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Published: Tuesday, March 11 2014 3:55 p.m. MDT

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Midwest City, USA, OK

I'm glad you wrote this, and absolutely agree. Granted, it may devolve into more of a "winging it" approach for when such essential reasoning fails, but figuring that out is probably the philosopher's stone of parenting.

common twit
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree for the most part. I had never thought of the food being a punishment. I was never punished by being told I would have to eat brussel sprouts. Yet, I still hate brussel sprouts.
For years I have thought it strange that coaches punish kids with running. They continue to do it, though, because it works. You can get the athlete's attention immediately.
I guess raising kids is not that easy or we would all be fit and thin.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Eating healthy and drinking water and exercise, improves short term memory. Every one needs to have a better memory.

Salem, Utah

Sometimes, restless kids are that way because they DO need exercise. It is NOT the enemy, as you point out, but instead the most helpful tool in the box. I once taught a Sunday school class full of 9-year-old boys. If they would participate respectfully for the first half of the lesson (about 20 minutes), I would reward them with a "field trip" to run around the outside of the church building once before we finished the rest of class. It worked fabulously. No trouble bringing them back in, either.

I also used this when I worked for a school -- some kids stayed after-hours for extended care programs. Before setting them to task on homework (they'd already been in school 6 hours!) I sent them on relays across the gym to expend some pent-up energy. Who can think with the wiggles?

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