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Published: Sunday, March 16 2014 4:40 p.m. MDT

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Glendora, CA

It is yet to be determined if BYU even gets invited. Additionally, players like Tyler Hawes aren't quite yet "stars". But, perhaps soon.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT


Sandy, UT

storied program but elusive NCAA wins?

I think you need the latter to be called the former

scrappy do

one and done this year, just like every year for BYU

they should be in the NIT in all reality

Bountiful, UT

NCAA tournament runs and BYU do not belong in the same sentence. What actual constitutes a "run"?

Overton, NV

Tyler Haws is 5th on BYU's all-time scoring list. And he still has one more year of eligibility.

He's a star.

Logan, UT

@ scrappy do:

Since you've made it obvious that you don't follow BYU basketball much, let me inform you that BYU made it to the final 16 just a few years ago and barely missed making it to the field of 16 - 8 (8). That's truly not a 1 and done situation to make it 3/4's of the way thru the tournament.

Another reminder for you obviously jealous Ute fans, literally half of all NCAA tourney qualifiers are one-and-done after their first game each year. So that's actually expected from most higher seeded teams. That's the way it's designed to be. Informed fans aren't critical of such things. Jealous fans obviously are.

BTW: Utah would love to be in a situation to be able to go one-and-done. How long has it been since they've even been invited to the NCAA tournament? Jealousy can be an ugly thing.

Logan, UT


None and done... Just like every year for Utah.

I'm not so sure you actually understand basketball "reality".

Harwich, MA

If they're relying on "star power" they're doomed. They don't have a star other than the one they're wishing on.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


It must be nice having Sagacious come back you up. He's from Logan too I noticed. You guys should get together and talk strategy.

Here is a gem: byu hasn't advanced past the sweet 16 in several decades. On another article you misread that and told me byu got to the sweet 16 once a few years ago.

But again, byu hasn't advanced past the sweet 16 in severl decades.

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