent should be presented in the best way possible to people within the "temple" of their own homes.

Huntington Beach, CA

Why can't it be broadcast on BYU-TV as conference is. Why won't it be preformed in the Conference Center so more people can attend instead of just broadcast in the theaters around Temple Square?
I would love to watch it but hate watching things on the computer and won't do it.

Omaha, NE

@what do you want
Thanks for your note. I had not thought of Good Friday at another church . We go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve, tremendous music, spirit and service and then to regular LDS services on Sunday. We rely on PBS for the annual Christmas choir program, though a year behind. We tape music and spoken word.

Provo, UT

I have two sons who are in high school. One of their requirements is to attend a concert above the level they are at. My hope was to take them to this concert on Good Friday and let them experience it live. President Hinckley mentioned that one of the reasons for building the Conference Center was to allow people the chance to be in the presence of the brethren, not just listen on TV. I think the same should be thought of when it comes to powerful performances like the Messiah. I encourage moving the concert to the Conference Center and to make it fully available to the world.

Plano, TX

Adding my voice to the LONG list of BYU-TV comments! PLEASE make this available there! It would beat the drum out of MOST of the BYU-TV programming!


Bad decision.

David in CA
Livermore, CA

I want to add another "Amen" to the idea of broadcasting the Messiah Concert by the
Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the BYU-TV channel. That would be a very Good Use of
TV air time.

Hopefully this will happen. Thank You & God Bless...

Salt Lake City, UT

One of the requests in the article was to move the concert to the Conference Center. I do not understand why that venue wasn't included in the planning. Obviously this is a major musical event, most concerts omit portions of the work, why not move it to where more people can enjoy the event?

I presume that the planners thought/think that the audience will not fill the Conference Center. Maybe they are mistaken?

I think that streaming is a good test of the computer system but really, you have BYUTV, cancel some of the shows and show a major work of art. This is why you built the system. I realize that schedules are set and all that, but consider the "optics" of the situation: Major musical presentation sidelined for what-ever is scheduled that has minimal viewership. We can do better.

We'll stream it to be sure but the head work on this one needs a serious review.

Sunnyvale, CA

This will be so great (next year when it's televised)!!

Green River, WY

It would be wonderful if BYU channel could be part of the simulcast. Or transmitt this concert to the Ward and Stake buildings in real time.

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