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Published: Tuesday, March 11 2014 5:45 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

There's a world of meaning in Lockhart's statement that she "personally" is not interested in accepting Medicaid funds. She has the luxury to have such a personal view, but we're not asking for this from her; we're asking her to represent the interests of the state, especially it's most vulnerable citizens.

Federal Way, WA

Many are mistaken on the costs. The Federal Government pays 100% the first three years then pays 90% and never goes further down than that. The state wants to do things differently and force its citizens to wait for "a better plan". What better plan? It's already successfully in motion in many states. Thousands of people now are getting affordable insurance that they couldn't afford before. Previously the state was paying for medicaid costs and now the federal government will pay for it.

Why would any state not want the federal government to step in and pay 90%-100% of the premiums for the medicaid patients??? It's just mindboggling a sane person would say NO to this. The state saves a lot of money. My guess is people just decided they don't like Obamacare because of who and where it came from. What a shame.

Remember the facts are 90%-100% paid by the federal government to help those who qualify. In doing so, these people don't have to go to ER any more. This frees up state money that used to pay for ER costs for people without insurance, or who were poor. Who would say no to this offer?


Dear Governor Gary R. Herbert, Utah House and Senate membership: if you received funding of any kind and then have responsibility ,under your office, for oversight or laws that might favor them, you must recuse yourself from that vote or committee. and say why to the public. What was permitted in the past was unlawful. and a clear violation of voter equality:
bribery is a crime. If you our Utah Governor took money from medical/hospital institutions and then support laws or contracts that help them make money that is clearly bribery. So open your oath bound mouth Governor Herbert and commit on this truth of law. Give them back their money and serve the people of Utah instead of the highest bidders. Ask UAG Sean Reyes if this logic is correct if your personal ethics does not confirm it for you without some help?
We the people must tell our elected officials to be ethical in all of their duties under oath of office or they won't do it.
Do not be sheep and expect to have your rights protected. Open your mouths if you agree with my assessment of our bribery driven government. And ii will change.

South Jordan, Utah

The Governor is anything but an action figure. He and his staff studied medicare expansion for months. The studies confirmed that expanding medicaid by taking the federal dollars was best for the poor and the best for Utah's economy. Instead of doing the obvious, he constructed a half way plan that would serve about half the poor and pour dollars into private profit making insurance companies instead of into medical care. Meanwhile, the poor die and we lose out on Federal funds. Life elevated.

South Jordan, Utah

If the Governor and the Speaker of the house don't like expanding medicaid to the poor, how about we provide the poor the same gold plated lifetime health insurance the Utah taxpayers are providing to them?

Provo, UT

A top executive too impatient for the legislature -- where have we heard THAT before? On the other hand, Madam Speaker, hundreds of millions for educational technology is a wonderful dream but a nightmare for taxpayers. Get your own mint first.

Orem, UT

If the Governor was truly an action figure he would had already approved the medicaid expansion program. We paid for consultants to study the problem and their report which the Governor failed to accept urged the Governor to expand medicaid. Instead money was wasted and the help people need was delayed. This is not the definition of action.

Under the Governor's plan 50,00 people might be helped. Under full medicaid expansion hundreds of thousands of people would be helped. Where is the compassion in delaying the help that people most sorely need? What logic dictates that we should only help a small proportion of those who could receive help? The full medicaid expansion costs so little, and helps so many.

If you are truly an action figure Governor stop playing political games and fulfill your oath of office to protect the citizens of this State. No one is stopping you from doing so. This isn't about your chances to be reelected this is about doing what is right.

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