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Published: Thursday, March 13 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Castle Rock, CO

Much ado about nothing. It was a mildly funny show, in no way inappropriate, and it may have helped some young adults to sign up for healthcare, which is good for everyone.

Must everything Obama does generate outrage? Chill out!

Cedar Hills, UT

This character is very comfortable on comedy shows...much more so that in front off congress or having to actually govern. What a joke. The office of the President is a laughing stock to the country and world thanks to the entertainer and chief.

Salt Lake City, UT

"So, this is now Obamas recession"

We've gained private sector jobs over 50 consecutive months in a row and been officially out of a recession for over 3 years.

@Harrison Bergeron
"Obama's constituency is blissfully uniformed, lost in world of crass and obscene entertainment. "

As opposed to the side that thinks tax cuts increase revenue ?(we could cut taxes and have so much left over money we could start some wars... how'd that work out for Bush's budgets?).

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Unlike the writer, it was funny as well as classic satire. The comments to the opposite just add to the humor.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama loves poor people so much that he makes more of them everyday!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Actually Nixon had already been elected when he did that appearance. Roger Ailes was in charge of Nixon's 1968 "makeover," so I guess we can blame him. If that name sounds familiar he is also the one who create Fox News and is still President of Fox Broadcasting.

Salt Lake City, UT

#Bergeron "Obama's constituency is blissfully uniformed, lost in world of crass and obscene entertainment." I assume you think I am part of Obama's constituency. I'm not. I'm a Marxist. He's a liberal Democrat. But I feel the need to defend Obama, as he has rendered valuable public service in keeping the unstable American economy running. To get back to the two political entertainers I mentioned - Obama and Colter. I challenge you to find one thing in Obama's act which was obscene. It was good clean fun, and yes funny (does this drive you nuts?). Colter's acidic cracks about Christie's weight, Bush I, and the looks of various personalities were at the very least mean, and maybe obscene. If you like Colter you are no judge of talent, sir.

Ogden, UT

@ Marxist

In the immortal words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, Horse Hockey!!

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT

"Low-information voters trend younger and are more likely to be unmarried. They typically remain at least nominally ‘undecided’ until the bitter end, and generally do not read or watch extensive political or news coverage. They may care about economic issues in theory, but the tax rate doesn’t impact their day-to-day existence.
'Democrats – Barack Obama in particular – go after these voters with gusto. The 2008 Obama campaign broke ground by advertising on Xbox video games, prompting thousands of stoners to get off the couch and out to the polls. In 2012, when young women visited a beauty blog, they were likely greeted with video ads of Eva Longoria or Scarlett Johansson telling them Obama was fabulous. And lest we forget the infamous ad where Girls star Lena Dunham invited her fellow young women to make their “first time” special with Barack Obama."

-The Hill

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT

marxist: "To get back to the two political entertainers I mentioned - Obama and Colter [sic]."

Sadly your characterization is accurate. But only one is supposed to be an entertainer, the other is supposed to be a President.

Cedar Hills, UT


This guy is "supposed" to be the President of the United States for heaven sake. That title used to carry respect and dignity - no more thanks to your community organizer / entertainer n chief. The man is an embarrassment to the United States. When you think of the great men like John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan who inspired so many and led the free world against Communist aggression and then you see this little clown on every late night comedy and entertainment show on the networks ...on a regular and repeating basis ...you get the idea that this is a non-serious guy who was elected by an uniformed and non-serious public and then the sharp decline taking place of this once great country makes total sense.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

George Bush's completely unintentional comedy was far worse. Or better, depending on what you laugh at.

Everett, 00

The bit was funny.
And agreed, the comments from the rabid Obama haters, -- makes it even funnier!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"If you love American capitalism you should venerate Obama. The actions of his administration prevented a complete collapse of the economy."

Yeah, and the actions of Neville Chamberlain prevented a second world war. Oh wait, it didn't!

Actually, that's probably not the best comparison. After all, Chamberlain's actions probably didn't make things any worse, unlike Obama's actions which did.


"As opposed to the side that thinks tax cuts increase revenue ?(we could cut taxes and have so much left over money we could start some wars... how'd that work out for Bush's budgets?)."

Interesting comment. First of all, research shows that increasing taxes hurts the economy, which will then hurt government revenue. Lowering taxes helps the economy, which benefits government revenue. And talking about Bush's budget and the wars, have you ever wondered how Bush could have had so much money to start 2 wars AND still have added LESS debt than Obama did? Wow! Obama's policies must be absolutely terrible if in the short span of 3 years and 2 months he added MORE to the debt than Bush did in all 8 years with 2 wars!

Virginia Beach, VA

Appearing that sketch was a smart move on Obama's part.

It's had a lot of you tube hits, and that means he's getting the message out.

If it works, do it . . . and who cares what Right Wing naysayers have to say about it?


Hutterite, not often do I agree with you, but in this instance, 100%.

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