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Published: Tuesday, March 11 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Anonymous User

Or you could buy a digital copy on Amazon.com 2 weeks ago and save yourself the wait....

Bountiful, UT

It was also refreshing to see true love was not "new love" but "worked for love" of family.

Scott H
Ogden, UT

Frozen's popularity goes beyond its clean nature, although, that certainly has something to do with the film's success. Frozen's writing, directing, animation, voice acting, and music are exceptional. Piles of less engaging but clean family friendly films have flopped. Audiences favor morally excellent films, but only when they also offer high entertainment quality.

Many of Hollywood's creative types are less interested in satisfying the masses than they are in creating content that satisfies their inner muse and that appeals to their Hollywood peers. They openly deride filmmakers that "pander to the masses." You can see what is in these people's hearts by the content they create.

American Fork, UT

Don't read it too deep. It's making somebody some money.


I dislike being a damper on this "Frozen" conversation, but I did not like this movie. The talking snowman was ridiculous. Disney likes to throw in some buffoonery in most of its movies for children, and that got really tiresome. The "Let It Go" song leaves me cold. I simply don't understand its popularity. However, the animation was outstanding.


When will Wright and others get it that Hollywood's owners are trying to subvert the family as the basic unit of society and transform individuals into robots to the one big government "family" with a tyrannical dictator that owns and controls everything and everybody..
Don't you get it?
Without parents teaching their children Christian values, children will grow up with 'R rated' conditioning and will not behave themselves in society.

You see, without people voluntarily living God's laws, then of necessity everyone will agree that we have to give up our liberty and our Constitutionally protected individual rights to total government control in order to stop the chaos and anarchy of a society without a moral compass.

Layton, UT

I find it interesting that the one of the writers of the music for this show also wrote "The Book of Mormon, The Musical" I'm just sayin...

james d. morrison
Boise, CA

The only thing I didn't like about the movie was having the prince end up being a bad guy since it was a 180 degree flip from his earlier actions and seemed like a cop out so it would be easier for Anna to choose the other guy. And to CAGirl, the snowman was the best thing about the movie.

Poppa Alan
Fruit Heights, UT

Yeah my grandkids and I have been enjoying it for a couple of weeks now on Vudu. It is really a good movie. My two yr old grand daughter just loves it. She dances and sings 'Let it go' (just the three words over and over again!) all day. I love the movie.


To Mr. Jason Wright,

You are going to remain inside Hollywood's box of conundrum until you understand that Hollywood's owners are an elite group of Wall Street Bankers who make a percentage on all big government debt.
Promoting chaos and anarchy within a Constitutional Republic serve's the purpose of bringing about the 'New World Order' of government control and ownership of everything and everybody.

Obamacare is just the beginning.

Houston, TX

How do Pres. Obama and conspiracy factor into a discussion of this wonderful movie? Maybe the only thing frozen will be our national assets when the runaway debt finally takes us to the tipping point.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think there's one important detail missing here regarding what Hollywood will make. This is an animated movie. So we should be comparing that to the offerings of other animated movies rather than the offerings of live-action movies. Animated movies have their strength in getting kids to want to go. A live-action G or PG movie may have less natural appeal to kids than an animated one and an R rated animated movie... I honestly can't even think of an example. (Was the South Park movie in theatres and if it was was it R or PG-13?).

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT

Spot on Jason. I would add that the music is exceptional. While the storyline has some defects, it's the music that is stuck inside your daughters' heads (and likely your wife's too).

Also, there is a refreshing absence of overt preaching of liberalism (i.e. multiculturalism, environmentalism, socialism, etc.) that has tainted so many films lately. I think people are tired of Hollywood trying to indoctrinate their kids.


I feel the over-all goodness and message of the movie is well well well well worth support!!! The hit song bothers me a little because, to me, it encourages selfishness and lack of personal responsibility....But then on the other hand maybe we all go through stages like that...What really matters is she learns to do a better way...through her sister's example.

Bountiful, UT

At least here in Utah the reason that Frozen has gotten so much attention is because someone had to project their own feelings onto the pure movie and make it out like it was all about promoting a gay agenda. It's truly sad that such a great movie has been dug down into the mud like that. I agree with the author's assessment, it's as pure as the white snow that's seen throughout. I loved the movie, it gives those with ANY kind of problems hope. If you're depressed, suicidal, have health problems, low self-esteem, or whatever it gives you a little happiness in a world filled with darkness. Disney did an amazing job with this, and I hope they have a sequel. We can't have too many GREAT/MORAL/UPSTANDING movies.
Ann Marie Blodgett

New York, NY


Wait, a tyrannical authority is using social persuasion to brainwash innocent families to turn everone into R-rated Anarchists so the social chaos will make us join the One Big Family and give up our liberty and become robots?!! Oh no!

But the Moral Compass can save us! Hooray! If we'll all just be Christian, we won't have to give up our liberty! Whew.

(On a serious note, lots of people have fully operational "moral compasses," and they're not all stamped "made by Christianity.")

Otherwise, sounds like a pretty good movie musical.

E Sam
Provo, UT

It was a fun movie, good animation, interesting characters, a couple of great songs. There were lots of really good movies this year, some exploring darker subject matter. This doesn't need to lead to a cultural war.

City, Ut

JNA- I think the Book of Mormon musical connection you are thinking of is Olaf the Snowman, played by Josh Gad, who was in the NYC version.

He makes a much better snowman than he does an Elder.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a great article and I think you're spot on, Mr. Wright. People get enough negativity, doom and gloom on the news. We want entertainment that is UPLIFTING and HAPPY! We want Family Friendly! My husband and I decided to go to The Lego Movie a couple days ago thinking it had been out long enough for all the crowds to have waned. We were pretty shocked when we showed up to a full house! And, it seemed there were many more teens and adults in the audience than young children. I've read several articles lately pointing out many movies on the horizon with religious and/or family-friendly themes. I'm hopeful that Hollywood is starting to catch on. Frozen has reinforced the huge potential to be Cash-Cows. And Hollywood is all about money. So, I hope the trend continues. The best way we can get more of these kind of movies is to financially support them while they are at the box office (not just wait to watch them on Redbox or Netflix).

Salt Lake City, UT

Robert Lopez got an Oscar for Let It Go from Frozen and a Tony for Best Original Score in The Book of Mormon.

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