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Published: Sunday, March 9 2014 7:15 p.m. MDT

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But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Utes say they can compete with anyone but no mention of winning. Unfortunately competing and winning are very different things as they have found out this year. One and done in the pac tourney. UW os aweful this year so I expect them to win the first game. After that it will be lights out an d the end of the season unless the CIT comes calling.

4 in a row!
Ogden, UT

Good luck to the University of Utah Runnin' Utes basketball team in upcoming Pac-12 tourney.

You gotta love the great attitude of this young ball club.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

But seriously folks!

Thanks for your encouraging words though I'm not sure why you bothered to stop by.

Your cougs couldn't handle the young Utes and Coach K taught Rose how the college game is played. But hey, thank goodness for the wcc, right? byu fans have some wins against high schools they can crow about?

Rise and shout!

Sandy, UT


Unfortunately for U, unlike Coach Rose, coach k hasn't taught his team how to win on the road.

Road/neutral records

BYU 8-9, including wins over #33 Texas, #45 Stanford, #66 San Francisco, #67 Saint Mary's

Utah 2-7, only Top 100 road win vs #52 California

Talk about playing high school teams...

BYU SOS #38, has TWO wins over 200+ teams, NO losses, and ONE non-D1 win
Utah SOS #121, has EIGHT wins over 200+ teams, ONE loss, and TWO non-D1 wins

More than 1/3 of Utah's schedule (11 games) have been played versus 200+ ranked opponents.



Coach "definitely not coach k as in one of the greatest head coaches of all time" Krystowiak taught Coach Rose how to coach? Was that before or after Coach Rose's posting of the 7th best winning percentage of all current Division I coaches??

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ But seriously folks!

Utah is projected to be a 2 seed in the NIT. I think the Utes are a lock for it, even with a loss to UW. Also, the CIT is not an option because that tournament is exclusively for mid-major teams. You know, teams like Bradley, Texas-Pan Am, and BYU.....

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

But seriously Ducky- They beat every team in the conference except Arizona who they took to overtime, and Stanford who they lost to by one on the road. That is both competing and winning. Its not like they need to fear anyone in the conference. This team plays tough D that makes them competitive with most anyone.

Go Utes!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Thank you for your opinion but Sagarin takes into account SOS and road wins and here's what he thinks:

#36 Utah (SOS 72)
#42 BYU (SOS 69)

"More than 1/3 of Utah's schedule (11 games) have been played versus 200+ ranked opponents."

Wrong. Utah has played 11 games against cupcakes and two of those games were against #167 USC.

vs RPI 150+ (aka cupcakes):
Utah 10-1
BYU 11-2

BYU is one more game vs cupcakes.

vs RPI 50
Utah 4-7
BYU 3-5

Utah has 3 more games vs tournament teams.

Salt Lake City, UT


The Selection Committee couldn't care less about Sagarin's ratings, but they do care about RPI and road/neutral wins:

#31 BYU(22-10) #38 SOS, 7-6 vs RPI Top 100, including 4 road/neutral wins
#77 Utah(20-10) #121 SOS, 7-9 vs RPI Top 100, with only 1 road/neutral win over a Top 100

Despite your frantic cherry-picking spins, there's a reason BYU is an at-large contender, while Utah isn't even in the picture.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"Utah has 3 more games vs tournament teams."

So you're assuming Utah will play in the PAC 12 tourney championship?

Why not just assume that Utah will also be playing in the NCAA tourney championship, then you can claim that the Utes have at least 9 more games vs tournament teams?

In the latest ESPN bracketology:

- BYU is solidly IN the NCAA tournament, no longer on the bubble.
- Utah, not even mentioned

In the latest 2014 Bracket Matrix (84 different brackets)

- BYU projected to be an 11th seed (10.81 average) by SEVENTY-THREE of the 84 brackets
- Utah was included in only TWO brackets

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


"Utah has 3 more games vs tournament teams."

What makes you think that beating Washington, which isn't even close to being an NCAA tournament team, is a given?

Sandy, UT

Joe Lunardi's latest bracketology:

Brigham Young - 12th seed
Utah Valley - 15th seed
Weber State - 16th seed

Highland, UT

@magnaute "fan"

Hu....who are you talking two? I haven't posted anything in this thread until now.

West Jordan, UT

Why so many BYU fans commenting on a Utah story this morning? Don't you guys have a big game tonight? Shouldn't you be concerned with your own team?

Would it kill any of you to admit that Utah has improved greatly this season? No, they likely won't be going to the NCAA tournament this year but they will be getting an NIT bid. Playing in the post-season anywhere is a great accomplishment given the sorry state of the program over the past few years. Also, a 20 win season for the first time in 6 years.

Oh, and there was that win back in December. 81 - 64 in case you've forgotten.

Go Utes! Go Yale!
Salt Lake City, UT

To the Utes: tough loss at Stanford, winnable especially after 5 straight missed free throws by the Tree, and 23 seconds to come up with some play, any play to the basket...and not even get a shot off? I was sick to my stomach. Hopefully that one goes into the "growing pains" file. No matter, the Vegas tourney is a fresh new start, and with as many Utahns as Vegas has had filling the seats through the years, the PAC 12 tourney might be as close to a home game as any.

To the cougs: All the YBU posters on here, thank you for using a Utah article to try and piggy back your message. We get it. The WCC has you feeling high and mighty. But how about you concentrate on beating San Fran tonight, and then we'll talk.



Who are these "big name recruits" that are suddenly going to make the Utes as good as Arizona and UCLA? Last time I checked, BYU with the higher ranked recruiting classes year after year

Salt Lake City, Utah

eating Crow

Being a perennial bottom dweller in any conference is nothing to crow about.

Layton, Utah

How many chapters have they started this year?

Layton, Utah

Zona will be the most overrated #1 seed ever

Layton, Utah

The Pac is so overrated its not even funny

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