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Published: Thursday, March 13 2014 8:55 p.m. MDT

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Orange County, CA

Let's see a Utah-USU matchup in the NIT - first to 40 wins!

Sandy, UT

A dose of humility is often needed in Logan. This ought to do it, at least for a couple weeks.

Ogden, UT


Considering they both scored 39 points in their respective games; any kind of matchup between them in the NIT would definitely go into overtime. LOL

Lindon, UT

It is rather ironic both Utah and USU scored only 39 today. Can't be very high odds of that happening. Yikes! Some ugly ball.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

I'm not sure if Utah or USU was embarrassed more today. I'm sincerely surprised at how much USU has struggled this. There isn't a single USU fan that would have admitted for the past decade that their program wasn't the same caliber as MWC teams, so I don't think moving conferences is any excuse.

Utah has struggled bad the last few years. Partly because we've just been terrible but the difference between Utah and USU is no Utah fan for the past few years would have said Utah was as good as most Pac 12 programs. We clearly have not been. We hope to change that and think Coach K is headed that way.

But again, if any aggie is honest, not a single one would have admitted at any time of the past decade that they weren't up to MWC level of play. Stu is awesome and we all know it, so I'm just surprised at the lack of success this year in the MWC

Oh well - you're still my second favorite program in Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

We really didn't stand a chance in this game. SDSU is just too athletic and too well-coached. They pressured and smothered us with ease. Good wake-up call for Stew and the crew moving forward.

Nothing is easy (sans SJSU) in Mountain West basketball! CIT, here we come...

Southern, UT

First the football team can't win the WAC 2.0 title. Now the basketball team blows it. Silver lining is they won't have to embarrass themselves in the big dance. Go ahead, I'm waiting. Maybe Sambone will make a comment a pretend he didn't read mine when he clearly did to make his usual comment coming up. Or tinplater perhaps. Either way you guys are predictable.

Ogden, UT

"USU coach Stew Morrill said afterward his team was unlikely to accept a postseason bid and acknowledged it may not even be asked to play in the CBI or CIT tournaments."

More like, not going to be invited.

New to Utah

San Diego State blew out the Aggies in a game Utah State was really never in. The Aztecs embarrashed the Aggies in the Mountain West Tournament. The superior talent and mental toughness of the Aztecs gave the Aggies much more than they could handle.Wow! two blowouts on the same day; both losing teams scoring the same number of points; that has got to be a future trivia question.

West Valley, UT

It sounds like Stang is jealous that USU went as far as they did. Don't worry soon you will be a USU fan and can help cheer them on.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris, you finally said something I (mostly) agree with. Thank you.

This season sure hasn't been much fun, but the comeback victory over CSU in the first round of the tournament was a blast and a breath of fresh air. I'll never forget that finish!

And even for a down year, my Ags still won 16 more games than the T-birds. Now THAT is a dreadful basketball team. Does anybody want to dispute that?! LOL

Southern, UT

I forgot about RSLfanalways. No I'm not jealous. And you can be assured that I will never be an aggie fan or cheer them. It will never happen. There's Smabone making his usual comment while pretending I don't exist. Yeah my team was horrible but I never claimed they were good this year. They weren't good at all. What's the excuse up in Logan?

Colo. Aggie
Loveland, CO

Stango, there are no excuses for Aggie basketball this year. In fact, it's time that Coach Stew and the program quit making the excuse that other teams beat them because they were more athtletic, longer, faster, etc. and start to actually recruit impact players! There is no excuse that USU can't get quality athtletes to play basketball in Logan. We have one of the great college basketball home courts in the country with the Spectrum, and we can certainly get high quality athletes to want to come here. But, we have to recruit them. For whatever reason, Coach Stew does not recruit this type of player. We need to drastically change how we recruit and start going after the best players. We need to start selling all the advanatages of going to school and playing basketball in Logan This is what happened in Football. Who would have ever guessed that football would be competitive in the MWC while basketball is not! This is shocking. The recruiting needs to change now. We need to really go after size, quickness, athleticism etc., and really sell the amazing opportunity and experience to be a basketball player at USU!

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

I guess that glossy record did not really hold up when you join a really good basketball conference. Stew is a really good coach, but I think that we all kind of knew this was going to happen. This conference is a big step up from the WAC. For the most part you are OK in football. Basketball is a different story. Best of luck in the future.

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