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Published: Thursday, March 6 2014 5:00 p.m. MST

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Woods Cross, UT

Tablets are a HORRIBLE idea. I teach high school and have never understood some individuals' infatuation with the ipad. There is NO reliable data that tablets help in ANY discipline. They are difficult to write essays on, they are fragile and they don't have the apps we need at this time. Work on maintaining and extending existing computer labs. Provide technological support for educators. Increase teacher salaries so we can recruit tech-savvy individuals into our profession. But this bill is extremely misguided.

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

"Teacher, Billy bumped me and broke my tablet/ipad."

Call me old-fashioned, but I like books and paper.

Spend the $30 million on teacher salaries and reducing class size.

Virginia Beach, VA

Tablets are fantastic tools. Why would any sensible person be adverse to tablets for students?

A whole library at one's fingertips.

I guess some people just can't accept constructive change.

Let's see now . . . What do they call those kinds of people who react with outrage to good new ideas and who want to conserve the status quo ?

Are they Reactionaries or just Conservatives?

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Tablets are fantastic tools. Why would any sensible person be adverse to tablets for students?"

Because while they are great tools, they're not the right tool for the job. They lack keyboards, which means type/data entry is going to be slow and tedious. They are limited in their ability to handle educational software or productivity software. It's like buying a Ferrari Enzo when what you need is something to transport your family and carry two weeks worth of groceries home from the store. It's a great car, but it's the wrong car for the job. Same thing here.


Ms Lockhart must not have children. The Schools Districts would have huge replacement costs for tablets as children have a hard time keeping track of anything, not to mention how suceptible tablets would be to theft. There is much more wrong with public education and that needs fixing than every child having their own personal table. Waste of money!!!

Providence, UT

It's good to see the governor on top of this and to see many of those who have added comments to the article seeing through Speaker Lockhart's clear lack of perspective. Playing to a VERY conservative prospective base for her as yet unannounced candidacy for the soon-to-be-open position of Governor of Utah, Lockhart is gambling that Utah's voters don't know the depth and breadth of Utah's underfunding of public education. She sees hope in the base's fear of "what's going on in the schools."
Well, the facts coming in daily from states and other nations make Lockhart look like a lightweight. Money into instruction and reducing class size first, then tech gimmickry. PISA scores are not dependent upon wireless upgrading, they're dependent upon great teachers in every class. Great teachers who are treated as professionals and rewarded accordingly.
Cost-cutting shortcuts to K-12, so evident in Utah year after year, are a problem beyond Lockhart's comprehension, sadly.

Broken Arrow, OK

My kids all have smart phones. They use them for everything, school, social media, to ask a question on Google about our conversations, face book, twitter, like I said everything. Tablets, no don't do that. Computers for spread sheets, power point design, graphics, science instruction, and other educational instructions. They need the free software to allow them to do the work, not the tablets. Tablets don't have the ability to work offline, save projects, and work from anywhere give them the instruction to operate the software and allow them to load on a computer so they can do it. They are smarter than most educators. Most rural students don't have access to the internet. We are a world of not knowing everything but knowing where to find it and learn about it. Windows is the first tablet that will allow someone to actually have a true operating system with HD space to load software.

Virginia Beach, VA

Elyiahu - You say tablets are difficult to write with. I am using a tablet to reply to you. It is slower, but if you are looking for a replacement for textbooks, you are not supposed to write in textbooks anyway. And you can carry a thousand books inside of it, highlight sentences, and make notations without getting into trouble.

DANL - A tablet can do everything you just said it cannot do. But when it comes to typing, a laptop would be the way to go. Although I am using a tablet right now, and it gets the job done.

Mont Pugmire
Fairview, UT

Raise the gas tax? Wow, with oil and gas prices already very high, all we need is to burden the people with more unnecessary taxes. We are serving a mission for the LDS Church in a south American country with gas taxes so high that fuel costs here are about $8.00 per gallon. Does that help their economy? No! It makes it so that most people can't afford to drive cars period! Talk about a backwards approach, let's see, if we price the gas so high that many won't be able to drive, will the resulting increase in taxes offset the lower overall revenue from fewer people being able to afford to drive? Ultra liberal, Al Gore would be cheering that move.

Brigham City, UT

Kudos to Gov. Herbert for standing up to Speaker Lockhart. Ms. Lockhart needs a signature accomplishment to which she can attach her ambition. The concept of transitioning to a better use of technology in our schools is laudable, but in any other year but one in which the Speaker of the House is preparing to take on a popular governor for the office he holds, the legislature would recognize the merits of exploring the concept, would assign a task force to spend a year studying various options and implications, and would then consider their recommendations in the next session. Unfortunately, that approach doesn't generate the kind of splash that the speaker needs right now. How convenient it must be to wield the kind of power Ms. Lockhart has in order to generate content for your campaign ads.

Salt lake city, Utah

Hey, Gov, let Becky have some tribute. Let her play with the money you would blow for insurance commissions with your ill-conceived plant to provide medical benefits for the poor. She could then get i-pads for a few students with her picture on them----and maybe they can be manufactured by the company which employs her husband.

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