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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 10:05 p.m. MST

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Mchenry, IL

If the prospective adoptive parents had seeking consent of both the child's parents they would have saved this child, the child's dad and themselves a lot of heartache. I don't see how the PAPS should prevail in any sense. A biological parent should not have to share parenthood or lose parenthood because they had sex before marriage and the woman delivered in utah. We all are shocked at the reassigning of children into other families in polygamist communities by leaders who decide they are not worthy or someone else is more worthy. King Sol placed with a single parent prostitute before DNA could prove which parent was the grieving parent and who was the bio parent. He didn't declare the child go to a two parent family. He chose biology.

Katherine Tate
lynchburg, VA

It's really sad to see all these commenting on the article laying judgment on a father who wanted to do the right thing from the start. This court ruling sets a dangerous precedent for fathers who want to raise their children. At what point is a child too attached to current caregivers to be returned to her rightful parent? And who gets to make that determination? Perhaps if the courts could put an urgency on these cases and didn't allow them to be so drawn out, we wouldn't end up 6 years down the road with dwindling options for the child. It MUST be about the child. International Law even recognizes children's rights to identify with their heritage and biological families. When will US courts acknowledge the rights of the child to his/her identity as set forth by God in the form of the parents to whom the baby was born?


There are more facts I can state , however , if you knew the whole situation you would have to question WHY THIS EVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE ! I am no one special , but it seems to reason , had this of been stopped in the beginning NO ONE IN THIS SITUATION WOULD BE WHERE THEY ARE TODAY ! JUST THAT SIMPLE ! When the adoptive parents knew Mr Manzanares wanted his child , why did they not give her back while she was an infant ??????


For those of you using the abortion card to justify defrauding father AND child of their rights, just know that your argument is ridiculous.

(1) A married father's consent is NOT needed for an abortion but IS needed for adoption.
(2) A woman has a unilateral right to an abortion - but only up to the point of viability. I think we can all agree that a living breathing child has proven viability.

Adoption is NOT a reproductive choice. Never has been.


For those of you who continue to portray unmarried fathers as mere "sperm donors" and their unmarried status as reason enough to deny the child the chance to know her father... For those of you who claim "if only he had married her..." there wouldn't be such a mess... For all those who think the problem is the lack of marriage between father and mother...

Let me present Exhibit A - the case of Terry Achane, a married father whose wife pulled a disappearing act and ran off to Utah to give birth, then placed their child for adoption.

So when Mr. Achane found out where his child was, do you think that the Utah court immediately gave him custody? You'd be wrong. The would be adopters fought him for TWO YEARS before a Utah court ripped both mother and agency a new one, and continued their media campaign against him with all the usual handwringing about "the only family she's ever known".

county mom
Monroe, UT

Having sex outside of marriage comes with massive, hateful and life long repercussions to the lives of every person in a family.
Staying morally clean before marriage and faithful after marriage is the most important value we can possible teach our children and the most important thing we must do.

Do not tell me I am being old fashioned, unrealistic and foolish.

The hell people put themselves and their children through by not keeping the moral laws of God are obvious in every aspect of family life.

Mchenry, IL

County mom, then if your husband were to be found unfaithful in marriage would you place your children for adoption? Course not. That's not staying morally clean either which the standard you decided was the only correct one. People can be happy and unhappy if every type of family group. I adopted. I don't know how I could be happy as an adoptive family if I had to tell my child his father wanted to raise him but his mom, aunt Jane fled the state and gave birth to him and gave him to us instead, so that he wouldn't be able to. I don't know how that child could be happy. The mom should have indicated she wanted to place and his consent given or they raise the baby together. The APs should have his signature. If they let the dad's raise alone they would be on the hook for child support. I also wonder how much pressure these pregnant women are under? In the fifties when women were frequently sent to other locations to have their babies there was pressured to place and the practice disbanded.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Utah's adoption laws seem to be a mess... they need to amend the laws so that so that biological, adoptive, & children's lives aren't torn apart in the process. It would be far. far better for some adoptions to not take place than for adoptions to be undone years later after a child has bonded with her adoptive family and a biological parent has missed out on years he did not want to miss. Rather than give biological fathers a time table to register for custody, the state should automatically assume that the father wants that child until they consent to the adoption as well. In other words, they shouldn't have to sign up to be father's, they should have to actively consent for an adoption to go through.

Kearns, UT

All this happened because the birth mother hid the baby's birth from the father and came to Utah to have the baby when she was supposed to be in Colorado at a custody hearing. It was illegal to start with and continued so. Everyone has been hurt by this. Frankly a Colorado Judge should have found this mother in contempt and thrown her in jail. If the mother didn't want the kid, it appears the father wanted the kid. The father shouldn't have been deprived of his rights.

Midwest City, USA, OK

This clearly seems to me an issue in which one can't attribute any obvious hero, villain, or legal procedure (besides, of course, hurrying up.) The collection of possibilities, dangers, and uncertainties that lead to a situation like this just don't have one clear-cut solution to fix once this kind of mess occurs.

The only sure-fire preventative formula is to meet someone, court them responsibly and honestly, exercize abstinance before marriage and fidelity afterward, and understand marriage in terms of sacrificing yourself entirely. A failure of either or both people in any one of these steps risks so much.

One opinion
west jordan, UT

I wish the father would wait until the child grew up and was more emotionally mature. I know children sometimes like to know who their real parents are when they are around 18 or so, but age six is way too young. Will this involve the little girl going to another state without who she feels is her parents? I know how hard it must be for the adoptive parents to turn their child over to a stranger and how frightening it could be for the child. If I were the extended member of this family like a grandparent, I would just want to keep up with pictures, not actual visitations to confuse a child. It seems like the child's best interests weren't honestly considered.

Mchenry, IL

It actually was not undone. It was never done. The prospective parents should have handed the baby over the day they took possession. It was clear from the start that they did not have the father's consent and he actually did assert his desire to oppose the adoption and parent. You can't keep a child and claim it will be determental to change things when you yourself cause the 6 year delay. Also forgetting children of all ages get adopted and fostered. You wouldn't say an adoptive parent shouldn't adopt that child from abroad who is 6 or whose parents died at 6 or whose parent in the prison system allowed their child to be adopted to extended family? These people should have been the child's aunt and uncle, not the child's parents.

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