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Published: Tuesday, March 11 2014 10:50 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Tonight I am a Gonzaga fan! Gonzaga will do to the byu men what the Gonzaga women did to the byu women

Mesa, AZ

How many double-digit Ls does byu have already this season, including to LMU?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Not looking good!

Go Zags!!!


This game is embarrassing. Does BYU have an offense? Gonzaga calmly passes the ball around until someone is open. BYU's spacing is terrible, and they end up with someone going one on 5.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Nothing much to say other than LOL

ogden, UT

Haws has been stinking it up for weeks now. He plays no defense and is constantly throwing up out of control shots. It's very selfish play and not going to get BYU far unless he starts playing team ball and quit relying on others to bail the team out from his costly mistakes. He seems to have been way overrated. Bench him and lets see this team play as a unit with the same team goals.

Alpine, UT

Honestly I would rather have BYU go to the NIT and win a couple of games than go dancing and lose in the first round. At least we could maintain the illusion that they are a great team.

ogden, UT

Wow...I posted my comment and sure enough, Haws has missed another 3 shots in less than 2 minutes! Shooting us right out of the game. PASS the BALL if you cant hit shots!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

It looks like there is a BYU alumnus governing the comments tonight...so in order to get posted I will have to say...Shucks...wish BYU wasnt getting themselves doubled up...go Cougars.

West Jordan, UT

Oh my.

Certainly not what the BYU faithful were hoping for.

Gallatin, MO

They must be tired from last nights tough game. I say they come out and steal this one back to give them the boost they need if they want to go to the big dance. Never surrender never give up.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The selection committee is not going to like this blow out! I love it!


Tough break for Collinsworth. Best wishes to him.

Sweater In Rafters
Franklin, IN

Sagarin might have it right when its all said and done...

Gonazaga #18
Utah #36
BYU #42
San Fran #79

BYU Strength of schedule is 77.20
Utah is 76.90

looks pretty close to me...

Gallatin, MO

Only down by 10 go BYU :)

Mesa, AZ

It's a done deal, Baby! Only remaining question is does byu register yet another dd loss?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU fans would agree that, "[Gonzaga] appeared to try and give the game away! You'll remember that the [Zags] missed 5 of 6 (or was it 7 of 8) free throws in the final three minutes."

Still, BYU never had a chance of winning this game. This was the 5th time BYU got thumped this year.

One and done or NIT?

Gallatin, MO

At least they won the 2nd half.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Waiting game begins for BYU...

BYU may make the NCAA tournament, but they will be watching the other conference tournaments closely.
For example, New Mexico and SDSU are in. If UNLV wins the MWC tournament, then that is another spot taken. Bracketologist may have BYU in right now, but they can't predict how every conference tournament will go.
Could be a long week for BYU.

Arlington, WA

Too bad for the Cougs. Coach Dave Rose doesn't really know how to make adjustments and he just can't coach these guys to play an inside out game. All year long, opposing teams would collapse into the center and the Cougs would just try to force it up.

Then, when they would find it tough going in the paint, they would just start hiking up 3's in desperation. These guys just couldn't seem to make the step up from premier highschool level, to premier level college level.

NIT here we come!

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