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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 1:45 p.m. MST

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get her done
Bountiful, UT

Can't wait to see it.

Wasatch Front, UT

A waste of our national resources...

We would be better off if the people involved were making hamburgers at the local fast food restaurant. This not only doesn't add value, it is a net negative.

Ladson, SC

The book is always better!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I will likely see this.

However, I do dislike the double standard that it seems ok to laugh at the Mormons and yet these same people wouldnt think of doing a similar satire on the Quran and the Muslims.

And I'm not even Mormon!

I am very appreciate and impressed with the Mormons response to this production. Its clear many mormons dont like the idea of the production and putting sacred things to them in a comical play, but Mormons express their displeasure very calmly and politely.

Thanks Mormons for your response to this. Hopefully this hypocritical double standard will go away some day

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not even Mormon, and although I'm perfectly fine with productions that make fun of religions(and yes, this musical makes fun of the mormon faith), I'm just tired of the double standard. Can you imagine them doing such a production on the Quran?

When do you think we can anticipate that musical?

And I wonder if the response will be the same as it has been from the Mormons(disappointment and opposition but always peaceful and not agressive)?

Thanks Mormons for being calm and peaceful in your opposition to such things.

I look forward to seeing the production and future productions in the future of other religions(ya right).

Filthy Kuffar
Spanish Fork, UT

I can't wait not to see it!

Dayton, NV

Since the Church is buying space in the playbill, maybe I'll go see it after all. I often enjoy productions sponsored by the Church.

Ft Thomas, KY

The young men who wrote this play probably have no idea that they were being used by an evil power to create something that attempts to inflict embarrassment and pain on God's church. We ought to forgive them and turn the other cheek.

This attack on God will meet the same demise as all of the others that have come over the centuries. It has risen up and is popular, but it will, as all evil eventually does, fall into the vast emptiness of anonymity.

Houston, TX

If the municipal court in Nauvoo could declare the Nauvoo Expositor a public nuisance, can't this play be discouraged? Of course not ... the best response is to ignore it. I can only assume that the production will lose money at this venue. Must have some pretty good music to merit a Tony award.

Midwest City, USA, OK

I agree with SAMom...

... Except for Jurassic Park. I thought that had a much better movie.

West Jordan, UT

Actually the play is very good and the music is amazing. That being said, the play is a constant barrage of comments about the Mormon religion; however, the overall theme of the play is one in which all LDS people should appreciate. It's about following your faith despite doubts and bad situations, to become a stronger person.
Now, do I think everybody should go and see it? Absolutely not. It's vulgar and sarcastic. But it is truly hilarious.

Omaha, NE

I am not aware of what this is about but I plan on going. I can laugh at myself, which has proven to be often and needed. Having a sense of humor and not taking things personally is healthy and advised.

Go LDS!!

Wilf 55

I saw the musical -- as a Mormon. Sure, it is vulgar at times. Sure, it ridicules things we hold dear. But it also depicts things we can well relate too and should reflect on: naive missionaries facing another world, the harshness of people's misery in some regions, and a fiercely funny critique of some or our trivial obsessions.

We need to look at the positive sides too. One, the musical gave an enormous boost to Mormon visibility. Second, ironically, one must be taken serious to deserve such attention. Third, above all, it gave the Church an incredible chance to show its wisdom, tolerance, and good humor. No protests, but kind and witty responses. With full-page ads in the musical's program. "The book is always better than the show." Congrats to the genius of our PR.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

To all of those that have responded chill out. This is a satire and if we can't laugh at ourselves then we have no right to laugh at anyone else. Of course it could mean that those that are against it are not that comfortable in their faith.
As for @Chris B, I don't think a musical about the Muslims would sell which is why you won't be seeing one in the near future.

Dallas, TX

The entire 'baptize me' number is just outright lewd. I invite anyone to look it up on YouTube and see if they still think this musical is simply a delightful comedy that's perfectly acceptable. One can wink and smile, and say it is all in good fun, but frankly it should be viewed as an affront to any Christian who truly believes in their heart what they say out of their mouth.

It is healthy to laugh at the idiosyncrasies of one's own culture and community, whether you are a Minnesota Lutheran, or a Southern Baptist. But if one truly is devout in their faith, they should re-think laughing at someone else's profane and lewd interpretation of it.

San Diego, CA

I plan to take our Mia Maids and teachers for a combined youth activity to go see this when it comes to San Diego in a few months. Should be a great faith-building mutual night.

Colorado Reader
Littleton, CO

Wookie, if only it was just laughing at yourself. It is Vulgarity on steroids. Really, I would avoid it if you are LDS not just because of the ridicule of sacred things, but to avoid such vulgar language and innuendo. I love LDS comedy, I can totally laugh at myself but this is not that.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Spend $200 on a show that mocks the Mormon faith in Africa. Laugh hysterically about those "naive" Mormons.


In the past seven years, more than four million Africans in 17 countries have gained access to clean drinking water through Mormon humanitarian efforts to sink or rehabilitate boreholes.

More than 34,000 physically handicapped African kids now have wheelchairs through the same Mormon-sponsored humanitarian program.

More than 126,000 Africans have had their sight restored or improved through Mormon partnership with African eye care professionals.

During the flooding in Africa, the Church provided clothing, quilts and hygiene items to 20,000 people in six inundated regions of the country.

Another 52,000 Africans have been trained to help newborns who otherwise would never take a first breath. Training in neonatal resuscitation has also been a big project for Mormons in Africa.


For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so,...righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness or misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body, it must remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility.*

*From the Book of Mormon... THE book not the play.

blue angel
American Fork, UT

I saw this play on broadway thinking it would be okay -- boy was I wrong!!! this was one of the worst plays I have EVER seen... It wasn't because of the Mormon teasing, or language... it was more of the fact that the creatures glorified murders, sex with animals and flipping of GOD... don't go to this play... HORRIBLE PLAY. What made me even more sick was that we as a society think this is ok and funny...

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