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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 10:10 p.m. MST

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Woodland Hills, UT

Brace yourselves, here comes the hype up to another lack luster season.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

If you fight with love in your heart then it's ok.


Surprising that they allowed the media to mention this. There's a lot of things that go on that people don't know about

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

The most positive take away from a preseason practice is that the offensive line is "passionate"? Any bozo can pick a fight. Discipline (not passion) is what wins games. And it sounds like BYU is lacking in that department at the moment.

Las Vegas, NV

Utah was in 11 of the 12 games they played last year and they were competitive despite losing their QB. BYU fans can sure dish out the "dwellers of the Pac-12" phrase over and over, but do they understand what it is like to be Utah and play 10-11 BCS teams every year, in an actual conference. BYU has never played that many and would surely struggle if they did. BYU does not know what it is like to have every game mean so much and to have to play with 100% intensity every down all season long. The season is fun playing all BCS schools and is better than playing 8 games against just pitiful competition. BYU's most recent bowl game was against a type of team that the Utes play all season long, every week, every play. I'd take 11 games of worthy opponents versus, one bowl game. The bowl games that Utah can qualify for are worlds apart from the bowls that byu is still trying to line up, pre-Christmas bowl games are sad bowl games. Utah will bowl this year, every week. Just maybe, they will get an extra game at seasons end.

Buena Vista, VA

If we all had the same type of passion for loving our neighbor, spreading the gospel, and getting educated in things both spiritual and temporal as we seem to have about football, we would be translated like the City of Enoch.

Surfers Paradise, AU

In remember the titans, the coaches let the players fight to see if they could "work it out". Next we'll hear the chants of "Strong Side!!!...Left Side!!!"

Maybe warmups will be a little different too...

Sandy, UT

Wow BY is excited because their players get in a fight. Not quite the image the Brethren probably want to project. As for the U being a bottom dweller, they could always move to the JV circuit as BYU has done in football and basketball. Maybe BYU should add Timpview and Provo High to their schedule to remain bowl elligible.


Please define a "big fight". How many players were injured? Who needed medical attention? How many went to the hospital? How many bones were broken?
Two players were asked to leave....big deal. Sounds like real pansy stuff to me.


Yes RG - we would and when we got there we would all be bored and start a football league.

Go Utes, CA

Not clear to me why this is something to be proud of. Remind me how BYU's football team furthers the mission of the university and the church that owns it?

Riverside, CA

I totally disagree with the idea that fighting is a good sign. Losing your temper and getting into fights is for losers. It's usually a lack of discipline and focus.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

What are the odds this be the subject of a new t-shirt slogan in Provo?

Go Utes! Go Yale!
Salt Lake City, UT

"Practice fights elicit smiles and excitement from Cougar coaches"

What a joke. Fighting in practice was a sure way to have the entire team running poles when I played. My head coach was old school, but brilliant that way. You win as a team, you lose as a team. Most importantly the chemistry has to be established from the get-go. Multiple fights in early spring practices do not indicate unity. Yet, here are the band of brothers horsing around, and their leaders condoning the childish behavior. Classy, cougs, classy. By all means, keep smiling and promoting this pathetic behavior.

I guess this is what gets a team going when they know they'll be facing a daunting home schedule featuring Utah State as their most formidable opponent. Zipadedooda...


I'm sorry people, but I find fighting amongst the troops and the coaches being excited about it a little disturbing. Would we turn that on another team and start fighting on the field? Would that be ok? I think it's stupid frankly, and especially to tell our young future guys that it's ok to come to camp with a chip on your shoulder and take it out on the guy you're supposed to be working with to win games. Intensity is one thing but unbridled fighting? To show or do what? Hitting is one thing, but "hitting"? I don't think it shows our best side or accomplishes our purposes out there. Let's play fair, play ball, not act like thugs. I know, I wasn't there, but from what I've read, it doesn't impress me as a loyal fan.

bountiful, ut

I can see that there are among these masses a contingent that failed to recognize the Golden Bears finishing lower than the Utes.... They only got one victory all season and I'm fairly certain that it wasn't against in conference foes... So, the 'we' Chris was referring to was in fact as it always is and his 2013 10th place Pac-12 Utes.... (Both Colorado and California finished the season with worse records)

Tis okay... It is fun to see the oh my shining bright from fellow cougar fans. Will either BYU and or Utah both stand up and show some heart this season and finish 75 percent victorious! Yes, tis the usual spring practice over excitement that by September's end is the resulting heartache for our teams... Neither BYU nor Utah have any excuse to finish less than 10-2 this season... There is heart in both camps that should equate lots of great headlines in Utah papers and online forums! Just for the love of Saint Pete go out and beat your opponents!

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