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Published: Friday, March 14 2014 2:10 p.m. MDT

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

a #2 seed is probably about right for us. Should be a fun tournament. Lets go out the right way UTES

Spanish Fork, UT

Can't wait to read all of the Utah fans ridicule this story for Utah being in the NIT just as they razzed BYU last year when they went to the NIT. But, the sportsmen know Utah going to the NIT is a great thing, and I'm a Cougar fan. Coach K has done an excellent job and deserve this chance to keep playing.

Anaheim, CA


"Lets go out the right way..."

Too late.

U just got crushed on national television and set the PAC 12 tourney record for scoring futility.

Do you really think that winning a game or two at home games against teams that weren't even good enough to get into the Big Dance is really going to impress anybody?

Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah a number 2 seed in the NIT sounds about right. I think they could go pretty far in the NIT too. Utah is a pretty good team this year, and even as a BYU fan who has mild distaste for the Utes, I think it is a shame what happened against Arizona in the Pac 12 tournament. I expected a much closer game than that, and it could have been if Utah had played like they have been playing most of the year. They still would have lost, but it would have been a lot closer. Good luck in the NIT, Utes.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

UVU at Utah in the NIT. That is a strong possibility.

Pocatello, ID

Getting to the NIT would be huge for this team.

This team is really ahead of schedule.

Great season, let's keep it going, Utes!!


the utes better practice at east high school so they can get the the feel of the high school size gym they are always slamming byu for playing in ,as they play st mary,s in st mary,s high school gym ,oh the irony of it all,karma catches up again.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Congrats to the Utes for exceeding expectations this season!!! I thought the Utes were working with the NIT to host some games? Tough first game against the third place team from the WCC!!!
Go Cougs beat the Ducks!!! Rise Up!!!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

I saw the Cougs reaction to the announcement they were going dancing and would play Oregon again! Did anyone get tape of the Utes reaction to going on the road to face St. Mary's? Bet it would get lots of hits on Utube!!!

Go Cougs beat the Ducks!!! Rise Up!!!

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