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Published: Friday, March 14 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

All that we need to know about Obama's weakness in this area of foreign policy is to look back at the debates against Romney. He laughed at Romney's assertions regarding the geopolitical threat of Russia. Essentially stating that Romney was still living in the Cold War Era to consider Russia a true threat. Who is being proven the fool now? Not Romney.

Everett, 00

Murray, UT
Stalwart Sentinel
I can hardly wait to hear what center right doctrine you have found in this administration.
Do tell.
8:20 p.m. March 14, 2014


I'm not Stalwart,
but I'd like a crack at it...

Increased Domestic Oil drilling,
NOT raising taxes on the uber-wealthy,
Implementing his own version of RomneyCare,
NOT implementing the Single Payer option to Obamacare,
Deported more illegal immigrants than his GOP predecessor ever dreamed of,
TARP part II,
Extended the GOP's Patriot Act,
Took out Osama Bin Laden,
I could go on and on, but it wouldn't matter, you'd STILL wouldn't buy it.

Obama is NO Liberal-Leftie -- not even by a long shot.

Sandy, UT

I would suggest our right wing revisionist friends read what Bani-Sadr had to say about the subject. In case you don't remember or are too young he was the President of Iran during the hostage crisis. You can link it through the Christian Science Monitor. I suggest you quit the Reagan worship. It's easy to sit on the sideline and buy into bomb the world philosophy when you don't have anything to lose.

Cedar Hills, UT

Airnaut- I find it telling about liberals reading your comments. What you are saying is that liberals believe in the following:
Letting Bin Laden stay in his position of power
Increasing our dependence on foreign oil
Implementing a single payer health system that would ration care severely and limit access to care seniors are currently eligible for.
Allowing illegal immigrants to stay indefinitely in the country and rewarding them for their actions, even those who are criminals
Raising taxes on individuals for the simple fact that they became successful, and that liberals believe making $250,000 year is "uber wealthy". That is odd since most liberal actors would not be willing to say one line in a movies for that same sum that would make them "uber wealthy". I guess they all want to be super uber wealthy then.
And FYI, true conservatives oppose TARP and the Patriot Act, it is the leftist that approve of them as it is a means of gaining more government control over business and the populace. The leftist supported bailing out GM and the unions. Liberals support bailing out big business, while letting small businesses suffer under heavy handed regulations.

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