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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 10:10 p.m. MST

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Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

I have noted in "real" life, outside of the Internet, that the childish types who say things only to provoke a reaction in others will eventually realize just how lacking they are, and shut up or leave, *if* all in the target audience consistently refuse to reward their childish behavior with responses. I know that will likely never happen here, but I can make the appeal again. Depending on the article, I am interested in reading what others with valid opinions have to say. Since I don't feel it worth my time to read the comments of known inciters, neither am I interested in reading the responses to them. And since the revised commenting policy doesn't seem to have actually changed anything, perhaps a new update could be made to allow users to identify certain comments as "troll" and "response to troll" so that those who are interested in an intelligent, relevant discussion can get right to the worthwhile material.

Tooele, UT

@ eastcoastcoug:

Where do you come up with this "both teams are a joke" stuff? I can't and won't speak for the Utes (unlike Chris B tries to do for the Cougars), but I will for BYU...

They beat some very good teams last year when they went on their 5 game winning streak... including an unbeaten Houston team on the road. They trounced a ranked Texas team which was later ranked again. They also gave USU one of it worst defeats of the year and on the road no less. Same with Boise State.

That in no way can be categorized as being "a joke". And considering some of their additions for this next season, there's no reason not to believe they will be even better. It's your assessment that is truly the joke.

@ Wendall Hoop:

Considering Utah beat BYU by a single score in 3 of their last 4 games... and with BYU having better offensive stats in most of those games, it's ridiculous for you to say that Utah "has been crushing BYU". In truth, they've barely been squeaking by them with the slimmest of margins. You lost your credibility.

Nibley, UT

Curious item to be excited about, fighting during practice. In a game where discipline and team work are so important, it is amazing that a coach is excited about fighting among teammates. What happens when the offensive linemen get hot during a game and end up punching a defensive lineman? A flag,15 yards, and ejection. Being excited about your team being physical and aggressive is one thing, but being excited about "fighting" seems like it sets the wrong precedent. Penalties are a result of poor practice and poor coaching, penalties lose games, it would appear that the coaching staff should focus more on discipline than on fighting should BYU want to get in the Top 25. However, with their schedule they should end up at least 9-3 by just showing up.

Tooele, UT

@ Chris B:

It always makes me smile when you refer to your own ute team as a "doormat", even though they aren't quite. In truth, they've barely avoided that distinction the past few seasons. That sad part is that they keep putting themselves in the running for that title every year.
If all you can brag about is squeaking by against BYU the past few years, then have it. But that seems to be not all that great if that's truly all you've got.

At least BYU bounces back from their early season losses to Utah and gets stronger as the season progresses. They set their sights on having a winning season and going to a bowl game each year... things they then accomplish. Sadly, the same thing can't be said about the Utes. They seem to expend all their energy against the Cougars and usually go on 4 game conference losing streaks afterward, and then fight like heck to avoid their conference basement.

To keep hearing you say "but at least we beat you guys," when we all know there's nothing else in your bag, truly makes you sound quite desperate.

Provo, UT

Remember that these guys are not only going fast and going hard, but they are fighting for playing time and starting slots. It's only natural for there to be some scuffles. What excites a coach is to see intensity that runs high enough to send some to the showers. If you don't have that at practice it will translate into playing soft in games. The coaches are not grooming these players for failure and comments about sportsmanship fail to recognize that BYU builds character unlike most other Universities at the same time it prepares its players to win in a very violent game that requires participants to match or exceed intensity to be successful. Come to a fireside on most Friday nights in the fall, then go to the games on Saturday. You will love the remarkable balance our coaching staff teaches. Saints at the pulpit, beasts on the field!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Wendall Hoop - If by "crushing" you mean barely winning and then going on to collapse after the most important game of your season then you have a point. But since BYU has gone on to have a much better season than Utah every one of the past 5 years I doubt that is what you mean. By your awesome logic Utah is a better team than Stanford.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

While the intent is something to be commended, I fear the danger or the precedence being set with coach approval. I hope that the coaches, condoneing violence among it’s players, in the name of coming out tough and playing tough, does not backfire on them.

I hope that when a Cougar is ejected from the game, for un-necessary roughness, the coaches will remember that it was they, that promoted the enviroment for such ejection.

While I do enjoy a highly spirited game, un-nessary roughness, in my opinion, is no substitute for intelligent play.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Chris B.,

I not only think that we might be able to beat Va. this season, I expect to beat Va. this season and I believe that it was lack of proper preparation for that game last season against that team. that caused us not to beat them. This was a game that we should have won. This season, we will take that game more seriously and we will beat them.

Regarding our game vs, California, I not only think that we might be able to beat this team, I expect to beat this team. The last time we played them was under HC Gary Crowton and we destroyed them at Cal. Homo was their HC at the time.

Beating Cal, this season, will not show the football world that we can beat any team in the Nation, You must remember that Cal was dead last in the pac 12 last season. Next to dead last, at #11 was Colorado. Third from dead last was #10 Utah, so-----no, beating Cal this season, will not prove that we can beat any team in the Nation, however, it could be a disaster if we do lose to them.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Yes, looking in from Federal Way, fighting in a game can result in a penalty. But this was not a game. Go fish!

Some of you folks need to start looking at the glass as half-full and filling up. Why the kumbaya attitude? I'd rather see some spunk that could result later in a penalty instead of a hand-holding experience where everyone gets a ribbon for participation and good sportsmanship.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bdamajd

BYU is not a Utah school. They are a religious institution, that happens to be in Utah.

Pocatello, ID

so much talk over so little action. no fighting?.....funny how it seems to only apply to BYU and not to any other program. Football is fighting with rules. it usually involves someone's ego getting hurt.... as longs as there are to cheap shots, let them play football.

Sandy, UT


Take the average margin of victory during the current streak instead of pretending 54-10 didnt happen and doesn't apply.

Most games are 20, 30, or 44 point blowouts. But when one team wins year after year after year after year, yes it says something about the difference between the two teams. The only thing that matters is the SCOREBOARD. And year after year after year utah scores more. only to byu fans does that mean nothing

Woods Cross, UT

Conflict! Competition for positions! Spring football! Yahoo!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

May seem a little off, but bear with it here. First you guys say Bronco plays with too little passion (and by extension, his team), then you mock when he is pleased that they are playing with passion. Bronco, and BYU football, is NOT what I'm getting tired of.

Before you can direct and focus your passion, you have to HAVE passion. The level of passion is coming up on the offensive line. The level of focus needs to as well. Hopefully it will.

My level of passion, and focus, is on the rise!

Salt Lake City, UT

Football is by nature an aggressive, violent sport and competition for playing time happens. It can be good as long as no injuries result and you understand that in a game the rules are different than in practice.

Lindon, UT

To Ronald Uharriet: The reporter said the coaches "smiled" then sent the perpetrators to the showers. They smiled because it was good to see their players had passion. If they had been condoning their actions, they would not have sent them to the showers. They do want passion, but controlled passion. Sending them to the showers sends the message that, "yes, we want you to be passionate, but we want you to control that passion." End of story.

West Valley, UT

I hope BYU and Utah does better this year since they were at times an embarrassment for our state last year. USU showed that there was one team in Utah worth paying attention to.

West Jordan, UT

How is it a good sign when the players fight each other?
It is not a sign of toughness, rather a sign of their not being able to control their emotions and acting childish.

I hope they break out in a fight in their first game so Mendenhall and crew and really enjoy the toughness; will over skill, after all.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.


thank you for explaining that to me. I did not know.

Brighton, CO

@Chris B

Not sure of your logic, which is interesting as you have espoused your belief in science.

No team, school, or administration can influence the quality of play of an opponent or how good or bad they are. You postulate that somehow BYU chooses to schedule weak opponents. How do you propose that BYU is able to know how good a team will be that is scheduled anywhere from 1 to 10 years in advance.

Cal may not be great now, but has been excellent in the past. Stanford was terrible a decade ago, look at them now. And Oregon in the past was a joke.

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