Comments about ‘'Noah' banned in three countries weeks before world premiere’

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Published: Monday, March 10 2014 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B, in your original comment you say:

"Mormons, I'm sorry a sad double standard exist."

Are you saying that you wish the Mormons could impose restrictions on free speech when they don't agree with that speech?
Do you actually wish that Mormons and Utah had the same power as Qatar to squelch offensive speech?
Where is the double standard?

Mchenry, IL

Well I can not order a drink before my meal arrives at my table in utah because of the church. My children will always be off on dec 25 no matter what my religion.

The countries mentioned are Islamic countries. They are trying to be secular world hubs but they are not secular places. Any depictions of prophets is offensive. Why would they allow such a thing? They are not countries that embrace the atheist or support a number of faiths. They are concerned with one faith. Plenty here won't see it either.

I recall many applauding the actions of a lady buying with the express intent of returning Tshirts that offended her religious code of dress and expectation of public decency.

They don't object to the movie being in existence. They just can't have a part in it.

Mchenry, IL

Tolstoy the Pope doesn't speak for God. He is the successor of Peter, the Shepard of the flock, on certain matters of faith he speaks with infallibility.

Pleasant Grove, UT

The problem here is not that Muslims banned it, but, rather, that those countries use the beliefs of a particular religion to ban something that is offensive to no other religion and that would cause no harm to society. A comparable idea would be if the US banned a movie because the LDS Church was offended by its portrayal of Joseph Smith or Brigham Young, or because the Catholic church was offended by how it portrayed an early pope.

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