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Published: Saturday, March 8 2014 8:52 p.m. MST

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Best performance of the day by any Utah player. He is really coming into his own. I like ther way BYU is playing right now and they have a great shot at the tourney title and a bid to the ncaa'S.

UVU and BYU will represent the state this year in the ncaa.

River Falls, WI

Collingsworth's season was in my opinion just as impressive as Tyler Haw's last season (right off his mission). Both players have the potential to play at the next level and are easily the two best players in the state right now. Go cougs!

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Mr. Harmon hit on something that is very important. The drive that Kyle has to win. You couple that with the size for his position, and the quickness, makes him a special player. I mentioned him as being NBA bound on a post near the start of conference play and compared him to Magic Johnson. Today definitely did not diminish that thought.

Additionally, I am so glad that the team has finally realized the value of Anson Winder. He is another complete player. That is a rare commodity. His defense is invaluable. His offense isn't half bad either.

Any criticism would be is to involve the bigs more. That needs to be fixed.

Overton, NV

At one point in the game, Collinsworth was looking to drive to the bucket, but the defender wasn't giving him any opening. So, he stepped back and hit the mid-range jumper. That was something he didn't really do early in the season. It shows he's willing to learn and adapt. I'm sure Haws has rubbed off on him a bit in that regard.

Assists, rebounds, points. Collinsworth really can do it all. Well, except for free throws. He still needs to work on that.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

Wish he could hit FT's!

Lincoln City, OR

Kyle's 2 best attributes are his defense and his Rebounding...He is far from NBA material right now... His 3 Point Shooting and his Foul Shooting are going to have to show dramatic improvement to play at the next level... Much of the time he was going against a guard that was 8" shorter than he is,,, and he still struggles at his outside ahooting, floor leadership from the PG position, and his downtowns shooting.

Michael Lloyd Jr.
Spanish Fork, UT

Like Dick said.....3 pointers are the key. Whoever makes the 3 pointers will win the game. The Cougars read the article and went out and became the first team in how many years to miss every 3 pointer. had to laugh a little. What's your next prediction?

Overton, NV

Re: Michael Lloyd Jr.

Well, Mr. Harmon did say "Mark it down." We all know how the use of that phrase works out!

Really, I think the key to winning without the 3-pointer is that (for the most part) they didn't force those shots. Yes, there was a stretch in the 2nd half where they shot 3-4 of them in a row, but they didn't settle for them all the time. They kept passing, driving to the basket, etc, until they found something. Most teams that lose because they can't hit a 3? It's because they keep jacking them up and don't find other options that work.

Dick Harmon

Making 3-pointers was only one part of the prediction. The other was play of the point guard. Collinsworth played point guard for a major chunk of that game and took LMU's guards off the dribble to dominate them. Point guard David Stockton's last second drive led Gonzaga past Santa Clara at the buzzer. Formula held up.

Clinton, UT

It was actually great to see the team win without making a 3, they don't have to rely on it to win. That being said, they will not go another game for awhile without making at least one but I think it should give the team some confidence that they won without making one. The lineup changes have been huge and they are playing very well right now. I like their chances to win the tournament, but no matter what, they have had a great year with all players returning (well, Mika to his mission but will be back eventually).

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