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Published: Thursday, March 13 2014 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Orange County, CA

Glad I thought the game was later so I could miss this mess.

Phoenix, AZ

DN should approach this with the "glass is half full" approach. I would title the article "Utah misses PAC-12 Championship game by two games by losing to Arizona in their PAC-12 record setting performance."

At least BYU made it interesting in the second half of the Gonzaga game.

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT

I thought BYU's loss to Gonzaga was bad. Arizona's superiority to Gonzaga doesn't quite explain a 32 point loss, and it really wasn't even that close. Oh well, by making it to 39 points I guess we can consider the game a success after only scoring 13 in the first half - another round of stickers for everyone, its on me.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Ouch!! That one hurts. I think was the only game this year that my Utes have been totally blown out. Like I said, they needed to play better in this one than they did against Washington, but I guess they didn't get the message. Hopefully they can regroup for some wins in the NIT.

Area 52
Tooele, UT

Utah didn't have a chance in this game. Looks like another wasted year!

Syracuse, UT

Half a game and they can only score 13 points? That is a record that will be remembered for a long, long time. And the bad thing about it is that the Utes can do nothing about it! They can't say, " wait til next year"! Because next year will be just as bad if not worse.

American Fork, UT

That was embarrassing to watch - nothing good whatsoever came from that 2 hours of my life.


That was funny - well done.

I am glad however to see the improvement going on up at the U. I think both BYU and UofU basketball are going to be fun to watch over the next few years - people (fans) forget that college sports is cyclical. You have good recruiting classes some years and then other years not so good.

I for one am excited to watch over the next 3-5 years cause there's gonna be some good basketball played in the state of Utah!

West Jordan, UT

Area52 - I wouldn't call this a wasted year. The Utes have 21 wins (the first 20 win season since 2008-09) and they will likely be heading to the NIT tournament.

Oh, and there was that 81 - 64 win.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utes made a huge improvement this year over last. Let's hope they keep improving!

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

What is it with Utah Men's basketball teams (USU/UU/BYU) who all fell totally flat in the first half of their tourney games? Is is lack of preparation or fatigue?

Nonetheless, congrats to all Utah teams for excellent seasons. Hopefully at least three Utah teams will make the Big Dance-Weber/UVU/BYU.

Bottom line: kudos to coach K and his running Utes for a vast improvement over the last three years. 20+ wins is an amazing feat. And hopefully a long run in the NIT.

Phoenix, AZ

The following list of teams scored more points against Arizona than Utah just did.

Cal Poly
Long Beach State
Fair Dickinson (not sure which division they're in)
Rhode Island
New Mexico State
Northern Arizona

Quite the company to be in. Ok, Ute fans don't get upset. I'm just playing around with you guys. You're team was a lot better this year. Something to build on. I love the Ute fans bragging about the Utah win over BYU because it only shows how relevant BYU is still to Utah. If BYU was so inferior, it wouldn't constantly be brought up.

Good luck in the NIT, I can see you going pretty far as long as this loss doesn't demoralize your team. I don't think it will. Arizona is #4 for a reason.

Holladay, UT


Be careful about bringing out the 81-64 because we can respond asking you what the record between the two teams is for the past decade?


West Jordan, UT

Area52 - I wouldn't call this a wasted year. The Utes have 21 wins (the first 20 win season since 2008-09) and they will likely be heading to the NIT tournament.

Oh, and there was that 81 - 64 win.OH and what about all the BYUwins over utah since 2007 the cougars own u in bsasketball but as most utes you cant see past your crimson colored glasses.

William Wallace

Once again, the 12 year old like comments come pouring out of Cougar nation. Some games you just flat get blown out. Nothing to explain. Sports are funny that way. To those who are saying it's a wasted year, well, I have to disagree. I think the program is in good shape, with good things on the horizon. Other than Chris B., who said the Ute program had arrived. It's a work in progress, and I like what has happened the last two years. I really like the guys coming back. This coaching staff is starting to put the pieces together. Thanks for a great year, and good luck in the NIT. I will be supporting you just like always.

Salt Lake City, UT

"They can't say, " wait til next year"! Because next year will be just as bad if not worse."

They return almost everyone and they have a top 40 recruiting class coming in while they've made massive gains the past two years under Krystkowiak. The most logical assumption is that they'll be better next year.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Congrats Utah on a turnaround season. Should be a great game Provo next year. Go Cougars.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

After all the pre-game hype from the loudest elements of the crimson crew--aided and abetted by Coach K (as in a baseball term)--I was amazed at the disappearance of "the two best players in Utah," and the totally lost looks on the Utah players and coaches as they endured this beat down.

Contrary to what some have suggested the Utes were beat 2 minutes into the second-half. If you can re-run it pay close attention to their body language, even ignoring their facial tells.

Hope they can fix-the-wreck before the NIT calls. Perhaps they can match BYU's final four in the NIT of last year. Good luck, Utes!

Tooele, UT

How come Chris B is nowhere to be found? Maybe it has something to do with another one of his infamous "mark it down" predictions. Besides predicting the wrong winner, this latest one was off by only 35 points in his predicted point spread. And Utah was only 29 points short of his predicted score for them.

And to think some Ute fans were making fun of BYU's loss loss the other night. What goes around comes around. And sometimes at an even worse level.

Overton, NV

I had noticed this morning that Lundardi actually had Utah knocking on the door of the NCAA tournament. So I was curious to see how they performed against Arizona today. Even with a loss, a competitive game could have potentially moved them up a bit closer to getting a bid.

This is not what they needed. Bad time to fall flat on your faces, Utes, since we all know you couldn't afford it.

Good luck in the NIT. You might just see BYU there as well, since it seems the prognosticators are over-blowing the Collinsworth injury. Might the selection committee over-emphasize it as well?

Plano, TX

Its great to see the progress made up at the U the last couple of years. Coach K has them on a great path. This is just a loss along the way. Better days ahead.

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