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Published: Monday, March 10 2014 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Arlington, WA

I sure hope that it is straight-up "Handel's Messiah", without alot of "tinkering" that the Choir and Orchestra have become famous for, in the last decade or so.

Too many "embellishments" spoil what could be the height of overwhelming inspiration and awe.

I sometimes feel like shouting that "emperor hath no clothes" when others exclaim that an "over-worked" arrangement is the best they've ever witnessed! Sure, I understand the work that goes into such an undertaking, but sometimes it is just best to the leave the arrangement alone, and to do the best job ever at performing it.

I pray that it is so with this concert.

Springville, UT

Got my tickets!

I didn't read the article closely and discovered later that this is to be performed in the Tabernacle. Well I suppose those 2 hard seats will have to do! Lucky I thought to 'register' at 10am. Sorry for those that thought this was the usual 'lottery'.

I do hope that the decision to broadcast one of the performances is considered!

San Antonio, TX

Comments about the Church not emphasizing Easter enough: I agree. I'm always a little sad that on Easter Sundays, tho sometimes the SM talks are about Easter, RS and SS lessons generally are not. And Palm Sunday? NEVER a mention. We want the world to know how Christian we are, but non-member visitors to our meetings might wonder -- especially on this most-important celebration of the Savior's life. Just has always seemed odd to me . . .

Pitt Man
New York City, NY


What "tinkering" are you referring to? Just new arrangements of hymns? Would you prefer they just sing straight from the hymn book? Don't worry, Mack Wilberg is not going to re-arrange Messiah.


@ portlander and Pitt Man

Which "straight" arrangement are you talking about? Handel performed with a small orchestra and small chorus. There have been several arrangements since. I believe you are talking more about embellishments than arrangements. It's obvious that there will have to be some arranging done to accomodate the full choir and large orchestra that makes up MoTab and the Orchestra on Temple Square. I have no doubt everyone will come away fully swayed by the performance.
The old recording by MoTab was slow. Robert Shaw did a much better job in the 70's. I am looking forward to a great performance.


That song makes much more sense to be performed at Easter than at Christmas anyway.

Clovis, NM

Not enough tickets to go around. =(

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