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Published: Sunday, March 9 2014 7:15 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Eager to see how the Utes do against the rest of the PAC 12 on a neutral floor.

Outside of Provo and a few small communities in California, nobody cares about the wcc tournament. Any qualifiers from that little conference will go 1 and out in the Big Dance.
The happy valley "fans" are obviously obsessed with the Utes and the PAC 12 tournament.
Wish us luck. Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"The Pac is so overrated its not even funny"


Just think how those fans of the conference that collectively went 2-7 against Pac-12 schools feel.

Oh, wait. That's the wcc.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@LonestarRunner/Mark it Down/No playoff for U

You need to take a deep breath. Never once in my post did I say Utah is a tournament team, they are headed to the NIT. You guys are correct Washington isn't a gimmie game, but I believe Utah is the favorite according to Vegas.

You gave your opinion and I gave you Sagarin's opinion, who, like the scorebaord, thinks Utah is the better team.


Utah has the #40 (#5 PAC-12) recruiting class next year. All Utah has to do is get 2-3 players from LA to be able to compete in the PAC-12 (like Wright and Tucker).

BYU isn't going anywhere with the Lone Peak varsity team, which produces great shooters but not much else. Does BYU produce athletes? Your best player in 30 years, the Jimmer, is anything, ask Sacramento and now Chicago.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Should make for a good tournament. There's a lot of parity in the PAC 12, which is the 4th ranked conference. One game at a time.

Go Utes!

Gilbert, AZ


"Utah has the #40 (#5 PAC-12)... BYU isn't going anywhere with the Lone Peak varsity team"

Lone Peak's varsity team won a high school NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP last year, beating Jabari Parker's high school team.

2014 Recruiting Classes
#20 BYU - TWO four-star (BOTH ESPN Top 100), TWO three-star
#31 Utah - TWO four-star (only ONE ESPN Top 100, 0 three-star

2013 Recruiting Classes
#14 BYU - TWO four-star (BOTH ESPN Top 100), THREE three-star
UR Utah - ZERO four-star, TWO three-star

BYU could have a national championship contending team when they're all back from missions in 2016.

Thanks for playing.

Park City, UT



Uteology may want to do a little research next time, before spouting off.


Unlike football, Sagarin's opinion doesn't carry much weight with the NCAA Basketball Selection Committee

East Salt Lake City, Utah


"2013 Recruiting Classes:
#14 BYU - TWO four-star (BOTH ESPN Top 100), THREE three-star
UR Utah - ZERO four-star, TWO three-star"

It turns out that Utah's 2013 Recruiting Class had a 5-star athlete and NBA prospect his name is Delon Wright. He's the best player in State since Lillard. How's the talent on your 2013 #14 class at the next level?

Mika is your only player worth talking about in your last two classes. BYU contending for a national title, based on stars that might or might not be actual stars?

Good luck!

West Jordan, UT

Utes have their hands full this week. Wouldn't surprise me if they lose in the 1st round or win the whole thing. I say this because the pac 12 is a competitive league where all the teams are middle of the road. Oregon and Arizona are the best of the lot and the Utes (just like in football) are at the bottom.

Layton, Utah

Two For Flinching
That same UCla team that just lost to Wazzoo? CU is mediocre at best, the Ducks dropped so fast out of their overrated rankings this year it was unbelievable. Zona will be the first one seed to lose mark it down

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Thanks for being the first to bring up your biggest rival on an article about Utah!!! Congrats to the Utes on a great season!!! Good luck in the PAC12 tourney!!! I have much respect for what Coach K has done for Ute basketball in the short time he has been in control!!! The future looks bright up on the hill!!! Onward and Upward!!!

Go Cougs beat the Zags and go dancing!!! Rise Up!!!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Two for flinching,
Look it up again BYU has never played in the CIT but Utah has!!!! Thanks for the good laugh!!! Good luck to Utah in the PAC12 tourney!

Go Cougs beat the Zags and go dancing!!! Rise Up

Highland, UT


"Mika is your only player worth talking about in your last two classes."

So now you're a basketball recruiting evaluator and expert? It would seem that the guys who do it for a living disagree with you by an extremely wide margin but I guess you only take their word for things when they rate utah recruits higher than BYU recruits. Did you really wake up this morning with the intention of looking foolish online? lol

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