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Published: Thursday, March 13 2014 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Wasatch Front, UT

Bill McGee:

re: "The risk here cannot be overstated."

Unfortunately risks are overstated all the time. What is needed is a careful analysis that weighs the costs and benefits.

Nowhere, 00

The most important indicator that this is an important discovery is the fact that it was published in Science. That means it was peer reviewed by the top experts in this field (anonymously) with no financial incentive to accept the research into the journal.

American Fork, UT

I should get a DesNews story. I've perfected a way to convert diesel into cheap, out of state alcohol, by adding careful disguise and vehicular operation. It's like getting something for less than nothing.

Taylorsville, UT

All the oil companies have to do to kill this process is drop crude oil prices below $50 a barrel. That will crush fracking and CNG production. Alcohol has limited attributes in replacing oil and there are still trillions of dollars research still needed to make it a competitive alternative to oil and carbon fuels. Alcohol has limited commercial use and make-up removal is about its only function. If CNG alcohol was useable in vehicles we wouldn't be using consumer grade food fermented whiskey in gasoline. Using food resources is very stupid waste of human resources.

We can liquify a lot of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and CNG but it still has limited use and is a very expensive process no matter how its done. And it cost 100 times more to process than it is to refine oil for its thousands of industrial and commercial uses in a refinery that can't replace crude oil dependence. Gasoline is a waste product of oil refining while alternatives have only one source and one purpose, that is the flaw in being oil independent and it will never happen. Technology and machines to make green machines (robots) are crude oil dependent.



While electric may be "sustainable" and appear to help the environment, electric cars actually damage the environment more than gas cars because of their manufacturing process. We burn more carbon fuels producing these cheap cars than we could ever save by driving them.
Eventually, we will get to a place where electric is efficient enough, perhaps. But most technology developments happen organically and natural gas a solid alternative to being enslaved to hostile countries where we buy our oil.

Salt Lake City, UT

@The Rock
"In 2008 a 10% increase in production caused gasoline to drop from $4.40 a gallon all the way down to $1.85 in my town."

That wasn't the cause, and if it were it wouldn't happen again because no free market oil company would ever increase production slightly in exchange for dealing massive damage to what they could get paid for it.

Big 'D'
San Mateo, CA

@ Bill McGee,

Are you planning on bathing or swimming in the 350ºF vats where these chemical reactions take place? Toxic exposure could be a problem there, but I think the heat would be a bigger health hazard. Otherwise, I doubt you would have to worry about significant exposure to thallium or lead in the finished product. Government regulations to ensure our safety are not exactly in short supply.

san antonio, TX

Alcohol as a fuel contains less energy than gasoline. Therefore whenever I refuel with ethanol enhanced gasoline, fuel mileage drops by nearly 10%. Additionally most vehicles on the road today in the US cannot operate without fuel system damage on ethanol blends exceeding 10-15% .

On the other hand, vehicles sold in Brazil operate quite well on 100% alcohol as government regs require alcohol compatibility.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Seriously...it would be really helpful if the right could see both sides of an issue and view it realistically instead of just believing and regurgitating the false propaganda the conservative radio media pumps out on a regular basis.

Johnny Moser
Thayne, WY

The best and most effective baseload electrical production facilities are nuclear. Nuclear, the new, old, green energy solution.

Great that we can convert with heavy metals, would like to see some dumb-man's science explanation of how that actually happens and whether it creates a heavy metal hazard like our leaded gasoline did some many decades ago.

Not really a solution if we are just trading one problem for another, particularly when the hazard concerns known problems.

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