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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Christopher Mann
Rxburg, ID

You do not think Boy Scouts of America is expensive? The top CEO of Goverment makes $400,000 a year,(the Presidentt) the top CEO of Boy Scouts makes $916,000 a year. I'll keep paying my "friends of scouting" donation every year because I know our poor Bishop needs to fulfill his ward quoata,but their is cetinly less return on that than the gas taxes I pay at the pump, at least we see where that money goes, we drive on them.

Far East USA, SC

Adults have blown this into a bigger issue than it is.

My son is in scouting. I have listened to some, not all, of the other parents and their opposition, (and obvious contempt) for the scouting change and gays in general.

The boys hear this. Their sons hear this.

I don't think that a fathers opinion towards homosexuals has any bearing on whether their son turns out gay or not. But is would have a huge affect on how their gay son may handle it.

Think about the message that you are sending to your son, gay or strait.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

The BSA does much good in the world, but I think it's a stretch to say that "no other program or organization has matched the record of the Boy Scouts in helping boys grow to become responsible men and fathers."

I think that bringing up boys in religious faith has done more. There are also other organizations like 4-H which serves 6.5 million youth in America alone, both boys and girls.

For my family, scouting was a disappointment. We were involved, heavily, in a suburban community scouts, and that was probably the best one, but it was still a shoddy organization. As the mom "who only stayed home," much of the work was dumped on me. Our oldest son was also in Church scouts, which was a bad experience in two states. Half-hearted men who barely functioned as leaders. Not much positive role model there.

When we moved to rural Wisconsin we discovered 4-H. A refreshing change and the whole family participated together. I've been a leader for 25 years now. A great program for all 6 of our children. The main thing is to work with kids with what works for them.

Here, UT

In trying to teach boys to be good citizens, you can't condone bigotry and/or discrimination. Preventing good men and women who are LGBT from participating in scouthing teaches young men that bigotry AND discrimination are okay. Good citizens condone neither.

Businesses and other organizations have begun to recognize this and are taking steps to address the problem. Good for them.

Midwest City, USA, OK

I'm grateful for what scouting has done for me, and continue to support scouting so far as it's integrated into the young men's activities of the Church. I am, however, on guard against the scouting program faltering indecisively on one of -the- most important of the skills it taught me: To be mentally awake and morally straight, presumably even when it's unpopular. This they're not so clear-cut on anymore unless the Church is involved.

The article is correct in stating that homosexuality has nothing to do with scouting. What's happening to the Boy Scouts is a result of their own decision to step into it, rather than ignoring something that doesn't have anything to do with them.

liberty or ...?
Ogden, UT

To progressive liberals this is just another example of undermining religious teaching and getting those with religious morals to capitulate and bow to the mob of secularism by cloaking their intolerance behind a mask of supposed discrimination. No one forces you to donate or be apart of the scouting problem it is a private organization. What is happening to the scouts is the equivalant of going to the National Black Caucuss or NAACP and accusing them of being racists(unfortunatley the latter is more true than the former). Let us not forget the reason the founder of the Boy scouts started the organization was the deterioration of moral values noticed in the male youth of his day (Oh what would he say now?).His purpose was to instill those values and lets face it largely based on Judeo-Christian morals into young men to inspire them to be better. If you believe in the scout oath and law as they are written then I'm sorry Gay leadership or active gay youth are in violation of the values of being a scout just as any heterosexual man or boy would be if they were engaging in similar behavior.

E Sam
Provo, UT

I don't think that being a Boy Scout had a darn thing to do with me becoming a responsible adult. Sure was fun, though.

Los Angeles, CA

The logic in this editorial is specious. If it is true, as stated by the editorial, that "[s]couting itself has nothing to do with issues of sexual orientation," then why ban gay leaders from scouting? If gay leaders were not banned, then Disney would not have cut its donation to scouting and this editorial would have never been written. It appears that BSA's "political" agenda may be the cause of its misfortune.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Unfortunately, Midwest Mom's comment is too true. Church Scout leadership is too often a short term calling that doesn't allow leaders to become properly trained or experienced. Too often, the men called have little or no interest in the program. I've seen requirements for Scouting advancement completely ignored and some troops are simply Eagle factories where Eagle awards are handed out and not earned.

Then there was the "leadership" of the two clowns who were working on their Goblin Toppling Merit Badges . . . . .

Scouting is a terrific program. But it can only be as good as those who lead its boys.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Ummm...somewhere along the way to earning my Eagle Scout badge I memorized a passage that said "Morally straight". What do you think that means? And Ranch, if you don't like what the BSA is founded on, then you are free to found your own version of scouting. Unfortunately, I know that the gay agenda isn't interested in founding their own narrative, they are only interested in changing mine to match theirs. No thanks.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Scounting helps build responsible men, that is why it is under attack from the left. The left attacks anything that emphasize's men's roles in society.

Why do you think almost every father in a sitcom is shown as blithering idiot?

why does society no longer look down on women bearing and raising children without a father around, despite the statistically proven fact such activity leads to higher and higher poverty rates and other social ills?

anything to degrade the role of fathers and men in society that can be done, will be done.

and those who decry those with religious beliefs that hold homosexual behavior as sinful are only showing their own intolerance and bigotry.

Salt Lake City, UT

Scouting was a very positive experience in 3 different troops for our sons who all achieved Eagle rank. There were dedicated leaders who were skilled and had been in their callings long enough to know the ropes. Combined with the Duty to God award, it taught character building. Thanks BSA. When I was young my experience in a community troop convinced me that Scouting was irrelevant. Thankfully, my mind was changed.

Salt Lake City, UT

If they wanted to fix it, it wouldn't take much, would it! They just need to stop discriminating and allow gay people to be a part of them! They imply some really bad things by not allowing gay leaders. People are more aware of things now. It isn't right to make a statement that there is something wrong with gay people! These religious groups, including Mormons have some degrading beliefs about gay people and they treat gay people according to these beliefs. They pretend to care a little, but in the end they insist on discrimination and they use their power to do nasty things to gay people. Why shouldn't somebody stand up to the garbage they dish out. Why doesn't this article talk about why they discriminate towards gays? What is the problem ? Don't pretend not to know! What is done to gay people is morally wrong and yet the religious hypocrites wont let go of their hate. I think that standing up to these things is exactly what is needed. We need to show that some things are no longer acceptable!

Morgan, UT

TMR said:

"The logic in this editorial is specious. If it is true, as stated by the editorial, that "[s]couting itself has nothing to do with issues of sexual orientation," then why ban gay leaders from scouting? If gay leaders were not banned, then Disney would not have cut its donation to scouting and this editorial would have never been written. It appears that BSA's "political" agenda may be the cause of its misfortune."

No, the article/editorial isn't specious at all. Nice deflection though. Again, please tell us what Scouting (e.g. camping, hiking, earning merit badges, being a good citizen has to do with sexuality? You and I both know it has nothing to do with scouting.

This was nothing more than homosexual/LGBT activists pushing their lifestyle agenda on our kids, and cloaking it in the tired worn out claim of "intolerance." Sadly, the BSA caved to this faux outrage. We warned them that the next step would be the Left's demand for the admission of Gay Scout Leaders. Again, this is nothing more than an agenda to indoctrinate our kids into the LGBT lifestyle.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

I love the Boy Scout organization. It has had a powerful impact on my life. It now has a good impact on my own son and I have seen it have great success in the lives of other boys. It is the best organization I know of for helping boys become responsible men. So sad to see it under attack.

The uproar over gay scout leaders is interesting. I see it boiling down to this though: As a heterosexual male, would it be proper for me to take a bunch of teenage girls on a camping trip, with just one other adult man around? I think most people (and with good reason) would consider this improper. Even if I am an upstanding person, etc., it is just a matter of propriety for me to not do that. Isn't it the exact same scenario for a homosexual man to take a bunch of teenage boys camping? I see no difference. Perhaps some research would show otherwise if this were looked into, but until there is something that shows convincingly otherwise, the BSA should err on the side of protecting boys. The boys' safety is more important than some political agenda.

One opinion
west jordan, UT

Scouting is a wonderful program for young men. I have participated as a leader more than once in scouting. It enlightens the mind to the different opportunities we have - the merit badges are truly great educational tools. It is a program that teaches youth independence skills and gives them an opportunity to look at different educational pursuits they may be interested in. It gives them something to focus spare time on when they are preparing to become Eagles. There are good and bad leaders in all organizations. It would be up to the parents to know what their children are learning and doing and if there is a bad leader, do something about it. I learned so much teaching scouting and don't regret one moment of my service.

Morgan, UT

Ranch said:

"In trying to teach boys to be good citizens, you can't condone bigotry and/or discrimination. Preventing good men and women who are LGBT from participating in scouthing teaches young men that bigotry AND discrimination are okay. Good citizens condone neither."

1) The BSA are a private organization, this means they can set their own rules and standards. If LGBT activists don't like these standards, they don't have to join. Ever hear of Freedom of Association? This was the intolerance and bullying of the LGBT community forcing others to accept their lifestyle.

2) Since scouting has nothing to do with sexuality, it is fair to conclude that this demand by homosexual activists to be able to join the BSA was nothing more than an agenda to indoctrinate our kids into this deviant lifestyle.

3) The only intolerance and discrimination was that which the LGBT community perpetrated on the BSA.

Very sad the BSA caved to the mean spirited, intolerant tactics of the LGBT activists.

Seattle, WA

Good points in the editorial. Scouting, combined with the LDS youth program, was a huge influence on me as a young man. My favorite experiences were the high adventure activities where we all learned that we could do hard things and take care of ourselves.
I support the recent BSA membership policy update. The old policy specifically excluded people who openly deal with SSA. It said: "We do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals."
That policy needlessly excluded and stigmatized people who deal with SSA. The new policy allows all boys to be members regardless of their stated sexual orientation as long as they live the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
This is similar to the BYU honor code change in 2007. Previous to 2007 it ambiguously said "any behaviors that indicate homosexual conduct, including those not sexual in nature, are inappropriate and violate the Honor Code."
In 2007 it was changed to: "One's stated sexual orientation is not an Honor Code issue. However, the Honor Code requires all members of the university community to manifest a strict commitment to the law of chastity."

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Boy Scouts is not about sex. It's not about your sexual orientation. It's not about the LGBT agenda. Why is that all some people can talk about?

Scouting is about boys learning how to be responsible. Experience being a patrol leader. And learning some new skills. It has nothing to do with sex. So let's not try to make it all about sex.

Scouting is about so much important stuff... I wish we could get past the LGBT complaints and talk about what it's really about.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

The Boy Scouts have mostly seen a response from 3 groups...

1 - Agreeable Christians who welcome others, but not behaviors.
2 - Disagreeable Christians who simply started their own system.
3 - Disagreeable SSM-proponents who have bullied the BSA.

Only the first two are peaceful and respect the nature of freedom. Those who fight other's right to peaceably assemble and believe what they will... and the companies that support them are doing the same thing. Whether their incentive is hatred, ignorance, or profit, it will never stand the test of time. Marriage is eternal. Freedom (as correctly understood) is eternal. Long after the faulty desires of men have fallen into chaos, there is one work that will continue on.

You'll never stop people from procreating. You'll convince millions not to, and millions more to hate the people you hate. But billions and billions understand their design, their potential, and the love that families bring. No person or social movement can stay the hand of God.

The real question is why would you ever want to resist the one person who will always love you, and who continually extends His mercy and help.

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