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Published: Friday, March 14 2014 1:25 p.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ

While I think this is wrong and I hope Lee and Reid pay for any crimes they committed, I thought this was exactly what the Obama Administration did to get elected.

Springville, UT

So where's the damning evidence against Senators Lee and Reid? Nothing in the article indicates wrongdoing. I'm fully aware of the hatred that certain people at KSL and the Deseret News have towards Lee. They've been quite outspoken and working hard to influence the public's opinion against him. But, until sufficient evidence is provided showing wrongdoing by Lee and Reid, I suggest letting cool heads prevail.


Don't forget Clinton and Gore.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

@maple don couldn't you say that about most politicians regardless of party? You're just picking democrat examples as if republicans are great honest politicians.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

With Eric Holder running the DOJ they might do better putting the information into the shredder.
They definitely won't go after Reid. Now if they could parse him out of the report Holder would love to go after Lee.

West Jordan, UT

@MapleDon - This article asserts in no way that there was "damning evidence" against Lee or Reid. All it said was that investigators found evidence that they were passing on to federal investigators. The article merely reports what information there is available and (in point of fact) actually does a pretty UN-biased job of presenting that information. There's no implication that there are pending charges or that they've even done anything wrong, just that there's evidence turned up in the Swallow investigation that was deemed worthy of being forwarded onto the USDOJ. I'm no fan of Lee or Reid, but I think you've read too deep between the lines of this article.

Honeyvale, CA

@ OtisBDriftwood Silly "flag waving" comment. Everyone has the right of free speech and freedom of expression. I don't agree when some choose to burn the American flag in protest, but it is protected. Had they 'done something to stop it' they would be accused of blocking free speech.

I for one am tired of sensationalized headlines which, when you read the article, have very little to do with the actual facts (like this one). Reporters and the editors are banking on the fact that most just read headlines and don't fully research issues. They are able to smear individuals with a simple headline. (Remember the oped of "Romney thinks Detroit should go Bankrupt") Super unethical and down right wrong in my opinion. Stop releasing allegations, let the investigations play out and stop making snap judgements along the way.

St.George, Utah

Recalling the early comments about John Swallow and his possible wrong doings.
Many politicians and citizens said the allegations were mean spirited and libelous.
Well, now we know how that turned out.
Guess we better wait and see what the truth may be concerning Mr. Lee!

Tremonton, UT


Do you really believe the the DMN and KSL have it out for Sen. Lee? Or is it that Sen. Lee makes himself such an easy target for ridicule?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Oh yes please! This is too good to be true! I want to see Mike Lee gone! Get him out! If this doesn't send him to jail then I will register as a republican and campaign to become a delegate in the next caucus to get rid of Lee. This state needs him gone.

South Jordan, UT

Just a brief sentence or two indicating that the DOJ has basically refused to do their job. This may be due to that agency's bosses to protect US Senators. If illegal is proven by these senators before the DOJ gets involved (if it ever does), then that agency's leaders need to be implicated, as well.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

DonMaple made a part time job of telling us John Swallow was innocent as well.

FYI --
Mike Lee didn't make his house payments.
This should come as a shock to nobody.

Taylorsville, UT

Unfortunately, Utah is what it is and every thing this team of Herbert's has uncovered is true to all government positions including the governors and since their are no laws broken other than issues of morale ethics judgement, it is legal and normal politics in Utah. This team just presented what the UEG has been trying to do for the last 5 years, promote ethical government and open elections disclosure. Slander is they only thing this team has accomplished and to the wrong man who inherited the fraud and crime ridden AG office. Shurtleff created it to aid legislators and politicians in their quest for marginal laws to benefit themselves and their families with nepotism and corruption.

Nothing illegal has been done by any politicians, Swallow or Shurtleff in Utah other than unethical standards most people think politicians should have. Being unethical is not a crime in Utah and why this whole investigation has been a sham to illegally discredit and slander political opponent Swallow and $3 million dollars of tax funds. I hope the governor got his rocks off just to get rid of the only ethical elected politician Utah has had in 40 years, Swallow.

Pleasant Grove, UT

So the allegations are: Mike Lee was introduced to a donor, and Harry Reid was channeled money to influence an FTC investigation.

Any bets on which allegation this DOJ will pursue?

play by the rules

This is only one of a string of issues for Reid.

Sandy, UT

We need to ignore "evidence of wrongdoing" statements where the alledged wrongdoing is not identifed. I can find evidence of wrong doing against anyone. They forgot to return a pen at work or they went 3 miles per hour over the speed limit or they changed lames without using a blinker. If someone did something wrong, say what it is so that people can judge the seriousness of the offense. Otherwise you are simply muckraking. As for Senator Lee - we should definitely get rid of the few senators who will actually take steps to reign in our out of control federal government. It is easier to raid the treasury when no one is standing watch

Saint George, UT

If it were Lee, I'd be somewhat surprised, although I'd wish different, but can't say the same about Harry Reid.

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

I'm not saying it's appropriate, but donations organized/orchestrated by special interest groups is now the de facto way to get elected in this country - either directly or indirectly through PACs and/or other similar organizations.

I dare say that collectively Utah politics are no worse than anywhere else and in many cases significantly more tame than places like Chicago, New York, New Jersey, etc.

Politicians love to talk about campaign reform in the hope that it will dampen what their opponents can do but in reality, they're in it together.

We will continue to see isolated cases of politicians who get in trouble because they were careless in their communication or other missteps but in fact, they are doing nothing different than the rest of their colleagues. It's not going away because we've allowed the infrastructure to become too strong. If you want to have a voice in who gets elected, your best chance is to align with a special interest group that represents your views.

All this impropriety talk makes great news fodder but I just don't see a path to meaningful change.

W Jordan, UT

This is nothing but an effort to tarnish Senator Lee and the TEA party's reputation before the mid term elections.
The "use Harry Reid" ploy is being done to create the perception this is bipartisan when in reality is not.
Harry Reid is too powerful in government to suffer any backlash from this, the media, the senate and more than half the house will circle the wagons around Reid.. However Senator Lee will be thrown out to the wolves as he pretty much stands alone with Senator Cruz and Senator Rand.
Chicago style politics being perpetrated by the Republican establishment and the progressive liberals to outs and destroy the TEA part and its candidates.
Senator Lee, I stand with you 100%

Holladay, UT

Mike Lee needs to come clean over what happened with his home in Utah County. It looks so sketchy and he has some explaining to do. It was a big mistake to toss a good and honest man -- Senator Bennett -- for somebody like Mike Lee who's recently elected and already up to no good.

I hope we can replace Mr. Lee with somebody who values honesty in 2016. That is, if he doesn't end up resigning before then.

Durham, NC

Lets see here..... the DOJ was just now forwarded this information.... and now we are "implicating them as well".

Good grief, lets give it a rest.

A young lady in my ward was murdered 9 years ago. The suspect was arrested just 3 years ago. He had his first trial on the case, less than 12 months ago. He finally took a guilty plea - just last week.

This isn't TV folks. The gears of justice don't turn at TV speeds. This is real life. The DoJ has to have enough evidence to actually believe they can WIN a case.... not just feel something is wrong. Lets cool the jets and let both of these men get the due diligence both deserve.

If what this early evidence shows is true... very disappointing. I don't agree with Lee, nor Reed, on many things. But that is far different then accusing them of using their offices to gain personal benefit. Both men should be morally above that. Lets hope there is rational explanations for what this evidence points to.

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