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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 10:10 a.m. MST

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Oh, I get it....
It's a Conservative game....

Hillary comparing the President of Russia to Hitler once -- Bad,
Conservatives and Republicans comparing the President of the United States to Hitler DAILY -- Good!


Virginia Beach, VA

No Curmedgeon - Hillary is not comparing Obama to Chamberlain.

Obama does not condone Putin's actions.

However, Obama is quite reluctant to start World War III. And some of us think that's a good thing.

Cedar Hills, UT

Putin is not Hitler ..good heavens Hilary. Not even in the same universe. Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. Case closed. Putin is actually a tough, savvy, corrupt, sometimes brutal, KGB buy who has played Barack like a cheap violin.

Salt Lake City, UT

Clinton's charge is idiotic. Putin, for all his posturing, is reclaiming a piece of Russian real estate, which really is vital to Russian interests.

Salt Lake City, UT

On the other hand, maybe we should wait and see what Putin's next moves are. If he tries to annex any other parts of Ukraine, then Hillary is right about this.

Durham, NC

If you want to compare how Hitler annexed Austria, without a shot fired…. yes, the comparison is very close. But Hitler still is far worse than anything Putin has done. You may not like Putin's method, but genocide has not been one of them.

Murray, UT

Hitler took over many countries and additionally had 11 million people systematically murdered.

So how many does someone have to take over before we should worry and make the comparison?

He also had massive social programs, and overrode parliament in the name of great need. How many social programs and how much magic pen orders in the name of great need does our president have to do before we should worry and make the comparison?

In both cases, I think we are past the point where we should look at history and make sure we aren't repeating a very dark part of it.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Bush has a higher IQ than Obama. We had a better economy then too. Russia has serious problems including what to do to prevent Chinese encroachment and Muslims from the south. He should make friends not enemies of the west. Moreover the west buys his oil and natural gas. If the US could get its act together re the oil pipeline and natural gas production compressed natural gas (ships) could take a lot of business away from Russia and the middle eastern oil producers. We could even pay off our national debt. But not under Hillary.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Murray, UT

Hitler took over many countries and additionally had 11 million people systematically murdered.


Yep --

Illegal Immigrants,
Abortion Doctors,
and the "takers" -- the poor, terminally ill, and the homeless...

Hitler was uber-Far-Right-wing.

BTW --
Putin has threatening to over take Crimea,
He has already out-lawed Homosexuals...

Sounds like Hillary may be more right than wrong after all...

Salt Lake City, UT

@Patriot...Being the liberal that I am my posts are constantly denied by D.N. monitors in fear of spreading facts and intellect to their uniformed masses. I've read several of your posts in the past but this one truly takes the cake my friend. Most definitely aware of your news sources. Hannity, O'Riely, Limbaugh, Culter, etc. True intellects that use factual journalism to express their disagreement with our President's policies and procedures. Wondering if there is anything positive you can say about us highly educated Liberals but most important our President?

GK Willington
Salt Lake City, UT

per Ken & patriot on Mar 7th...

Could it be HRC is posturing for another run at the White House??

Read Liberal Fascism & rewatch the 2008 debates between Hillary & Obama then tell me who is more Hitler-esque.

Salt Lake City, UT

Crimea seems more like Northern Ireland to me. Russians transplanted into another nayional area.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think all politicians can be compared to Hitler in one aspect or another.

Just because they are like him in some ways... doesn't mean they are like him in all ways.

Comparing Putin to Hitler is not a sin (IMO). It's just a way of juxtaposing his style and philosophy with one we all know we don't like because it took the people he was leading on a path that ended very badly. There's nothing wrong with learning from History.

If the comparisons are embarrassing to the politician... don't just blame the person willing to make the comparison. Reconsider your support for the politician!

Comparing politicians to Hitler or some other notoriously odious politician is OK (the left did it to Bush you know). The important thing is... to think about it, instead of just knee-jerk rejecting it. Maybe there's something to think about. It's OK to still support the politician. Because the comparison is rarely 100% valid. But at least think about it.

Putin IS like Hitler in some ways.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

The analogy is apt. Putin is moving into Ukraine to protect "ethnic Russians." It sounds like Hitler moving into Austria and the Sudetenland and than Poland to me. Maybe the end result won't be the same but of course Hitler had to start somewhere.

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